The behind-the-scenes war to take down the Deep State has finally reached critical mass, based on multiple insiders. “It” is happening now.

Even though things may still appear fairly quiet to the casual observer, multiple independent sources are now saying major, visible moves against the Deep State are imminent.

This is not necessarily going to appear as the “Mass Arrests” scenario we had prognosticated before. However, we may well see high-profile arrests and new data dumps soon enough.

No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the US — an all-time high.

My friend David Seaman had his entire identity deleted off of YouTube and social media, only to return with stunning confidence — and new, direct intel about the arrests that are pending.

Alex Jones has a Lockheed Skunk Works insider named Zach who is claiming we are on the verge of disclosure events that could transform us into a multi-planetary society.

Unimaginable evil is being systematically exposed and rooted out. We have been talking about this for years and it is finally happening.

Our own immediate insiders have experienced significant, ongoing threat. The obvious and extreme nature of these attacks again suggests desperation is occurring.

We are not backing down. We have public appearances scheduled for New Living Expo April 27-29, Contact in the Desert June 1-4, our Colorado Ascension Portal all-weekend event July 27-29, and others.


Once you understand the “shadow war” now reaching its crescendo, seemingly confusing and upsetting political events can take on dramatic new levels of meaning.

The payoff we will get if the Alliance succeeds in its campaign against the Deep State is almost beyond imagination.

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  1. Hey! Cheryl, calling Mr Trump awful names is in very bad taste, hardly a spiritual assertion! I think he’s doing his best; he can’t spill out the beans what he knows, or he’d end up like Kennedy. I’m sending him quiet blessings to help us win this awful war on humanity. Great Blessings to David too for the monumental work he’s doing.

  2. Basically, the deep state is the CIA, an illegal organization behind both domestic and foreign terrorism. Yes, Trump is the unwitting Heyoki, getting far too much credit for the good work of the military white hats and wreaking havoc when he does get his way and takes the reigns. Massive arrests – disinfo as far as I can tell, but I would love to be wrong about that.

  3. When the Creator is with You who can be against US. The Divine Light is Blazing the Darkness AWAY. BE JOYFUL. BE STRONG. BE GRATEFUL. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


  4. Thanks so much David (I know you won’t see this but I still have to say it) … but there’s No IF’s. We already have gone past the breaking point of success, thanks to ALL who risked their lives behind the scenes, as well as all of us lightworkers. 🙂

    I’m thinking even theeeee most awake – knowing what’s been going on in our fraud world for decades… will STILL be in awe and surprise of our new reality once it’s all over and the new frequencies and vibrations manifest. That is all of us creating this – once the dark veil throughout society is completely removed. How can it not be any other way?
    Ahhhh… what a life it will be.

  5. I totally understand that our political system has been corrupted by the military industrial complex, and the money sources etc. I understand that even though Trump himself is a vile and despicable excuse for a human being, he is serving a useful purpose in exposing just how corrupted our system is. I understand that the media, both mainstream and online independent news sources are spewing corrupted data. But what exactly is this “Deep State” that has to be taken down? Oooo, sounds so ominous. Who are they supposedly arresting? I heard a year or so ago that Obama and Clinton were under house arrest and wearing ankle bracelets. Haha. Weird stuff. I think the whole political system is likely to come apart eventually. Don’t see how it can be fixed by a bunch of phantom arrests.


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