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  1. Change the world by letting people know the truth of the real situation on the planet. This way the people can make up their own minds and choices.

  2. We change the world by learning the language of the Universe. Frequency is everything. \we change the world by speaking our truth and being diligent and mindful of our energy projections. We must be willing to look at the violence being expressed in our reality in doing this we must maintain a high integrity of love.

    • Beautiful Lorna Richard, with the highest frequency and sound we can pinpoint and heal anyone to see their truest and highest unique signature.

      Thank You <3


    • What a beautiful idea Celestine Cronin, using the highest note and frequency to awaken the core within. Much love and thanks to you.

      Thank you for your comment.

  4. We are all connected, we are all the same.
    I just share love with everyone, this is my last incarnation here, so i helping people realize they real potential while i still here with all of us.
    Love for all.

    • Love is the most powerful and harmonizing frequency we can hold. Once love is understood, we change the world 1 person at a time. Shining the brightest light to the darkest areas. You must be a natural healer Dede <3 <3 <3

  5. The World is an entity that has given of herself…unconditionally, humanities every need and desire fulfilled. Gracious Sophia Già can you have freedom? Free fromi inprisonment the planetary entity of Earth.??

    • Bringing love and light to the darkest corners. Creating technology and harmonizing with Mother Gaia to be one with her. To be 0n3 with her and her teachings. She has taught us so much. It is a disgrace to humanities potential to see how few have sucked the life out of her.

      Highest Frequencies L.La.

  6. We are all connected so by raising my own consciousness, it directly feeds into and lifts the entire energy grid. This helps others awake and facilitates peace and solutions. Even better is I’d organize more large group meditations since we already know that DEFINITELY positively uplifts the world around us.

    • Lightworker, I agree; maybe you could help create a chain affect to help the movement. I was considering the thought of using the power of 432Hz music to heal each other and bring together. Just think if we could have millions singing together as a prayer, meditation, and synchronizing event to heal and show the world using this medium called the World Wide Web.

      Let us know friend <3

  7. With each individual awakening, at a highly exponential rate. Better yet, when the Cosmic Super wave / Blue Pulse hits 🙂

    Meanwhile, awakened ones do what they can to continue creating a higher consciousness existence.

  8. To teach all our future generations how we can heal, & care for our planet, and each other. That even though we are all races, we can be United.Teaching in love, having Compassion and Empathy for one another, and all living things. We must help one another and, to protect the innocent and weak. And no longer be affraid. Because there are many who have good hearts who believe and Hope that we can overcome our painful past, and truly have a better future. That there is hope for Humanity. No more war, no more homelessness, no more hunger. That we can find solutions to help eaxh other, as well as solutions to heal our planet. And it starts with oneself. Me, You, and everyone who is willing for Positive Change. I know it starts within myself. If others look inside, and feel the same? We truly can heal. And all the good will follow. We are capable of Greatness! =)

    • Beautiful Zorabelle C., I am 1111% with you brother or sister. I Am as you Am. We are here to shine the brightest light we may.

      Thank you for your comment friend <3

  9. I would destroy the entire planet so that it would be dust, asteroids and meteors. It’s inconceivable that 50% live in dirt poverty. Humanity has been given a raw deal, which will take millions of years for all these people to ascend. I looked at this planet and knew 50 years ago as a child that this planet was never on the right track. I was devout to religion for a while and now completely reject all religions. Could Prime Creator make such a screwed up planet? Prime Creator needs to plan a better planet and if it is to be inhabited by humans, then fix it so that we the people can never be enslaved beyond hope like we currently are. God fucked up with earth, plain and simple. My emotions take over me about the human treachery and all the terrible governments that rule the earth. It cannot be fixed as it is currently because it’s beyond fixing.

    • So you would end innocent lives because your own personal hurt, guilt, and insight into humanities history?

      You would shine more darkness in the world and continue the world how it is now cause of your own hurt, guilt, and history?

  10. I had a special email from another this morning and would like to share this to the comments.

    How would you change the world ?

    By first changing our self. Then By accepting who we are. Then By being our self .

    We do not have now to focus on work that is not under our responsibility . Other People are already managing it .
    Just play our inner melody .

    That’s what I try to do and invite other to do.
    If we are aligned then we contribute efficiently to change the world .

    I love you so deeply . .

    My Thoughts and Ideas

    Thank you for your reply and much love to you too. <3

    I completely agree.

    The problem 'lies' within the inner world of humanities heart and mind; from here sprouts or grows an imaginary thought or idea to physical manifestation.

    Beautiful little children show the most beautiful light without cause or logical reason.

    Why when we become adults or teenagers we are manipulated, programmed internally, divided, brought up to hate another color or type of human being?

    I love all people and want to bee with all types of people. Enable all people to his/her highest potential.

    It seems when we grow older, we are not given the proper tools to bee. The system does nothing, but retract from organic vibrations and love.

    I use to bee in this boat of hatred, division and fear of other people growing up. I knew no better, but why has my "I" grown to release these dissonant vibrations?

    People are so weird (unique), beautiful, loving, and have so much potential.

  11. -Land reforms providing family domains for everybody, -spreading hempseeds allover from aeroplanes which wil provide nutricious food, – unconditional basic income, will give people peace and security to stop doing inappropriate climate damaging actions

  12. By Teaching The Art of Living Courses, which Include Yogic Breathing, Meditation, and Service. They are Taught in 153 Countries, Founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Last March, in New Delhi, 3.75 Million People gathered for The World Cultural Festival for 3 Days of Music, Dance, Wisdom, Meditation, and Fun Celebrating our 35 year anniversary. All 153 Countries Represented. Seen by 1.8 Billion People Worldwide.
    There is Solid Research Backing this. See and follow on Facebook and Twitter Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Blessing the World and Individuals with practical programs for Peoce, Health, Strength, and Service! All Love and Light,
    Steve Sperber
    PS: Can follow free guided Meditations on You Tube by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as well as free App. Called Sattwa App.

  13. In this dark realm , going out and change the Physics is not possible but going inner in our hearts and souls , it is easier than anything out of the physicality , like travelling in your own ship in peace and love spreading the light to other souls in no time , just closing the eyes , connecting to Mother Gaia , the universe and with the law of one. this is going on and on knowingly and unknowingly , by the known and the the unknown, Creating the ancient like wisdom together again , a space together again with all the divine. Namastey. Victory of light , love and peace forever more.

    • I see your point shweta anwar.

      We have to look within to see our infinite potential.

      By looking within we heal ourselves and bring peace to thy self.

      Lets remember, looking within is the beginning, and once understood, we look outwards with love to share our brightest light to the world to our closest loved ones and others within our spectrum of entanglement.

      We must also take action.

  14. I try to remember each one of us is deserving of love. I try to forgive. I have great intentions, not perfect but working on it every day.

    • That is all that matters Shelly. Doing our best to be the best we can bee. Many blessings and highest frequencies to you and your beautiful self.

      Thank You for the comment.

  15. For me it is impossible, but not for God. Human beings cannot saved the man in hjimself Eons of years have passed, and humans are being manipulated by the Archonts or people who are the true owners of this Planet.The only thing, that will resolve problems-, is placing human beings in a place in accordance with their own vibrations, putting those beings our of the Planet, but dont let them in the same classmate. Or changing the genetic code of each man,
    [email protected]

    • Nothing is impossible margaritafabian, through the darkness and chaos comes harmony. We can shine our highest light to help any being. To aid in the transition to a new beginning for humanity.

      We may not be able to change 8 billion people at once, but we can surely get their by taking small steps and spreading the highest self we can bee.

      May the force be with us and many blessings to you for your comment. Thank you.

  16. I would remove anything that limits consciousness. This summer I found meaning in the idea of pointing outward versus pointing inward. I decided that consciousness expansion is pointing outward and consciousness limitation is pointing inward. There is no ‘right way’ to expand consciousness, it just happens.

    • Agreed MIke T.,

      In our present world of time and space, why are certain few conscious beings expanded? From the galactic pulse and highest frequencies we all grow together. 8 Billion people on this planet and our organization and network taps into millions of viewers and readers over a years span.

      One billion (1,000,000,000) or one million thousand.

      What would the most direct and gentle way to engage those whom have not awaken?

  17. I treat every body with respect, I offer smile, I am ready to enjoy life and drive people into that joy! I can bring and hold light on earth to transform the actual energies! I can communicate good news!

    • Beautiful. My little light of mine, I am going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shiinnee. 1 person at a time can do so much good to the world.

  18. I would like everyone to know when they were being deceived. That would go a long way to making the world a better place. People are just too gullible.

    • Agreed. The truth will set many free. If the truth is known, no one can take that away from another. To have 100% truth will give direction for others to bounce off of to envelope a better world.

      Thank You for your comment Jay.


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