Published on Oct 25, 2017     Scott Werner part 3

On The GoldFish Report No. 147, Winston Shrout and Scott Werner M.D. present a new message from Saint Germaine to Begin Manifesting A New Republic. Dr. Werner highlights how many of the secret Departments of the US Government operate beyond the oversight of our Constitutional Government and that we can not continue the same way of irresponsible actions that pillage the earth’s resources and destroy its environment. Winston reminds us that St. Germaine has incarnated in many key roles to prepare us for this new Republic and that its time to manifest this now because the Constitution did not guarantee people their God given rights. Winston asks viewers to do an affirmation every day until we Manifest our New Republic. The affirmation is this: “The National Security Act of 1947 is Rescinded and Void”. Scott and Winston both encourage people to go into their Heart Center, and set into motion the scalar energy potential filed and meditate on this affirmation so we can bring this into fruition. Winston also provided a beautiful story about heart transplant patients and how they take on the feelings and memories of their heart donors and much more. The Story will be posted in a separate link below. You can address questions to Dr. Werner at 435-986-0025 or email him at [email protected]. Again, the links for the Parasite Cleanse, the St. Germaine Prayer and 12×12 Affirmation for 24 Strand DNA is here .… . …. And for more information about Scott Werner M.D., please visit and for medical intuitive consultation you can contact him at [email protected] and to contact his office you can cal 1+(435)-986-0025. To contact Winston please visit To receive notifications of our Reports you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel, follow us on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish, you can also follow us and like us on our 24/7 research news page at and to help support these and other programs please visit to make a donation. Thank you for your support and Thank you for viewing!

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  1. What now, St. Germaine says we need a new republic. It’s all going according to plan and when we live we live, when we die we die. Life is eternal, for us humans and for planet Earth, all living beings with a soul. Please, let’s talk some real stuff and start doing it. All this endless talk, while sitting in front of the microphone.There’s something with metal that when you bend it at the same place too often, it gets “tired” as they call it. And it breaks apart. Metal-tiredness. It’s how I look at the large numbers of videos with lectures about how to go to heaven in the least uncomfortable way. Well, if it’s a highway death may come in a flash, if it’s a wilderness trail, or a quite country lane, many teachings may be part of that trip.

    At any rate, slowing down in the whizzing Halloween vibes here, with All Saints ahead, see what you experience in this video. Talking about fast forward mode…. high fidelity to life, alive and kicking with
    death on one’s heels:

  2. So….. He says you can manifest 24 strands of DNA, and also says Nay sayers are saying its impossible. I assume he means Cobra (and maybe others) as Cobra literally said that this is new age stuff and is impossible in his most recent interview. PFC are posting conflicting information from people who are supposed to have legitimate contact from legitimate/trust worthy sources.

    Clarity is needed.

    • Shay, if I may offer a fes suggestions here. I know, it’s Halloween, full on, oohoo, here I go….
      To start with:
      1.Never take anything for granted, check, verify, validate, shove aside, do your own research.
      2.Question everything pursuing the truth that is true for you and create your own reality. When that happens to be the same as your friend or enemy, fine, move…. move…try out, dive in rabbit-holes or mole-hills, invent yourself and find who you are as God knows how God dreams up an image of you.
      3.Compare notes, your own and those of others. Your discernment is the foundation in that endeavor.
      4. See what happens when you try something new and let go of the belief, in actuality a projection of yours, that there are “people who are supposed to have legitimate contact from legitimate/trustworthy sources” No, they haven’t proven any legitimacy, unless you are with them in the same room, alive.
      5. Live up to your standard, don’t expect others to step up or step down, to the level where you are.
      6.People, even the man who calls himself Cobra, a human being like you and me with possibly
      genes of other stars or planets, and hey… who hasn’t, while living now? know according who they are.
      7.Don’t get hooked on wanting to have answers, as opposed to finding lies outside of you, we’re all in fast forward motion now and each of us is free to express wholeness or dis-ease. Explore, taste, touch.
      8. You’re equally qualified to find and live in truth, love, in company of wisdom and be wild, calm, happy, sad, in bliss or in despair, in all shades and colors of the rainbow that life shows us and we show to life.
      9. Foremost, keep a sense of humor, okay? That helps to not let your mind go in overdrive, with the windmills going in a frenzied whirring, almost losing their blades.We can think up ever single possibility and explanation, with our mind, but when our guts and heart aren’t in it, the mind fails due to loneliness.

        • I’m merely offering suggestions, Shay, no instructions. I feel there may be a language barrier here, for I notice that English isn’t your native language, am I right? Also I seem to see you move away from your inner space where you can find answers, by gut-feelings, heart-beat and clarity of mind. I think I can’t make myself more clear than this.
          Use your own inner voice to tell you what to do, pretend hearing your inner voice telling you how to find out what works for you, practice makes art 🙂

    • COBRA – Yes. Basically we have 12 strands of DNA on the etheric plane, but not on the physical plane.

      Yes this is what Cobra stated – on the etheric plane, maybe on the higher planes there are more. We are all working at evolving – even bringing our higher selves in more solidly, and how many DNA is past the etheric plane? (I love and feel a change in my energy when I call in the 24 strands of DNA) Change it to 3 strands if you want, or 12 strands. I’m going to use 24.

      • Yes, isn’t it exciting when we find out how energy on the non-physical aka etheric plane moves and affects our physical condition and sense of well-being? Talking to our physical body and all parts of it, large and minuscule, is a valuable tool to empower, re-align, heal and love. When we love the cells of our body, they can’t help but love us back.

        I’m interested to hear others about their experiences. I’m slowly beginning to get it, which doesn’t imply that you should get it too, that by allowing my soul-qualities, specially the ones I’m shy about, to enter my astral and physical bodies, the cells of my physical body, including my DNA, begin to stir and awaken to that “wake up call” obeying to their true purpose, the restoration of their true nature and functioning.

        What I’m pointing out here, is the process of “awakening” in our DNA, that is partly connected to our ancestors’ genes and determines our repeating patterns in lifestyle and attitude, if we don’t pay attention, and partly to unknown territory within our genes, in a more or less sleeping state.

        And that this “awakening” accepted by invitation, proceeding in an equal clarity of intention and paying attention, revives the qualities of love, compassion and unity, through the opening of the heart to oneself and the world at large. In that realm we’re not speaking about our DNA waking up and beginning to use more strands, as if by itself, in a physically controlled endeavor, but a consciously chosen path that includes transformation and transmutation in good companionship.

        In the reality of my daily life, that process is as bewildering as beautiful. At times, I find myself in an almost surreal moment wondering “Who am I?” and also in a state of high sensitivity, like when a car drives by fast, I’m sometimes jumping away from it instinctively.
        Also the voices of people I begin to hear “through” them, hearing more through the words that are spoken by their voice than what is actually said. If you get my drift. At any rate, this comment is also meant for Shay, as he expressed the need for clarity.


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