There is a very secret negative group, codenamed Chimera, within the Negative Military which has come from Orion and has infiltrated militaries of all major nations during and after the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. This group secretly controls the vast majority of military bases around the world, many of those bases belonging to the US military.

This group includes the leaders of the dark forces from the Andromeda galaxy. They came to Earth in humanoid physical bodies 25,000 years ago and quarantined the planet. They have built a scalar electromagnetic fence around the Earth (the Veil), effectively preventing positive ET contact and thus isolating humanity. Then they constructed a vast network of subterranean cities, using Draconians as slave handlers and Reptilians as slaves and controlled the human population on the surface of the planet from there.

The Chimera group has enforced secret agreements upon leaders of all national militaries worldwide to suppress and erase all traces of benevolent extraterrestrial contact:

They are in contact with the main Archon and are heavily linked to the Jesuits and the NSA. They successfully infiltrated their agents in groups such as Corteum and the Labyrinth group.

Through the main Archon, they have limited access to the Archons on the etheric plane. Those etheric Archons enforce soul agreements on the members of the Cabal, forcing them to obey the Chimera group. If a certain member of the Cabal is removed, the etheric Archons simply find another host and enforce binding soul agreement upon him.

In the past, a certain positive group has engaged long range shooters to remove certain members of the Cabal and they were not successful, because those Cabal members simply returned to the physical plane in a new cloned body which was already prepared for them in a military base under surveillance of the Chimera group. After 2004 all those clones have been destroyed by the Resistance and now long range shooters of the aforementioned positive group would be much more successful in eliminating individual members of the Cabal and no amount of Blackwater/Academi bodyguards would be able to protect them.

The Chimera group has put physical strangelet bombs inside most of US military bases and some military bases of other nations and these bombs form the main line of defense against the advance of Galactic Confederation and Resistance Movement forces towards the surface of this planet.

They have also created a planetary network of plasma scalar devices. This network is being operated from the military bases and encompasses the whole planet. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous and is in fact the connecting link between physical and etheric matter. Plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and the Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as ultimate spying and surveillance machine. The Resistance is already removing these plasma scalar devices with full speed.

There is a silent full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group worldwide.

list of the top 10 secret groups that work under the control of the chimera group:

1. The Freemasons

2. The Illuminati

3. Skull and Bones

4. The Sons of Liberty

5. The Thule Society

6. The Knights of the Golden Circle

7. The Black Hand

8. Hashshashin – The Order of Assassins

9. The Bilderberg Group

10. Ordo Templi Orientis

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  1. So you mention Orion, Andromeda, Draconians, Reptilians, Jesuits, NSA, Military and the 10 organisations along with the plasma scalar weapons. What are the names of the Alien species from Orion and Andromeda? Tell us more about the Archons specifically, are you referencing a Gnostic Demiurge Ialdabaoth? Nanotechnology, smart dust, seems to be their method of infecting and controlling subjects, interacting with scalar waves so I hear, making it almost impossible to counteract. Have you heard of specific neuroweapons they employ? I have been attacked many times by them, with electric rods. I would like some links and answers if I may so I can return the favour. FYI, I seen the sky recently on another plane, all I could see were UFOs everywhere

  2. @Rune Moen You repeated yourself verbatim. Either you are a machine, or you are in for a very rude awakening very soon. Either way, buckle up, Ashtar is going to be sending many to the Central Sun for reconstitution.

  3. I think it’s important to remain a bit skeptical. Not everything you read/hear is true. I’m not saying this is false information or anything, but i really advice you to be a little skeptical 🙂

    Victory to the light. We are on the verge of a major breakthrough.

    • I think it’s important to remain a bit skeptical. Not everything you read/hear is true. I’m not saying this is false information or anything, but i really recommend you to be a little skeptical 🙂

      Victory to the light. We are on the verge of a major breakthrough.

  4. Although what you say MAY be true, you supply no references as to the source of the information so that it can be verified or not. That is needed for discernment. Is this Cobra material? How does Cobra get it if so? This is needed information.

  5. This information is 98.5% true. EXCELLENT TOOL THANK YOU. It ties in very well (if we can use that term…) with my own perceptions of the ARCHONS. I communicated with BARACK OBAMA through a hypnosis over 2 years ago and was told how he was controlled by the ARCHONS. I had never even heard the word before! Highly recommend you listen to my video OBAMA UNDER MIND CONTROL, both parts 1 and 2. They show independently of your information the extent of control used.

  6. Sorry but some of your info seems to be false, but there is some truth in what you are saying, but not all of it is correct my friend.

    Maybe you have not heard of the resistance movement actually disabling most bombs that where found in these under ground bases, also soon they won’t win anymore that’s a promise. 😉


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