Recently, certain well-known websites and individuals within the awakened community have made claims that somehow Cobra’s blog, has been hijacked and that he has been cloned and/or replaced by agents of the dark.  These reports falsely state that Cobra’s  blog is being written by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a reptilian, the Cabal or an illuminati operative.  Or someone or something.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

We are in Taipei, Taiwan with Cobra

I, Edward Morgan, your humble servant and one of the contributors at , am, at this very moment, sitting  in a room, with Cobra himself and with a small group of the most dedicated and powerful Light warriors on the face of our beautiful planet. We are chanting powerful mantras that are making some of us cry.  The love and dedication that Cobra is showing to all those present, all whom have made the effort to come to Taipei, Taiwan, to his conference, is most humbling!

I am a physical living witness of Cobra’s 2018 Taipei weekend conference, which started on May 12, 2018 and which is still going on as I write this.  I can report in clear conscience that Cobra has NOT been cloned, that he is still the same dedicated, gentle, humble and tireless individual, fully dedicated to the total Victory Of The Light!   I, with many other committed workers of the light who have personally known Cobra for a long time, who are currently present in his conference, can vouch for this.

We Will Soon Meet our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters

To all those who have decided to participate in this  Cobra-attacks drama, I have this to say:  Every one of us has known for a long time that at some point in our human journey we would face our cosmic brothers and sisters. We all know by now that it is part of our individual soul journey to eventually meet our soul families who also reside beyond this Earthly realm.  This is what First Contact is, and Cobra is just starting to release information to emotionally and mentally prepare the surface population for this experience and future First Contact encounters.

Positive First Contact has always been and will be,  until the moment of the Event, a “free will, personal and intimate” positive experience. The message relayed recently by Cobra, in his post titled “Entry Protocols,”  at  has unfortunately been misinterpreted and maliciously twisted by many within the last few days.   This message serves as an introduction to all those advanced souls who are ready and who have made the conscious decision and choice to experience first contact. This invitation has only been extended to those who do not have “family commitments.”  This doesn’t mean that you must be single or that couples can’t go, but simply that  extensive “family commitments” would make such an opportunity difficult for you.

We Have Come Together in Love at the Taipei Cobra Conference

It is easy to turn on your computer, read an article, misinterpret it, and then “report” on it, from a misinformed point of personal view.   Such reporting creates a ripple effect and triggers all those trolls and agents of the dark who have been working for a long time to stain Cobra’s impeccable image.  To all those who are spreading baseless accusations toward Cobra’s work and therefore consciously or unconsciously serving as vessels of the dark,  I respectfully ask, before you keep writing more nonsense, to reach out to some of the hundreds of witnesses of people from all over the world who attended the recent Taipei, Taiwan Cobra Conference, who gathered together in Love,  to rebute all those unfounded and absurd claims!

Thank you.

Victory Of The Light!




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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. I think I speak for most, if not all here, that we are deeply appreciative of the work Cobra and the underground(literally) Resistance are going. This said though it is very clear from the comments to Cobra’s posts that there is a lot of “wishful/hopeful thinking” on the part of the readership and not enough CONCRETE ACTIONS by US here on the surface. Many of us are looking for outside saviors and it is clear that we do have benevolent visitors here helping us. However, recall the parable that Jesus gave about the master who went away and left 3 of his servants money to hold while he was gone. 2 of those servants put the money to good use and had a dividend to give the master when he returned. The 3rd servant however chose to bury the money because he was afraid and wanted to play things safe. The master praised the other 2 servants, but rebuked the 3rd servant upon his return. The point of this story is that God/ETs help those who help themselves. Cobra has already indicated that the underground Resistance is very limited at present in what they can do for the surface population. From my perspective, we can do a lot more to help our own situation. Probably the most important thing you can do in this regard is to combat vote fraud which is being seriously perpetuated by both parties, but most seriously by the Democratic Party. The Deep State can only continue to control things so long as they have political operatives in place to do their bidding. Become poll workers, run for the registrar of voters position in your local community, tell your local officials that you want your local election office audited. Visit voter integrity websites and learn from them. The Deep State can also be divided via a National Constitutional Convention—-a plan for autonomous regional government is at the following link.

    People do have power. It is best when it is exercised at the local level. Once you have reform at the local level you can then take it to the next level.

  2. My dear sisters and brothers,
    if only you could be telepathic … you would not be afraid.
    I am still alive after several attacks of all kinds…I am here among you.
    Remember we are protected.
    Imagine the Victory only through your Heart.
    I love you with tears of joy.

  3. Utterly, unabashedly humbled by the entry protocols post(s) and progress of our planetary liberation. It is a nearly incomprehensible privilege to stand beside you all and a very great honor to serve in any way. Cobra & family, you are Known to this One, and so very loved. Victory of the Light!

  4. I would like to share the most extraordinary/positive personal experience I had after reading the first “entry protocols” post.” I am very fortunate to have met Cobra and Isis in person at the LA workshop in May 2013. My intuition rang 100% that they are pure in intention, and that the information presented is true. As I listened to the presentation, I realized I already “knew” the information, and was just being reminded of it.

    My experience: I felt that I was detached enough from relationships and family responsibilities and would say yes if approached. My desire to participate in my “mission” was kicked into high gear. I thought deeply about stepping up to the plate, either below the surface or remaining on the surface.

    In preparation for the possibility of leaving to go below, I entered a state of consciousness that I imagine people with a medical diagnosis, who have been told they have only a very short time to live go into. What is really, truly important? I began viewing my interactions with people as possibly the last time I would see them. What an incredible opportunity!!! Last weekend I flew across the country to attend a family wedding. Seven siblings and their families were there. I entered only what I can describe as a state of grace. Grudges (I’m really good with them), petty annoyances, feelings of rejection, old hurts (which I thought I would NEVER be able to release) dropped away. I truly felt simply love for them, and connected with each member in the most meaningful way possible.

    It was pure magic. I realized how much I am loved by my family, and it is just my own “stuff” that gets in the way. The same with associates at home. Everything has changed. Like a near death experience or something. Now we know that only a tiny number may be selected. But I am trying to maintain that “state of grace” I experienced and live every day as if it might be my last on earth.

    Thank you thank you thank you for this incredible experience, Cobra and the resistance. My heart has opened.

    Dearest Lightworker community; I LOVE you!!!

  5. It is terrible when uninformed people with their misinterpreted conjectures cause damage and can have such a negative ripple effect.  It is out right Crazy that people make such wild-claims and tall tails.  Understandable… that is the job of the dark side of humanity, to skew the truth and to try and defame the good name of Cobra, who I am assuring has not been cloned and who’s blog has not been hijacked by anything or anyone.


     These claims are nothing more than confabulation from some negative individuals who dedicate their life to troll Cobra and try to spread lies about him and his message of Unity.


    Furthermore; the claims of some dedicated individuals with some very dark motives along with calculated steps, to try to defame the good name of Cobra and his blog are not true and has not worked…  Cobra is alive and normal as always within the difficult world and abnormal world it is to live in.  


     “Word to the wise,” read the entire script, thread, Posting and or entries, believe me just go back and read everything before you jump to irrational conclusions that can have negative impacts in many levels spaces and dimensionalities.


    In my own testimonial: starting now, I Jairo Bonilla, Author of ([email protected]  & [email protected] ) , can firmly assure that in the short time which I have dedicated my efforts to help spread Cobra’s blog, I can attest to the fact that Cobra’s intention’s are good, he just wants us all to join and  to  come together in the most positive manner.  Be it through blogging or meditation, all Light-Workers, Light, Warriors and everyone, Mothers, Fathers Sisters Brothers are welcome here and remember,  “If something goes wrong in your life, do you go and blame God?”



     Cobra, who is the Creator and founder of as well as https://[email protected]/ It is Cobra who unlocks the portal   to consciousness through meditation.  The person known as Cobra, the Ascended Master, known as Cobra, cannot be cloned, hijacked, or killed by dark-forces entities or any dark energy.    













      यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । 

    अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥४-७॥ 


    परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् । 

    धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥




    Whenever there is decay of righteousness,

    And there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then, I Myself come forth.


    For the protection of the good, for the destruction of evil-doers, 

    For the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age.

    By Jairo & Vandy Bonilla

  6. Dear Edward!

    Thanks so much for your clarifying words in this article and all the other beautiful and educational stuff, you post.

    I participated in the Budapest Ascension Conference in the middle of April this year. If you have been in a room with Cobra, you have no doubt in your heart, that this dedicated man is for real and that he ‘walks his talks’ for the liberation of our beloved planet.


  7. Здравия!!!
    Это всего лишь последние беспомощные судороги тьмы – в отношении Кобра.И я думаю, что все,кто ждет известий от Кобры – ни на минуту не засомневался в отношении известия от Кобры про Сопротивление. И мы все ждем События. Победа Света!!!!

  8. At the right time, you will not be afraid.
    “You are in the infallible process of inward ascension — journeying from the outer reaches of creation to the inner sanctum of the One Creator who is first Source. We, the Central race, your elder brother, remind you of the journey’s purpose so you may understand that the role of the human form is to embody that which unites us all. However, it is only within the centermost universe that the children of time may experience the spokes of identity and the supremacy of their convergence.”
    — excerpt from The Central Race, Chamber 13, The Wingmakers.

  9. I have responded to the false rumors on every opportunity with “Victory of the Light, Enlightenment Now, Isis and Cobra are Heros.” Blessings from the Virginia Tachyon Chamber and Peace for All

  10. This is exactly what I felt in my heart thank you to all light ,and I’m going to say here now this kabamur person keeps putting attacks against cobra and It needs to stop .

  11. I love YOU dear Edward! You should write more often. The one you wrote when “the one who knows” was doing the same to Cobra, and you wrote an article of self-defense on Cobra’s behalf, WAS AWESOME!!!
    Many Good wishes and Blessings, Brother!

  12. We hear from Cobra directly with every post he makes on his blog at The post made here by Edward Morgan on this PFC blog is a very personal accounting made by someone who is experiencing Cobra directly, in person. In this post he is not trying to be a spokesperson for Cobra, but rather a witness of Cobra’s authenticity. Please don’t misunderstand his intentions. I can vouch personally for Edward Morgan as a person of good intentions, a supporter of Cobra mission, and for Victory of the Light.

  13. Romanii si poate Pamantenii au o vorba : CU O FLOARE NU SE FACE PRIMAVARA
    iar Galaxia doar cu Cobra cand Planeta are aproape 10 miliarde de nebuni vrea sa sa
    ii transforme pe toti si apoi sa aduca raiul Povesti de adormitbebelusi si prosti
    Incep sa cred catotul e opera unor aventurieri DAR Cosmici

  14. Namaste. Thank Ewe for this reassurance of Cobra’s due diligence. As always, Eye question everything and it’s validity. Eye Am to be of service. Willing to complete my promise for service towards others and the betterment of humanity and Gaia’s Ascension.
    Always ready…also…vetting other updates must become paramount in the not too distant future to insure Rules of Engagement are no longer compromised be the lower vibrational entities!


  15. I can say with my own experience that COBRA is 100 % real in what he does. I know that because i was with him personaly on his April 2018 conference in Budapest. When you would be there you would also know that, otherwise its only disinfo

  16. Thank you Edward, for your uplifting message. The Dark forces will not dissuade the awakened surface population. I saw a video that was made to discredit Cobra’s message and wondered who these people were. Now I know for sure ! !

    Love . . . . and Victory of the Light ! !

  17. Whew! Thank you very much for addressing this disinformation about Cobra. Thank you for mentioning that you are actually in his presence.

  18. Me motiva mucho este tipo de instancias, pues nos acerca más y más al gran momento esperado por muchos. En lo personal me siento listo para tener un primer contacto con seres de las estrellas, o mejor dicho, hermanos de las estrellas. Aún cuando tengo todavía ciertos aspectos que trabajar en mi interior para asentar con más fuerza mi rol en esta cruzada, cada vez siento más y más la necesidad de poder conocerlos sin intermediario alguno,. Por eso, muchas gracias por la hermosa labor que realiza Cobra y sus colaboradores que sin duda nos mantienen al corriente de los acontecimientos, muy relevante a la hora de tomar las decisiones más importantes de nuestras vidas.
    Victoria de la Luz, por Siempre!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Thank you Cobra, never have had to mistrust in anything coming from Cobra also, as in what Tye Hampton explains, is noticeable true facts. Either way, this is a non BS site of great information important to the majority of masses who await notice of the start of our planetary liberation. Victory to the light!

  20. I have been following COBRA for several years now and I’ve built trust in him, however I know there are evil forces that work against COBRA and they try tarnish his message to cause confusion among those who follow COBRA’s Postings. To be honest I am truly EXCITED about possibly having a chance to connect with the Agarthans in Inner Earth, however I would be lying if I said I could blindly follow the person leading me into an underground dwelling with question.

    Its’ because we didn’t question those who control us, that we are in the predicament we are in now. If anything humanity should have learned valuable lessons and know that it is ok to question anything that you are un sure of. Humanity has been royally screwed since day one, if we had questioned our controllers eons ago, I don’t think we’d be in the situation that we are in now.

    In a perfect world maybe, I’d happily follow someone leading me into a dark underground passage way, we don’t live in a perfect world and sadly the controllers on this planet want to cause harm to ALL humans, so being cautious is a natural response and should not be judged as a lack of faith or trust in yourself.

    If I am approached by any stranger trying to lead me into an underground tunnel, I’m not gonna lie I’m going to ask questions and if that makes me appear weak and un worthy of connecting with the Agarthans, then so be it. I AM Ready for 1st Contact. One thing I learned while living on earth is to a certain extent Trust has to be earned, especially when you’re dealing with humans who have already been emotionally traumatized in ever kind of way.

  21. We were warned that near the end of dark era, that this nonsense would happen. This nonsense is just not happening with our awesome Cobra, but other great people that are working for the light who’s reputations have been soured. But that’s where we must pay attention. These good people suddenly turn ‘bad’? Think about it.
    Why now? Yes, it’s a sign. “They” know it’s over. There’s no turning back. We are on the edge of a peaceful high vibration life like we’ve never experienced before.
    I can already feel it.
    You can too….IF you let it.

  22. Thank you for this important message. I have been watching the counter that registered the growing agitation of the readers of the Protocol message….and was sadly not surprised. The message was clear to me, and I blessed the ‘chosen’ knowing I was not one. We all have our ‘missions’ and to suddenly disappear from all you know and to freak out people you care about is not for the faint of heart. It is rare to be so isolated and disconnected to others to pull this off without concern.

    I have a small farm animal sanctuary and have two very frail beings that would suffer without me here….we ALL have responsibilities that could negate our eligibility at this time. And we should be at peace with this and know OUR part will come.

    To doubt a being such as Cobra is not within my ability to comprehend. That truly is the only confusion I have here…not the message nor the messenger.

    I stand for and with Cobra, and as an empath discern NO malice within him nor with his service to us all. People are freaking out so easily now as things do not seem quite the same…because things do seem slightly out of phase. Calm observation and appropriate adjustments are requisite…but are we not already prepared for this through Cobra’s teachings?????

    I do hope people will heed the request to calm down as this is a bit arduous for us all…. and for Cobra… I can only imagine the frustration. I support him 100%.

    Thank you again for this vital message. Sincerely, jeriAYA

  23. Thanks Edward Morgan for the testimony of truth concerning Cobra. And many thanks to Cobra for your selfless dedication to the cause, & for being you…

  24. Yes I saw and commented on one, of these negative reposted articles on a not particulsarly favorite site. Choosng not to address the personal attack on Cobra (not my place, never having met Cobra in past nor present), However, generally speaking, I stated that I’d trust Cobra and PFC over other sources but, I warned then, as I do now: That there are still, evil forces out there, that could, abuse this protocol, we have read of enslavement of humans offworld and such a protocal could be misused.
    I said, and I stand by my words: ‘People should trust one’s own intuition’ if such an invitation comes, ask questions, make certain of whom you follow off into a random basement somewhere or it could be the last thing one does. Any illuminati EliteScum illuminati agent “could” pose as a RM person and make such invitations too… Thus, despite having followed and posted Cobras updates for 4 years almost now, trusting Cobra as a source,, I still think asking questions and particularly following one’s inner guidance, in such an ‘invitation encounter’, is good advice to anyone, considering, the world we live.
    Yes, I’d still trust Cobra over the any other sources, and believe me, if my inner guidance said ‘go’, were I, actually extended this invitation, its very likely, I would go, because I have little to lose by ‘disappearing’ from the surface population and especially, if I am able to serve the cause of planetary liberation better by going but, thats what my inner guidance tells me.
    I am not advocating distrust of Cobra, nor distrust of any particular source or individusl or even a particular RM agent making such invitation but, that, one should, always trust their own inner guidance. I think that is the best advice anyone can give about this, again, considering the planetary forces, arrayed against us.
    Victory to the Light, Truth & Love!!

  25. Sashwat pranam dear Cobra , we always understood the love in all your messages for all beings, always. So be it . So it is with the Victory to the light. Love and only love . ( panic and fear are the words and experiences we have experienced in this world of lies from eons .what else left to be awakened then my brothers and sisters , mother has been torn into peaces with her loved ones , whole of our lives are like open book , go through the pages again , you will understand in clarity and respond like a whole human being to help and love each other more than ever. Thank you

  26. I have been very confused the last few days, i have followed Cobra’s blog, taken part in mass meditations and like every other lightworker, want to see change and planetary liberation.

    These are sad times and there is a LOT of mis-info out there. It is very easy to find yourself questioning what the truth is and unfortunately genuine authors will come under scrutiny because of what others are doing and putting out there.

    Authors post articles on their blogs often mixing obvious truth with not so obvious dis-info. It is all over the web and these people are very clever. Please do not blame individuals for questioning what they read. We must be discerning, it is unfortunately necessary in such confusing times.

    Love & Light

  27. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I never doubted about COBRA! He is a light on our way to ascension! Victory of the Light!

  28. Cobra tem nossa profunda gratidão e pensamentos iluminados. Ansiosa em poder ajudar e feliz por suas preciosas informações.

  29. Hi Edward Morgan
    Have look to this site

    this “DISINFORMATION PERSON” deleted the tweets

    I read some webs about this and and some people (admin fron one web site) claims cobra is a fraud because he uses blogspot

    We can found more references and “infected sources” but source is always the same, a twitter account

    now they started to spread fear like “if are goung to a trpa, you will be food of the reptilans” or “you will be kidnapped and tortured for this evil souls like cobra, fulford..”

    blah blah blah.. f*ng cowards, they are unable to fight against the system, rats, puppets

  30. La mayoría somos voluntarios de La Resistencia. Ya lo somos desde la superficie. Se puede contar con quienes “formamos la masa crítica”. Aterrizar yaaaaa!!!
    Edward Morgan, gracias. Somos un equipo.
    Victoria de la Luz!!!

  31. It was allready clear for me, that the source of Kabamur is to much with politics and even magic. I researched a little bit on twitter page and there is a picture of a young soldier…. hm….
    Cobra and resistance
    My heart guides me, even with the Cintamani stone, I researched and came to the same conclusion.

    Victory of the Light

  32. Edward and KP: tears of gratitude. Cobra: dito. Thank God! You’re still here, and no Alzheimer! How beautiful life can be.

  33. “During this critical time of planetary transition, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine Goddess presence and nurture qualities of love, compassion and tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet.” Source:

  34. Temos que levar em consideração que nem todos podem estar em reuniões como essas….. que o planeta está sendo manipulado por muito tempo e que as informações que nos chegam tem que ser checadas….. essa informação que foi um convite poderia sim ser falsa como vamos saber?……qual a garantia?…..estamos lidando com inimigos muito poderosos e de grande inteligênc e estão em todos os lugares do planeta levantando bandeira falsa…… Que a Luz De faça para todos e que respondam as questões levantadas sem se sentirem milindrados porque na atual circunstância não cabe melindres. Estamos num estado de exceção.

  35. Well said! Very sad that there are people out there that would twist Cobra’s message or accuse him of being something that he is not. I hope Cobra know that many of us can see through these accusations and for every bad comment or accusation there are most likely 50 people who are very grateful to him and are putting his advice into action. Xxx

  36. With deep gratitude for bringing this truth to our attention. Much disinformation is out there and we need to always trust our own Higher Self in cases like this. We are very aware of the tactics of the dark forces and this is exactly what they are trying to do here too. Please always, ONLY allow the LIGHT to bring clarity. Thank you Prepare For Change Family. Thank you Cobra and all Light Workers/Warriors. … you are deeply loved and appreciated. Victory To The Light!!!

  37. Roger that. Good to see this quick response.

    A suggestion: articles should be vetted with a few trusted others before posting to avoid this kind of confusion (if I remember correctly, this isn’t the first post that’s caused an uproar). Those folks would be tasked with catching things that are not clear or that might raise concerns which Cobra can then clarify or elaborate on. While I didn’t comment, I too read this last post and had concerns and questions.

  38. Thank you for this article, I support Cobra 100 per cent ! It seems to me that we have witnessed some wheat being sifted from the chaff ! This information was an activation for me ! And a signal to others that they still have much inner work to do ! My comment is this… i have had a life time of clairvoyant experiences and Et sightings , this gives me a knowing that what Cobra says is true ! But what about those who are operating on faith alone ? Those who have not experienced anything ‘ other worldly ‘ ?Those who are 3d and all in their head ? I can only imagine how very hard that must be ! Thank you Cobra and Prepare for Change

  39. Gracias por éste mensaje. Para quienes venimos trabajando para la Luz cerca de 40 años resulta motivador que se iniciarán los primeros contactos. Es una larga espera y eso cambiaría mucho las cosas en éste planeta. Celebró esas Conferencias en Taipei, China, con Cobra, así mismo me encantaría que hicieran más conferencias con Cobra por Europa, sería estimulante. Gracias y reciban mis bendiciones. No se preocupen por los oportunistas, que intentan desvirtuar el mensaje que debe llegar a los seres de Luz, porque resuena interiormente con las personas y por intuición se puede separar, el grano de la malesa. Les leo siempre y gracias.


  40. Thank you for the update. Cobra remains the most important voice of planetary liberation that I have ever found. We are doing important work, together we are helping to win the war. My internal guidance consistently tells me that he is telling the highest truths that I hear/feel here on the ground.

    Thank you so much Cobra for giving us good information and helping us to hold the Light and shine the Light ever brighter here until we reach the Compression Breakthrough!

    Victory of the Light!


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