5 thoughts on “What will the Final War Come Down to? – BLOODLINES”

  1. The solution then is to avoid GMO foods and daily remove parasites, worms, viruses, germs from your body naturally with food-grade diatomaceous earth. Doctors are ‘educated-programmed’ to sell drugs and should not be trusted with your health, except in an emergency (broken leg, etc.)

  2. The reason the Catholic Church and later militant supremists Protestant males, servants of the dark forces, burned millions of women at the stake was to stop the sacred bloodline of Mary Magdalena and Jesus from entering the DNA of Humanity.

  3. Yes, I understand the bloodlines. Vehicles for other dimensional beings? That is a final war seemingly also raging in our human bodies, not racing through our blood directly, but in the realm of our human nervous system and DNA. The presentation in this video is about nano-technology, morgellons and artificial intelligence, in short AI.

    There’s quite shocking evidence, related to the nature of morgellons, offered in the middle part of the video. The comments of Harald Kautz Vella on the physical invasion of the human body, the gradual development of insectlike beings, causing morgellon victims to suffer from a sensation as uf insects are crawling under their skin.

    Harald Kautz Vella has a knowledge of science and spirituality, connecting extremely interesting dots, offering rather tough food for thoughts. The presentation in this video is related to the subject of your article Edward Morgan, in that it’s likely also about human beings used as vehicles for other higher dimensional beings.

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