Goddess Has Authorized The Next Phase of Planetary Liberation


Arise … Grande Armée of the 144,000!

 Last week’s announcement of the Re-Activation of the 144,000 (as a coordinated ‘professional’ outfit) Campaign, has caused quite a stir … mostly in a positive, constructive & impassioned sense. Clearly this has really hit a cord, been a big source of inspiration, and hit a raw nerve … all at the same time.… and understandably so.

Such an intense potential of an ‘idea’ (more like download) on planetary liberation, that’s so closely aligned with so many Lightworkers’ soul path & purpose … is likely to stir passions. Both good & bad.

Two responses simply said: “ … I’m actually available full-time, how can I help … what can I do?!”

So the calling & soul based inspiration bug was definitely awakened. That’s important, and a great start. Meaning … the message & idea is right, (from a multi-dimensional perspective).

The other was a great – constructive criticism & objection based – long email, from a high level Goddess type heavily involved in planetary work. In the 3D, this person is a quite high powered player at the international level.

So you know the criticism & objections were made for very good & important reasons … and also from a spiritual/energetic reason.

Because the Re-Activation of the 144,000 Campaign is so crucial … and potentially CENTRAL … to future planetary liberation efforts, I’m postponing this week’s interview to address these objections, with full transparency … disclosure … and heart level sincerity with clear goals, to insure for you that this is REAL, and going to get done properly.

Furthermore … these objections & questions will most likely come up in people’s minds, as the  outreach gets rolled out & watched by hundreds of thousands.

So this must be addressed, clarified & discussed … to allay any disbelief … doubt … & skepticism, which Gaia cannot afford right now.

Objections such as:

“ … Many very experienced lighworkers/warriors, who in fact would be amenable to coordinated work,  might not feel comfortable in the context of a militarily structured organization under command…… some may, but not 144K.. and certainly not a large part of capable female Lighworkers … “


Why do you say that “haphazard, occasional unity and loose coordination of large audience groups for mass energetic action like mass meditations, is no longer able to hold (as an energetic structure) our overall efforts & momentum to the Event in the midst of such intense energies from within & without” …?

… All this….and more, will all be addressed.

Through true transparency … clarification … and proper understanding, we can unite better, and form a resulting stronger and more unified unified connection.

One thing is for sure … It’s time to honor, uphold & live out our true purpose here on this planet at this time … on a whole new level, partly because this authorizes more power to be activated within us by our respective Higher Selves & I AM Presences.

Let’s do it …

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  • What any “war” with NK, will actually look like.

  • We dissect the ramifications of the Dragon Family releasing funds to the US, Russian & Chinese militaries to; “ … clean up the situation in Korea, Japan, and elsewhere” according to Fulford’s source.

  • China’s #2 man & de-facto finance chief Wang Qishan, who is also leading anti-corruption in China and now holding secret meetings with true Constitutionalist, former Navy (meaning; positive military member) Steve Bannon – Is he an agent for the Dragon Family?

  • … and much more.

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  1. Thanks for your input and taking the time to respond Devon.Living and dying is the path I AM currently on in this incarnation.

    Not fearing either is where I AM at both are the same. a part of the journey. I cannot be a victim, unless I choose to play in that dimensional sand box. which I do not.

    I notice sometimes people seem to try to fill in the blanks and make assumptions they cannot possible know based on limited info.

    As an artist (and a Light Worker, and a HEB, Higher dimensional being, and my future Higher Self) I am left wanting by words because no ONE can possibly demand the amount of attention it would take to explain that I do all the things you mention already and have been doing.

    At this point I could tell you all that I do in the way of some of your suggestions. but I find that distasteful and it does not serve me to justify myself based on assumptions you have made about me from reading a paragraph. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate AND hear what you are saying and am considering if it applies to me. Thanks for being a teacher.

    I AM fully aware of who I AM. a multi dimensional being. My article above was to say that On the Micro, I have chosen to connect with no reservations. Know that I AM sure of that. That IS my choice, But on the macro level, we seem to be in this holding pattern because is not just up to me, everyone is at a different point in their journey of awakening. Integration is necessary (in this particular play of ascension or what some are calling “The Event”) and each ONE of us holds a piece of the puzzle on this level.

    Sure, there is only ONE at the end of the journey Source, Brahman LOVE. but currently we are experiencing the separation illusion sandbox. I am assuming if you are writing here you are in this particular multidimensional play with me. While I AM playing this role of separation, I want to work on projects with others, I want to experience integration. That has not happened as of yet.

    Although I choose it and have cleared any doubt about that. Hence my article in response to the subject matter.

    I spend time out of the dim blue light, I hug trees, see myself in all things and through creativity and deep meditation, mindfulness and inner work and a mysterious teacher coming into my life who I understand was a hierarchical archetype of Jesus, Sri Ramakrishna Maitreya or just my higher Future Self called “ONE” . I do all of these things you suggested and more.

    I know a Thing can be and not be all at once. We need to understand (integrate) into the knowing that everyone’s truth is true, but on my part I Am experiencing an anomaly of a sort. and I AM NOT choosing it. This point cannot it seems fit into somes dogma, paradigm or understanding at this time. We will all at some point have to abandon the assumptions that what we know to be true is always evolving into the next truth. (creativity)

    Anyway, I got this great project I want to work on with others. Anybody want to join me in THAT sand box? 🙂

  2. It has long been the tactic of the dark forces to: (1) Divine and conquer and (2) Infiltrate to influence. Look for the charm, good looks to understand what your are dealing with. Always trust your instincts. . If it does not feel right, do not endorse.

  3. With all good intentions, possibly holding flaws in understanding and inexperience of liberation procedures such as the one we’re experiencing now, on planet Earth, there’s one detail that is largely overlooked, an aspect that is highly important to realize as significant, as I perceive it.

    What’s the value of this, when someone presents him/her self as “The Unknown Lightwarrior” and this announcement in the article here: (quote) “Two responses simply said: “ … I’m actually available full-time, how can I help … what can I do?!”

    So the calling & soul based inspiration bug was definitely awakened. That’s important, and a great start. Meaning … the message & idea is right, (from a multi-dimensional perspective).

    The other was a great – constructive criticism & objection based – long email, from a high level Goddess type heavily involved in planetary work. In the 3D, this person is a quite high powered player at the international level”.(end of quote)

    Such obscurity of identity and pompous description at the same time, without offering a chance to verify it through these 2 commenters’ identity, isn’t right to me. Too much suggestion and a smell of the need to impress, even convince. Why by so dramatic in description? As I perceive it, this style of presenting as a way to impress, seems to be a “bug” that is flying around here,, in too many pages and posts.

    Many solutions and battles for freedom occurred on planet Earth within boundaries of human consciousness wearing a veil. From a certain moment in time, when much became confused.
    To me, the views and thoughts, expressed in what’s called the “Re-Activation of The 144k Campaign” Announcement are based on that condition, the state of the Old World Order. Where divide and conquer is paradigm, a military stance seems to be proof of discipline, structure, the success formula of teamwork.

    The call for that… those are words without much weight, for as I perceive it, the reality of our present world, the state of humanity’s well-being, is constantly undermined by soldiers at war and police keeping an eye on law and order…. or so it says in “the manual”. The reality we see around us is showing us that linear structured efforts including hierarchy, to create cohesion, is working in the game called “Divide and conquer” where mass destruction is the fruit.

    When it’s about “More Cohesive … Coordinated … Organized … Disciplined & Empowering Unity..” etc. it’s a presentation of words that doesn’t seem to involve the very different “laws and order” of love. The force of love doesn’t work along linearity of structure, discipline and “empowering” managed as recommendation to others. Shouting sergeants, drilling soldiers. That world becomes a fairy tale now.

    To me, there’s a silent revolution happening, fully outside any rules, structures and forms that are worn out, tattered and hanging on threads, falling apart almost. The vibration of love is all about motion, moving in love, being in love and in that state we’re simply invited to see what happens next. In company of the awareness that each moment we have the freedom to make a choice. What next? Not meant in the sense of “running to an defined fixed result” That’s 3D in past, present and future.

    To me, there’s no need to call people to attention, creating a result that is bound to time, measurements, like saying “It is time..” The time is now and each living being on planet Earth is moving towards liberation or further imprisonment, by free choice, as I perceive it.

    It’s something that is ordained in a way like nature is organized, or the creation process of all life. In that space, or place, there are no words. Only evolving and becoming. First this… than that… let’s see how it works for us. Is it this way… or that way? That’s what is required only, nothing else.

    For what it’s worth, because I’m speaking from my point of view only, why not stop making efforts and end the shouting from the roof? That’s something that is part of our past, from a need to wake people up, the need to express our truth and our need for truthfulness and justice. We’ve got to LIVE it, that’s all.

    Each of us can find the answers that we need in our inner world. From that space, or place, all manifestation comes forth. The fuel is love and when you write love in reverse, it’s evol(ution).

  4. as a Light Worker I am uncertain if I AM a part of the 144K. I practice being and less emphasis on doing. That is for me as I used to be a bull in a china shop and that not only got me no where that no longer serves me as my peace is more important than anything. What would I do for planetary liberation? die. If some how my death would move us upward I’m there. Greater Love hath no ONE than this, that ONE would lay down his life for his friends” I am also very happy to Live for it as well. Die, Live, either one works and both will happen. Currently I live as an artist. a creator. I have tried so hard to connect with other Light worker projects. I am actually a good artist and story teller and am sitting on a story That came to me before my awakening, and much of the story is prophetic and as I listened to David Wilcock and cosmic disclosure I discovered what they were revealing was in my story. I wrote some of this back in the early 90s. So most of the spiritual community seem to use words all the time. I hope to use my talents in this life to create parables stories, graphic novels movies etc to model the awakening so many of us stumbled our way through to assist others to know they are not alone. I have tried to connect with so many Light workers, publishers, web sites, healers. Nothing! Nothing happens, I don’t even get a response at all? I have even suspected I am censored by someone or some thing. because it is as though I am unseen.There is nothing worse for someone who is willing, able, talented and hangs on to a new level of story telling than to have to sit on your hands. I understand when I hear the story of the red headed giants that are sleeping in stasis unto the great awakening. Please use me, hire me, finance my story. you can see my work at www.gregdampier.com you can contact me at [email protected] my deviant art web site is https://gregorydampier.deviantart.com/

    • Gregory Lee Dampier, these words of yours in your comment of Sept. 27th “Die, Live, either one works and both will happen”, may prevent life itself to support you to express yourself in the company with kindred spirits or those who stand ready to receive your expressions and share the joy of your manifestations as well. Know that you’re the one who makes the choice: you choose to live or you choose to die. The first is empowering, the latter is succumbing to a fate others decide for you.
      You don’t have to die, you see? We’re no longer supposed to imagine a reality of a world where the laws of survival, revenge and duality as in “an eye for an eye” or “a life for another life” is ruling.
      Find what resonates with you in real life, with people who look into your eyes. You’re obviously doing great, you seem to be able to share your work with others in 3D reality. Start a group, a course, teach, tell stories and share yourself with others in that way, I suggest. I like it that you describe yourself as a good artist and storyteller. Your prophetic story is worth sharing I think. Write an article for PFC about it, you can find the invitation under the button “Participate” at the top of this page.
      I’m speaking from experience now, connecting to virtual spiritual groups, websites, healers and all that jazz, it’s at times a bubble of virtual air, sadly in anonymity, true and false identities of depressed and lonely people sitting in a room with a blue lit screen, some without the sun in their face for days on end.
      That’s where you won’t find artists for life, story-tellers that inspire others by sitting in the same room with them. Life is full of miracles, sometimes very small. They’re easier to detect without the help of a blue lit screen and by engaging in all facets of life, physically, socially and spiritually. Being good neighbors and bringing food to the elderly in their homes, with a good story as desert, or immerse oneself in a wilderness and connect with nature, is as much spiritual as channeling archangel Michael in a youtube video. Stop trying hard, I suggest, you may be surprised how close by it is what you wish for.


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