A Re-Post from Golden Age of Gaia

I bumped into some folks from out of town in a neighborhood restaurant.

They were actually reading the Golden Age of Gaia when we saw each other.

Leaving that pleasant surprise aside, I think that one part of the conversation we subsequently had should be reproduced here, while respecting their anonymity.

They wanted to give me (the Michaelangelo Fund, the Hope Chest) some of their money. They had a small number of Zim notes.

They live in a small British-Columbia Interior town. Many people there have been laid off because the forest-products industry is languishing. Automation has killed off many more jobs. Things are not going well for many parts of the community.

If they gave their money to me, it may go to Africa or South America. Who will take care of their impoverished community?

In a small community, you have even less chance of having a conversation with informed lightworkers than you do in a major city.  You may be the only ones who know what’s going on, as with these folks.

It becomes harder to do the work of funding because no one else knows the full picture. Building Nova Earth? What’s that? It takes more nerve and courage to lead the way under those circumstances.

Be that as it may, who’s going to take care of that small community if you don’t?

So no, thank you very much but don’t send your money to me. Use it to fund your very own community.


How to do that?

As a general rule: Fund people-intensive projects and services that are already serving the public and doing a good job of it.

Not projects that will put people out of work or spoil the environment.  Look for any organization that’s doing a good and needed job already in your community and expand it.

Fund local artists and craftspeople. Give to the local hospital or build one if you don’t have one. Look for populations that are not being adequately serviced – start with single mothers and the elderly.

Look at neighboring communities and offer a grant to anyone who imports a useful people service from another community to yours (hospice care, after-school meals programs, tutors for kids, innovative daycare, home-visiting doctors, Internet-access libraries).

Speak to young people and find out what they need.

I’m told that those who do a good job of irrigating their community can expect to receive more. (1) This is an operation that’s been planned over eons and Archangel Michael has told me that the Company of Heaven doesn’t intend to let it to go off the rails or languish.

Take care of your own community first and, only after that, send money to the funds that are doing work in other areas of the world.


(1) Archangel Michael: That is why we have also said, (this is an aside) there will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance [developing his metaphor of a child receiving an allowance] and we see how you do. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 10, 2017.)

Steve Beckow: Now I have been saying to readers that the Company of Heaven is watching financial wayshowers and stewards…

Archangel Michael: That is correct.

Steve:… And that those who do well – in other words, do the job of hydrating society – will find themselves supported to go forward.

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: … It’s correct. Okay. I don’t want to be saying something to them that is misleading. Thank you for being definite about that. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 1, 2016.)

Steve Beckow: Bumper cars are going to be coming with more wealth when we’ve used up this money, is that correct?

Archangel Michael: That is correct.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 24, 2015.)

Steve Beckow: Well, Lord, when people benefit from the Reval, some people could think, “Well, look, I’m going to hold on to what I’ve gained,” and other people may think, “No, no, I’m going to get my portion” — we’ll come to that in a minute – “but a portion of what I’ve gained I’m going to share with others, to help others.” Am I correct in thinking that those people who cultivate generosity will — how can I say this? — well, why not just say it frankly? — will be used as channels for further abundance?

Archangel Michael: Yes, that is correct. Understand: love begets love; generosity begets gratitude, begets generosity; joy begets generosity, begets gratitude. You are absolutely correct. (“Archangel Michael on How to Work with the Reval,” Sept. 30, 2013 at http://goldenageofgaia.com/financial-wayshowing-reval/the-reval-itself/archangel-michael-on-how-to-work-with-the-reval/.)

Archangel Michael: We are very aware of human history and how people have a tendency, even with the purest of hearts, to shift and perhaps even go a little crazy. So … know that where there are gaps and holes we are waiting to see how the shift is affecting the collective of humanity and the collective of the foundations and the various groups. (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 11, 2013.)

Archangel Michael: There will be other sources of funding.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 27, 2013.)

Source; http://goldenageofgaia.com/2017/03/19/286815/

Re-Post PFC 20th March 2017 at 1041 AM CET

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  1. lots and lots of folks in small town BC earn a little extra providing some kind of magical medicinal plant to people that the government seems to disapprove of

    thanks for the shoutout!!

  2. Beautiful article, thank you! From experience I know that Lightforces with Archangel Michael are true to their word in this:

    “:… And that those who do well – in other words, do the job of hydrating society – will find themselves supported to go forward” (quote from article)

    I’ve had first hand experiences in small and large communities with the spin off of initiatives and the process of rubbing shoulders, within their own communal boundaries and with the outside world of regulations and deliberate sabotage of what they were called, “mad freedom fighters”.

    In many communities I’ve found that when those who function as positive trailblazers, remaining respectful to the world they leave, keeping communication lines open with everybody, these people usually thrive within their community and in the design of their home and garden, the making of a living.
    Often they keep in touch with the outside world, earning an income too, so that when efforts to create a community are boycotted and the plan goes awry, an alternative choice of living is present. Life is unpredictable and offers many challenges when you choose to live off grid and in a natural way, after a life as consumer and member of the modern society.

    When I decided to create something in my life that was coming out of MY OWN pipeline 100%, I arrived at the age of 40 that year, I chose to start an organic catering business and take away. Called “Andermaal”. Not only was I focussed on my own succes as a performer of miracles, ahem, I also intended to sow a seed in the collective mind of Dutch cooks and caterers, so that more of this initiative would show up with roots and shoots. The year was 1991 and I’ve studied health and food since 1973.

    I received a small investment from the bank, was offered the complete interior of a catering business that had closed its doors and all looked sunny and promising. My decision to present 100 % organic quality in food and drink wasn’t an ideal foundation in matters of profit making and helping customers to step over the threshold of “what is unknown becomes unloved”.

    After 5 years I ended the business, due to very little growth and the bank beginning to comment on it.
    I decided that preventing a bankrupcy, was the best choice to make. I wasn’t a business person, far from it. My siblings and family at large were ready to label it as one of my fantasy daydreams and afailure before the start.

    I’m a dreamer who brings dreams to fulfillment and I’m an entrepeneur by nature. But without any form of safety net I had to learn fast, finding my way in this unknown world of business and profit. In times of calm I worked for several large catering businesses in the regular food industry, in large conference centers, as manager of the buffet and the counter, making sure that refreshments were present and customers were kept fed and satisfied. Apart from being a natural hostess, as the oldest daughter of a minister, with many visitors coming in and leaving our home, all in need of refreshments, one of my skills is having an overview and an eye for detail.

    Regarding my own business, I had no big dream to become a large business with many employers, working my fingers to the bone, forgetting about being alive and enjoy wellbeing, with a social life too.
    The procedure of closing my business and moving through the closure and all the practicalities that were involved, wasn’t easy. I chose a sabbatical for half a year and ended my relationship at the same time. A new start was clearly in the making.

    The outcome of my intention to sow a seed was beautiful, for since the year 1994 many organic catering businesses and lunchrooms began to appear like mushrooms. I was the first, in a time where supermarkets decided to install a few shelves with mainly organic diet food, for slimming and for customers with diabetes. Reports about GMO and Round Up? Nanonites? Morghellons? Glutenfree? Vegan? Raw food? Smoothies? All these terms didn’t exist in that time, in Holland at least.

    No action that is chosen by a pure heart will loose its value, even when the result isn’t what was hoped for or the outcome is different from what was planned. As I’ve come to believe, life supports those who support life. Kindness breeds kindness. I love that term “do the job of hydrating society” in this article. As I perceive it, it’s really like quenching one’s thirst when pieces of one’s lifepuzzle begin to fall into place, by serving life, inviting the lightforces to support that service.


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