The Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are the Key to the Shift of the Ages / The Event

We were informed by Cobra in March of 2016 that the focused work by the Light Forces of the removal of strangelet and toplet bombs created a very strong reaction from the Chimera group who ordered the Archons to turn up the volume of their technologies to attack and suppress the Lightworkers and Lightwarriors because the Lightworkers / Lightwarriors are the key to the Shift of the Ages.

These attacks on Lightworkers have been ongoing throughout 2016 and many voices tell of recent attacks now in January 2017.  

Lightworkers are on a continual search to find balance and moderation in their lives as much as possible. The Tsunami Waves of Love energy that have been steadily increasing over the past three years or so are transmuting everything that is not of love at an ever increasing pace. Each step brings us closer to a greater sense of balance and moderation in our lives on every level. As we release more and more of those ‘vasanas’ = reactions to our environment programmed through survival tactics often in childhood, we grow to be able to express more of the truly loving beings that we each are in our core being. When we have reached a place of greater moderation in whatever challenges we have in life we must strive to keep that moderation and continue to develop balance in our character and a sense of responsibility towards our environment.

Because we Lightworkers of Gaia are targeted by the archons / cabal we must accept that until the Net, Web, Veil, Matrix is removed entirely total harmony is obstructed and impossible and we must counteract the darkness in every way we can. Protection is given for the asking by the entire Co of Heaven.
I recently felt very inspired after listening to a channeled message from Saint Germain. It provided me with insight regarding my own growth process at this time and I am now going to share some of what He said in this ‘Hour with An Angle’ program. The focus of His message is about personal and global healing. Recently in an update Cobra told us that Saint Germain had asked for his assistance in bringing forth the New Atlantis ~ the society that will develop at an amazing speed after The Event has taken place. Link to that update;



Saint Germain is asking every Lightworker on this planet now for help in healing humanity and creating the basis for this change to take place. He has gifted us with the Violet Flame torch and he wants us to use it as much as possible, we can use it literally at every available opportunity to bring about a quicker healing. He begins this hour by welcoming the ‘new’ Lightworkers now arriving on the scene.

We Welcome the New Lightworkers

All the New Lightworkers coming in now are so welcome because “they help to re-enthuse the ‘older’ ones and lend them support” that they really need now as many of the ‘older’ Lightworkers are very tired. The new Lightworkers say Saint Germain “also show us that the change is truly on its way in visible tangible ways”
He says “your planet and humanity particularly is in a process of fulfillment — that is the promise of our sacred Mother, it is the fulfillment of a promise that all of us have been awaiting eagerly, yes even sometimes impatiently, even in our knowingness that all is in order, all is in divine order.”  He goes on to show how our lives now demonstrate that change is truly taking place and we see the signs “left right and center”.

He speaks about the two categories of change taking place one being “old unresolved issues coming to the forefront both individually and collectively” He asks us to “welcome them”. These unresolved issues show us what has not yet been addressed and “there is no need for drama, or disassociation – but acceptance because in acceptance we enter the flow.”
He wants us to accept and allow the Unfoldment that’s taking place.

Everyone on This Planet Affected by War

Whether or not we have actually been in a direct war situation or not Saint Germaine points out that EVERYONE on this planet is / has been affected negatively by war. Regarding war, He says “My friends it is and has been in the very air you breathe.” This has been the case for a very long time although it is being transmuted by various positive energies. Here He reminds us that our Galactic Family have been cleansing the air that we breathe for 200 years!! “to help lessen what is in our very vibratory field, but the energies and the wounds of war have been in your air, there is no one upon your planet who has not been affected by this tragedy”.

He clearly points out that it’s NOW the time to complete this cycle of war and that healing take place. No matter what our life looks like we have all been affected by war and “it is time for our belief system to end the wounds that it has caused – – deep mental and emotional scars that have resulted from these many many wars – – come to the surface and heal”

Compassion Necessary Now

In this strong message Saint Germain is asking us to have compassion for EVERYBODY. He reminds us that “to a greater or lesser extent you have all been victims, you have all been robbed of peace — – — it needs to be healed and it is done with great great compassion” He wants us to adopt a passion for compassion. He means this for everybody literally – for IS (Daesh), for those that have been totally involved in what you call the Illuminati or the cabal, those who have been involved in terrible deeds of abuse, – — — “it is understanding with a heart full of love that these people – these fellow human beings – – – that they (too) have been victims and that in many ways their wounds of war are even deeper because they have existed in false belief systems, engaged in violence with a firm belief that they were on path or correct ignoring their inner or their outer self. It matters not there cannot be one shred of judgement because it is in this way that you all go forth that we all go forth together so I remind you and I offer you — the Violet Flame torch because we wish to do this in partnership with thee, we wish to do this as your brothers and friends so ignite this ancient torch”


Here is a link to this hour with Saint Germain that I warmly recommend. As yet a full transcript of the show is not available.

The Most Important Cobra Question of All

Cobra has said that if all of us Lightworkers were really doing our mission then we would have had The Event decades ago. This shows us clearly that The Shift is dependent on what we do. Recently the Hungarian etheric liberation group asked him which question they might have asked him but missed doing, that would help them to pave their path and Cobra replied “how can I become who I really am?”

The entire Co of Heaven is fully engaged in supporting our every effort now in the process of becoming who we truly are. I recall that Archangel Michael informed Steve Beckow that the vast majority of Lightworkers on Gaia have had a background in the angelic kingdom on their ‘cv’. Then we all became those lesser versions of ourselves through traumatic experiences here on Gaia, programming of one kind or another and not in least through attacks on our being in so many varied ways by the archons and their minions.

The intensity of the Love Energy now pervading this planet is releasing many of our old patterns and traumas and allowing us to become those beings that we truly are. Love is all that we need. In the end there is nothing else of importance. There is nothing that can be bought with money that in any way can replace the satisfaction we feel in our soul / being when we experience the power of transformative Love.

Saint Germain’s Request of Cobra for Assistance Now

Do you wish to be among those who assist in bringing forth The New Atlantis? If so, then there is no time to be wasted. Most important of all is simply living your life with focus on the Goddess energies of gentleness, kindness, warmth, compassion, forgiveness, simply put we place focus upon expressing a loving harmonious and healing vibration.

With each passing day the Light is growing stronger on Gaia in every way. Don’t close your eyes to the beauty or loving harmonious changes taking place everywhere. Were so used to seeing the darkness in so many places that we might fail to see that the Light is in fact taking over everywhere in subtle ways right now. Be open to seeing the Light that is now arriving steadily in every being and every situation. Yeshua told us recently that we had now passed the ‘tipping point’. Do not trust any attempts by anyone to give you any dates as to when this Shift of Ages will take place. It will surprise each and every one of us on that Day.

I recently posted an article here on PFC where Saint Germain asked us to accept His gift of the Torch of the Violet Flame and to use it literally whenever we have the opportunity daily to heal the wounds of pain everywhere on Gaia. This is one way that every Lightworker can now assist in bringing forth The Event and the New Atlantis society that will follow. We should all use this in every private and public concern that we now have ongoing, to lay the ground here for this overnight change to take place. He wants us to ‘Torch’ everything and everyone with this Divine Source Energy. Simply choose any area that you feel needs healing and torch it.

Finally, a reminder to all of the new Lightworkers coming in to make sure that you request full protection from the Co of Heaven and Archangelic Beings of Light etc. Let us all now accept Divine support in becoming the loving beings that we really are so that we can easily express that warm expression of peace and Love to everyone we meet and play our part in preparing the way for Divine Intervention and Victory of the Light.

Therese Zumi

PS: As this article includes quotes from channeled material I am advised to ask for reader discretion.

Published on Friday 20th January 2017 at 1151 PM CET

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  1. As today’s Women’s Marches all around the World/Earth revealed, the love is already here and it’s full of color and light.

  2. Just beautiful, I sincerely hope the co of Heaven and all Archangelic beings can reach out to President Trump and bring him into the Light. He can do so much good if he is protected and given the chance to be of the Light. If we are to forgive all those in the cabal who have been manipulated, surely we can reach out to Pres Trump and give him all the information of our past, present and future. I’m sure he wants a wonderful future for his family and his nation and the world. We have all been lied to which has formed our perspective of the world we live in. It’s all wrong because of the information we’ve been given is wrong. thanks for your message. Victory to the Light!

  3. I have been in the activity of The I Am for almost 17 years, and Saint Germain invites us to use The Violet Consuming Flame as much as we can, and what I am completely convinced is that now more than ever we should use the Violet Flame and wrap ourself in it as long as possible. Wrapping the war situations of the Middle East, and most important, wrapping the entire planet and then visualizing the Unfed Flame covering our entire solar system. This is the only way we can increase our vibrational frequency so as not to be reached by the destructive waves that dark forces are keeping in our atmosphere, with which they control our mind and they make us see all they want us to see. This is an holographic reality and to see the true reality we must have a higher vibrational frequency not to be reached by the frequencies of the malignant.


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