Even though this may not come as a surprise to most of you, it is still something that is happening all around us, all the time, and right under our noses: Google is quietly recording everything we do, from conversations we have over the phone and texts to videos we send and create over?webcams and camera phones. As if that werent?enough, they are even tracking our movements and logging?every place we visit.

The question then becomes, is this something?innocent civilians need to be concerned about? Many people argue that since they have nothing to hide,?being surveilled in this way doesnt bother them. But regardless of whether we deserve to be watched or not, isnt this also a HUGE invasion of privacy?

Or is this simply?part of the bargain?when we willingly put our personal information, photos, and conversations online via social media?

The fact of the matter is that Google has a record of all of this, so you could theoretically listen to conversations you had years ago.?Weird. If you knew that this had been happening while it was?happening, would you still have been fine with it? If you had been given a choice to have these things recorded or not, what would you have chosen?

This raises obvious and disturbing parallels to?the thought police in George Orwells classic?1989.?At what point do we decide that enough is enough and demand our privacy? To do so, would it mean giving up our precious smartphones,?which have become completely engrained into who we are and how we experience each other and the world around us? How much do we value privacy? Or is it a value?

As Snowden has said, Arguing that you dont care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you dont care about free speech because you have nothing to say.

Its a valid point.?He is responsible for exposing a lot of digital privacy information to U.S. citizens, and if it werent for him, many of us wouldnt even know that the NSA was literally recording our every move, including things?we were led to believe were private. Intimate conversations with?loved ones, personal discussions with family members, silly jokes that could potentially be taken out of context ? anything you say that is technically against the U.S. government could see?you labelled as a terrorist, according to the Patriot Act.

Keep in mind that Google specifically claims this information is never used against you, but merely recorded for your best interest and to enhance your online experience. This begs the question, why not give us the option? If this is solely for our benefit, why not promote this feature and have users sign up for the specific functions they want and leave those they dont? Yes this is public information, but how many people really know about it and how to access it? Having this information technically available to the public but not realistically?accessible or publicized is much like hiding in plain sight.

Google now processes, on average, over 40,000 search inquiries every second, which translates to 0ver 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, worldwide. The data collected from these searches is stored for?each individual who conducted them. You can find out a lot about a person from their search history. Through analyzing this data, companies can then steer the results in a particular direction and the entity that is the internet could effectively influence the world. More specifically, Google could predict the future based on trends.

This information is often tied directly to location data retrieved from the device being used. This means that not only does the search engine know what your interests are, but also how they manifest and relate to?where you are at any given moment. To some, perhaps many, this could be a good thing. Having your phone pop up and tell you about all the?cool things that are in close proximity to where you are based on your accumulated interests at any given moment could be useful.

Lets not forget Googles motto: Dont Be Evil. Of course, this could be a great way of simply being not evil. But as to whether or not they are using this accumulated information for their best interest at the cost of your privacy is up to you, and luckily, you do have the option to turn all of this tracking and recording off.

If you would like to turn off this tracking, please check out the following steps provided by the?Free Thought Project:

  • You can start this eye-opening journey by?heading to Googles history page and looking at the long list of recordings. The company has a?specific audio page?as well as their?record of where youve been on the internet.
  • If youve never disabled the feature, you will see a list of audio recordings, even some done outside of the Google app, as well as a transcript of the audio Google has converted to text.
  • What we recommend is after scrolling through Googles recordings of your search history, delete them all and disable the functions.
  • To delete particular files, you can click the check box on the left and then move back to the top of the page and select delete. To get rid of everything, you can press the More button, select Delete options and then Advanced and click through.
  • The easiest way to stop Google recording everything is to turn off the virtual assistant and never to use voice search. But that solution also gets at the central problem of much privacy and data use today ? doing so cuts off one of the most useful things about having an Android phone or using Google search.

*Please note, just because you turn off this tracking and recording feature on Google does not mean that you wont continue to be tracked, recorded, and followed. The safest way to avoid this is to leave your smartphone at home from time to time, and cover your camera?and mic on your webcam, computer, and smartphone. It is important to note that many Smart TVs also have these recording functions for audio and video, so if you are concerned about your privacy, be sure to unplug them when not in use.

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  1. Honestly, I’m not afraid of google. They serve me well and have brought me to this site and many other useful ones (I can discern good sources from bad ones by the slightest anomaly and twinge in my gut, and also by mere lack of attraction at times). Even if Google has sinister intentions, I always have faith (and am never proven wrong as it manifests) that I have the power and guidance to turn the negative into a positive. In essence, we can’t be tricked if we don’t allow it to happen in our reality. I experience those who openly try to “crucify” me to be so dumb that their tactics just bring me more advantages and open up new connections to kindred souls and energies. We need to remember that we have the power to use the “bad” for a good purpose!

  2. In Brazil we are not able to access these two pages: https://prepareforchange.net/ and https://prepareforchange.net/tag/corey-goode/. The information on both pages is that they are under maintenance, but this has happened for two days. Can you help us? Who does not understand English needs to be using Google translator and can not we be without access to these pages? Thank you!

  3. In Brazil we are not able to access these two pages: https://prepareforchange.net/ and https://prepareforchange.net/tag/corey-goode/. The information on both pages is that they are under maintenance, but this has happened for two days. You can help us, because those who do not understand English need to be using Google translator and we can not be without access to these pages. Thank you!

  4. hi
    can someone please explain how to search history, delete them and disable the functions an how to delete particular files ?

    • Maria, it’s true that aluminium covers everything, literally it can be wrapped around everything. We can wear tinfoil hats, walk around wrapped in tinfoil, looking like space travellers and assist in a humorous form of “disclosure”, presenting ourselves as ufo-whisperers.

      Thinking of it, that could actually wake up an audience when presented as a theatre-act, helping people to overcome their fear for all that is “alien” and recognize their experiences with it, by seeing it presented to them. Many people are silent about their
      experiences with all that seems “alien”. Afraid for being mad, pushing it away.

      Just like the interviews and lectures, offered by Ronald Bernard, revealing the true nature of the banking system, offer a huge amount of recognition and aha-erlebnis feelings in the audience, waking up more of their inner voice, still whispering in shyness.

      I believe that this also can happen with the subject of disclosure, becoming familiar with ET existences. David Wilcock and Corey Goode seem to be on that path a bit, with their plan to create a cartoon. I think when “alien and technical terminology” is left out and communication is brought to the level of the common people, the John and Mary’s in the street, maybe resembling the Monty Python approach, at least combining common sense and humor in large doses, will improve humanity’s awakening.

      Imagine David and Corey, wrapped in tinfoil, David using his natural entertainer skills,
      his skills with words and Corey in a sort of helpless clumsy role, seemingly naive, just like in true clownery. Alas, I’m fully off topic now, back to the tinfoil!

      Just a word of warning, from a nutritionist and health-food coach, aluminium foil in itself is (containing) toxic material that will be absorbed through your skin when touched. When heated, like when it’s used in the oven, wrapped around a potato or covering a roast, the food will absorb larger amounts of it due to the heat. Check Mike Adams of Natural News on that subject, he’s a reliable source of information, I found.

      Apart from acknowledging all forms of protection that work, I don’t use a smart phone, only a laptop and my health is great due to eating clean food, drinking clean fluids, creative work, plus physical excersize and walking in nature, there’s a form of protection that doesn’t involve material substance.

      It doesn’t cost money and it doesn’t affect your immune system in a damaging way, when you choose protection on an energetic level. Nowadays, there are numerous methods offered online, lots of choices. All health-hazards on planet Earth, no doubt there are many now, can be left alone by focusing on a state of peace, grace, joy and harmony within, plus a healthy dose of humor and practicality in company of wisdom.

      To me, it’s the awakening of these skills in each of us that will assist us in liberating
      planet Earth and ourselves. It’s a tai ch style approach, if you know what I mean.
      It’s what I prefer to call “Outgrow my limits and realize love”. Outgrowing one’s limits is possible when we dare to step out of our comfort zones and experiment, try out.
      It’s how we find answers and methods that work for us.

      Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.

  5. In the year 1984…. for those who arrived on planet Earth after this year, here’s the
    audiobook. Length of video 9:10:37

    Peace be with you and with planet Earth. Blessed be, Marian Baghor.


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