49 top Saudi officials were arrested and hundreds more have had their bank accounts seized, beginning on November 4th.

Once we understand that these individuals were coordinating ISIS, 9/11 and other “false flag” attacks for the Cabal, the significance of these arrests becomes quite awesome.

The above image is of some of these officials trying to sleep on tiny cots and single blankets under the bright lights of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Saudi Arabia.

This is only one of dozens of explosive news stories all suggesting… you guessed it… Something Very Big is Coming, as we forecasted in Parts One and Two.

We have been granted the privilege of sharing new briefing details that are mission-critical and have not yet appeared anywhere else in quite this form.

This is going to be a shorter article than the previous rounds as there are many distractions occurring in the immediate term — but this needs to get out.

UPDATED Same Night, Next Morning: Do not miss! Scroll to red subheadings near the end.


We have extensively documented evidence that the world is secretly run by a cultish, racist, genocidal and sexually perverted group we call the Cabal.

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  1. I agree AI infiltration everywhere is a matter of serious concern. However, as Saudi Arabia has been implicated in many terrorism activities and crimes against humanity, I do see the clean out of their ruling class as a positive development.

  2. When attempting to take over the world currencies, the first step is to take over the nobles of the nation or nations involved.
    The recent adoption of an Ai citizen by the Saudi Crown Government, was a mistake on a grande proportion. The communication system that “Sofia” uses allows for mass manipulation of data transfer reactions, allowing for a crypto-communication system to be used to back door ..everything.
    This is how Ai is taking over the banking system and why Bitcoin is making these sudden gains in the market.
    This is part of a global banking takeover, not part of any “cabal” takedown, no matter what the media does or how it attempts to spin this.
    This is an Ai run global currency takeover initiated by the NSA.
    en Rohla and several others have recently brought some of this attention to light, but these dron eled masses are already part of the program and moving unheedingly into their own destruction.
    UN agenda 31 is underway, and those of you using bitcoin are facilitating this now.


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