It is no secret that America is governed by the [Foreign Owned] US Federal Reserve System. The [Foreign Owned] Federal Reserve’s main shareholders are in charge of the money and so are also in charge of America.

To strengthen and maintain their power, these money bosses need ‘their own’ story.

And that is why they are rewriting history – not just in textbooks and Hollywood films, but on banknotes too. Over the past century, America’s history has been well ‘edited’ on the country’s banknotes and their design has been changed more than once.

It seems that the money bosses have no intention of stopping this practice. In April 2016, America’s then treasury secretary, Jacob Lew, announced that the country’s $5, $10 and $20 bills would have a new design by 2020. Lew made it seem as if the Treasury Department’s plans to redesign the banknotes were ‘the voice of the people’ rather than a whim of the authorities.

According to the US Treasury Department, groups of activists on social networking sites had started calling for the country’s banknotes to feature prominent American women and well-known figures from ethnic minorities. The list of suggestions included First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt; Rosa Parks, who began the black civil rights movement; Wilma Mankiller, the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation; the Afro-American activist Harriet Tubman; and many others.

The Treasury Department said nothing about how the suggestions were gathered and selected, however, or about the Women on 20s campaign group, which came from nowhere.

The Treasury Department’s plans to replace seventh US President Andrew Jackson with the little-known activist Harriet Tubman came as a real shock to many Americans. Many on social media said that the new banknote would be the «ugliest» in US history. Donald Trump, who at that point was still a presidential candidate, also responded in defence of the seventh president of the United States.

President Trump President Jackson

«Andrew Jackson has a great history, and it seems rough to take someone off the bill,» said Trump during an interview with NBC in April 2016.

When Trump moved into the White House on 20 January 2017, he immediately hung a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office. The current US president has made no secret of the fact that the seventh US president is both his role model and his idol. Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, has repeatedly compared Trump to Jackson.

After the new president’s inauguration, for example, Bannon said: «I don’t think we’ve had a speech like that since Andrew Jackson came to the White House». Commenting on the unprecedentedly savage response of many media outlets, NGOs and business groups to his arrival in the White House, meanwhile, Trump himself noted that «there hasn’t been anything like this [in America] since Andrew Jackson».

For those currently trying to obstruct Donald Trump, he and Andrew Jackson are equally objectionable. In fact, everything possible is being done so that the average American does not even know who President Jackson is. They are willing to put anybody’s portrait on the $20 bill as long as it erases the memory of the seventh US president from Americans’ minds.

Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), elected from the Democratic Party (he is regarded as one of its founders), was US president from 1829 to 1837. He might have become president even earlier: in the 1824 elections, he won the majority of votes from both the electors and the electoral colleges, but he did not receive an electoral majority. The president was therefore chosen by the House of Representatives, which chose John Quincy Adams rather than Jackson.

President Jackson Killed The Rothschild Bank And The United States Flourished. President Jackson Also Survived An Assassination Attempt By The London Banking Mafia.

In the 1828 elections, Jackson’s campaign agenda, aimed at liberating America from the stranglehold of bankers, was crystal clear.

At this time, the Second Bank of the United States, which was essentially a central bank, was in operation in America. It was a project of European bankers, primarily the Rothschilds.

The bank managed to obtain a 20-year charter from the US Congress in 1816 and began lending money to the US government, leading to a rapid rise in government debt. Jackson’s slogan in the 1828 elections was: «No bank and Jackson – or bank and no Jackson».

Jackson openly declared war on the banks and won. He became US president and started a campaign to revoke the charter of the Second Bank of the United States. In 1831, Nicholas Biddle, the bank’s president, sent a bill to Congress to extend the bank’s charter. The bill was passed by both houses of Congress, but Andrew Jackson vetoed the bill, which Congress was unable to override.

Charles A. Lindberg Sr. 1913.

Congressman Charles August Lindbergh, 1st., father of the historic aviator, said on the floor of the Congress:

“This Act establishes the most gigantic trust on Earth … When the President signs this Act, the invisible government by the Money Power, proven to exist by the Money Trust investigation, will be legalized … This is the Aldrich Bill in disguise … The new law will create inflation whenever the Trusts want inflation … From now on, depressions will be scientifically created … The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.”

Charles A, Lindbergh (R-MN) & Louis T. McFadden objected.
“We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board… This evil institution has impoverished… the people of the United States… and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through… the corrupt practice of the moneyed vultures who control it.”

On 10 July 1832, Jackson spoke of the dangers of a central bank:

«It is not our own citizens only who are to receive the bounty of our Government. More than eight millions of the stock of this bank are held by foreigners […]

Is there no danger to our liberty and independence in a bank that in its nature has so little to bind it to our country? […] Controlling our currency, receiving our public moneys, and holding thousands of our citizens in dependence, it would be more formidable and dangerous than the naval and military power of the enemy».

By 1833, the volume of banknotes and deposits issued by the Second Bank had risen to $42.1 million, a huge sum at that time, and Andrew Jackson tore down the whole structure. In 1833, he moved government funds from the Second Bank to a number of commercial US banks. Even more surprisingly, by the end of his presidency, Andrew Jackson had managed to completely eliminate the national debt. This seems inconceivable at a time when the level of US national debt is set to reach the $20 trillion mark any day now.

There were a number of assassination attempts on Jackson and he was even shot at, but he died of natural causes. Before his death, he was asked what he regarded as his greatest achievement. Without hesitation, Andrew Jackson replied: «I killed the bank».

I am sure that Donald Trump has a good understanding of all the nuances of Andrew Jackson’s presidency and knows that the [Foreign Owned] US Federal Reserve System is essentially the same as a central bank.

After Jackson, America survived for eighty years without a central bank. The [Foreign Owned] Federal Reserve System was not [accidentally] created by the US Congress until the end of 1913, but more than one hundred years have passed since then.

President Wilson

The money bosses have been in control of America for a long time. They hate Andrew Jackson, while Donald Trump is openly admiring of him. I think he knows he will not be able to repeat Andrew Jackson’s feat of eliminating the central bank, the balance of power is too unequal [only in the corporate media], but he does intend to fight back.

[The 1913 Foreign Owned Federal Reserve Is Currently Destroying Itself, While President Trump Fights Back.

So Yes, He Will Be Able To Repeat President Jackson’s Feat ~ Volubrjotr]

In particular, he is going to try and reduce the national debt. Reducing the national debt to zero (as Andrew Jackson did) is a utopian dream, but Trump has repeatedly talked about slowing its growth or even carrying out a partial restructuring.

This will also be difficult for him to achieve, however, since the money bosses need the Fed’s printing press to be in demand. And it is the US Treasury Department that is ensuring this demand by selling its debt securities for dollars.

Woodrow Wilson ~ The President who signed the bill allowing Rothschild’s private foreign owned federal reserve in the United States.
Check out his teeth ~ The 28th President’s mother was born in Carlisle, Cumberland, England. Rothschild Banking Cabal England – Woodrow Wilson England – Hmmmmmmm ! Both Teeth & Fed Reserve Are Rotten To The Core!

[Maybe We Should Put Woodrow Wilson On The $20?]

Maybe, at the very least, Trump will manage to keep Andrew Jackson’s portrait on the $20 bill? We’ll see.


1913 Rothschild Federal Reserve ~ A Non Federal Entity Illegally Written Into Acceptance By Rothschild Soldier Woodrow Wilson.


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  1. Is time we put a new face on money we had ENOUGH of ALL those OLD CRAPS. Not only they are ugly but very unpleasant to see even when they smile I can see their evil!

    • Hi luz Pardo, Yes the cabal’s control of the Federal Reserve Bank has given them too much influence over what happens in America. Unfortunately, not enough people are aware of this or they would be much more motivated to upturn this apple cart and free themselves from the slavery that the cabal have engineered us into so smoothly using their control over the media and Hollywood. Now so few people are interested in even discussing the true nature of our circumstances. The really are in some form of trance that protects the interests of the cabal.

    • I vote for Geronimo ,Wilma Mankiller ,Crazy Horse , Sitting Bull and Standing Bear on the with their blood spattered green doe bill !
      And with the following text on the blood spattered green doe bill : we died being slaughtered and lost our land for you wealth and for your enslavement by the Dark cabal Khazarian maffia !
      Now free your selfs !

  2. Heart-warming that some people actually know the history of the country, instead of the much contrived “history” fed to the populace by the controllers of this planet. I am rooting for Trump. He is going against Big Pharma, the Lying CDC, the human traffickers/pedophiles, etc. I think the Federal Reserve is the cabal’s Achilles heels. Without their control of the monetary system, they cannot buy the allegiance of their mercenaries who do the dirty work for them, etc.

  3. O Man……………It looks like the damage of A serous cocaine habit in Woodrows smurk and afraid of the dentist , after all cocaine was still legal in those days !
    I guess he sure was being blackmailed with that habit with A photo of him abusing kids and snorting A line .

  4. Thank you William Hamilton! The overwhelming Americans do agree 100%. This business of creating fiat money out of thin air and have interest added by Rothschild’s Monopoly money scam must be done away with along with all debts wiped cleaned and all debt which was charged since 1913 until 2017 be restored to the US Treasury with interest compounded daily and payable back by GOLD! It will also serve him justice that his Rothschild’s empire crashes before his very greedy eyes for all the pain and suffering done on all of humanity throughout both history and the world at large.

  5. If your going to glorify President Jackson, you should also note, he destrored the only democratic free Indian Cherokee Nation (if I tecall correctly) of the time (they had developed a writing system, education system, property ownership system, elections, etc., and even political leaders that legally lobbied congress etc.) in the primarily Georgia area and surrounding states of what is now, the SE United States. Jackson defied a vote by the Supreme Court of the United States in support of the Indian nation, and in likely one of the most horrid acts of mass murder and ethnic cleansing in American History, under his order invaded and rounded up the people of that free nation, held them in deplorable starvation conditions outdoors without proper clothing or shelter from the weather, then finally, marched the survivors west in the Trail of Tears as its called in which countless numbers died in the long winter time trek forcing these people to walk, often barefoot and starving, marching them across the south to the Mississippi and across beyond into a reservation area of the west.
    No Jackson may have done some good, but, he was not a president worthy of ANY praise because of this, any more than Hitler is in Germany. Yet I can see why Trump idolizes him, and one of his first acts was to attack the Native Americans rights, like his idol did. #DAPL. Fortunately I doubt any future president will be hanging criminal cabal puppet Trump’s portrait anywhere in the White House.
    Personally I think there are many other great historical figures that could be put on the money, and no doubt we will, with the Treasury Note when it replaces the Fed notes but, although I agree some diversity is a good idea on one or two of the bills… I feel, some of the current choices are pretty poor and very obscure ones, featuring people most Americans have never heard of; Harriet Tubman, come on, thats bizarrely obscure. I would have understood if it was MLK, JFK, Bobby Kennedy, or even someone real obscure but well known nonetheless, like John Lennon, a man whom in many ways could be credited for being not only an amazing artist (musician) but, peacemaker. These however are really sad choices, I do, recall the online call for input on the one they chose Harriet Tubman for, it was hardly publicized, and it seems to me rigged in the results, how could she be selected over someone like Jackie Kennedy? No, that was rigged.

    • Thank you for you brilliant response Tye A. Hampton, I agree with you 100%, all Presidents are Cabal Puppets one way or the other, either but consent, manipulation or sheer ignorance of truth. The author of this article is attempting to make a point regarding the attempts made to stop the Federal Reserve from taking over the American financial.

    • Thanks for your comment Tyre. I had no idea that President Jackson’s other activities also included these ruthless attacks on the First Nation people. That was one of the greatest atrocities on the Earth committed against a culture that was much more Spiritual people than their attackers. Trump may have some affiliations to the cabal because how would we really know ? But he is attacking the CIA’s drug trafficking and child sex trade, the vaccination industry and the interests of Big Pharma and these gangsters are difficult opponents that would like to see Trump out of their way so they have marshaled all their assets in the media to attack him at every step of the way. They are preparing to impeach Trump and we must prevent that.I believe that Trump is the first President that the cabal cannot control because he has the US Military backing him. That is a major plus for us.

  6. Thank you for your timely reminder of this dark fact of our history. Trump must follow his words and crush these criminal gangsters and free the American people from the yoke they have had placed on their backs since 1913. The US Treasury can then take full control of producing our own currency and the National debt will begin to fall until it is finally removed and more prosperity will come to the US citizens.


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