7 thoughts on “Well informed vs. remain sane”

  1. Super sane message haha, Our poor heads/brains are too full of too much of too much, so I have become very selective and good at deleting what I already know and/or what drives me insane. Best wishes for a good, happy New Year of further awakening and all the positive that brings with it. Love, Namaste Susan

  2. I have perceived that 90 of information about the cabal information is so hopelessness because they are not adding that there are many positive groups fighting against all the cabal crimes in all facets of life and these positive groups are going to win, even if it will last one more century. I think that`s the reason for many people to be away of these news.

  3. Well, we are in an information war… Much information is written or shown to get you on your knees and you will get depressed for many time.

  4. Lol, I know that one! I’ve been through growing pains to accept being well-informed and simply knowing the truth of many things, including my skills, quirks and inner volcanic activity, without having a choice, as soon as “my inner sky” cleared in 2010. Nowadays it’s the opposite for me, being well-informed is in sync with my desire to remain sane. Good heavens, how I would live in confusion and uncertainty if I wasn’t an explorer of what being alive involves in perseverance and try outs in all kind of efforts to find what works for me, in order to enjoy and participate in it with others around me. Being well informed offers me lots of choices in freedom 🙂

  5. This is actually very true. The ugliness of the sexual abuse and torture is way too much some days. I hope and pray we can somehow put a stop to this and put away the perpetrators. Soon!

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