The force and degree of a man’s inner benevolence evokes in others a proportionate degree of ill-will. – Gurdjieff

I first encountered knowledge of anti-awakening forces while deeply immersed in the book “The Herald of Coming Good” by famous mystic Gurdjieff.

In the book, Gurdjieff describes that there are certain forces in life called Tzvarnoharno, a word originally coined by King Solomon of Judea. Tzvarnoharno is a force that arises amongst people which lead to the destruction of anyone who tries to help humanity and results in the destruction of all their efforts.

Essentially, Gurdjieff was describing what I’ve come to encounter on my own journey many times. In psychological terms, we could say that Tzvarnoharno is a “collective unconscious force” whose first instinct is to oppose any counterforce that is attempting to wake people up.

In this article, my intention is to explore this force of anti-awakening, how they’ve arisen in different ways throughout history, and how you may experience them on your own journey.


The Gnostics, a mystical branch of Christianity, have known about anti-awakening forces for centuries and wrote about them in their work describing them as “Archons.”

Gnostics believe Archons are the servants of the Demiurge, the “creator god” that stands between the human race and experiencing divinity. This divinity can only be reached through mystical experiences which they call gnosis.

Although Archons are often depicted as hermaphrodite and alien looking creatures with an insatiable appetite for rape and violence, it’s not fear they use to prevent your transcendence, but ignorance. According to the the Gnostic Gospel of Philipthe Archonic force’s main objective is to keep humans ignorant of their divine origins beyond the physical universe.

The further I’ve ventured through my journey of growth and change, the more I’ve come to see that there’s much truth in the idea of anti-awakening forces.

The universe works in a sort of balance, a self-regulating organism in perfect harmony. Anything that tries to disturb that balance, is immediately attacked by the antibodies of the universe, the Archons.


If we take a close look through history, we’ll usually see that the work of truth seekers, mystics, and sages has often been suddenly aborted or sabotaged in different ways.

The most known example is the crucifixion of Jesus, where we can see the “collective unconscious force” at work, destroying whatever seeks to flood it with light and to flush it with darkness.

Other examples of spiritual teachers that have experienced Archonic forces are that of Socrates (who was poisoned), Sufi sage Al-Hillaj Mansoor (who was executed), and numerous other truth seekers such as Galileo, Darwin, Pasteur, the Wright brothers, and countless others who were silenced, rejected or persecuted for their messages. You will notice that to the level they challenged the status quo was the level in which they were resisted by others.

So why is it that anti-awakening Archonic forces exist in the first place?

The answer is that our collective unconsciousness is deeply attached to static ways of being because it is terrified of change. Our profound fear of change ultimately centers around our fear of waking up, because at the core of our being, we know that to embrace change means to embrace death of everything as we know it.

I’ve experienced Archonic forces all too often through my own development and teachings. Whenever I questioned something I didn’t intuitively feel was right, I was accused of being a “smart ass” or “rebellious troublemaker” by the people around me. And now, as a teacher who writes about these topics on this website, I’m often accused via emails and messages as “corrupting minds” or leading people astray. I’ve even observed it in fellow teachers, where their students will sabotage their own communities and missions by arguing over petty things like the “right” interpretation of the teachings.

An interesting way I like to think about these anti-awakening forces is that we’re all standing on the edge of the abyss that is Truth. Yet each of us is closing our eyes, looking ahead and clinging tightly to anything that we hold on to as “truth,” whether a belief, an identity or a desire. Any time our eyes open and take a fleeting glimpse of the abyss of Truth, we are instantly filled with fear and the desire to return to ignorance again because of its “safety.”

Deep down, we know in our hearts that this abyss of Truth represents a spiritual death and the requirement for us to surrender all that we believe to be true. Mostly, this abyss of Truth requires us to surrender our ego identification and enter into the process of ego death. In our spiritual journeys, our egos are the strongest Archon forces we’ll ever encounter. Our egos are almost endlessly creative in their way of surviving and corrupting our every attempt to be free. The ego won’t hesitate to sabotage any legitimate attempt to move in the direction of Light or Truth. And it does so out of intense fear.


All of those who are on the path in search for truth and enlightenment may nevertheless carry within themselves a side that is actually opposed to the experience of wholeness. How could there not be this side within us? For the ego, the search for truth is a self-destruct button.

Facing the Archons within us and without us can feel like a constant battle. These anti-awakening forces may present themselves as people who have no interest in supporting us, betraying us, belittling us, tempting us, and gaslighting us.

Psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, described how humanity since the dawn of time has been affected by what he calls the Emotional Plague; the pain we repeatedly suppress throughout our lives and which prevents us from finding our wholeness. When we do encounter a natural, authentic person, we feel threatened by them and want to destroy or criticize them in some way. Have you ever experienced this feeling?

More insidious, however, than external Archons are the anti-awakening forces within our own minds.

In the novel Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett, a demon called Crowley explains how traffic jams and phone service outages are far more effective in damning Souls than the once popular possessions and temptations. To keep us constantly frustrated and eternally restless is the new way Archonic forces are crushing our human spirits.

Perhaps that’s why possessions and encounters with “evil spirits” have diminished over the years. Who has time for them? Between app updates, endless fast food options, Netflix, ordering items from eBay, and the eternal endless stream of content on the internet, who has the time or energy for waking up?

The denser our egocentric tendencies become, the less we’ll search for change in any real way, and the further we’ll run from cultivating the freedom and responsibility that accompanies awakening to our higher potential.

So how can we prevent these anti-awakening forces from dragging us down into the darkness of unconsciousness? Here are some recommendations:

  • Stop distracting yourself with external sources of “happiness” to avoid your inner emptiness and restlessness.
  • Meet your unhappiness and emotional suffering with an open heart  
  • Be mindful and honest about the obstacles in your life (such as avoiding change)
  • Take responsibility for your happinessand wellbeing (because no one else will)
  • Instead of chasing happiness,search the darkness and you will uncover the Light.

Self-responsibility and the desire for truth are our greatest allies when it comes to overcoming the forces of anti-awakening. When there is an absence of love and understanding, Archons thrive.

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  1. There is a phenomenon that I’ve experienced that I like to label “Synchronistic Sabotage” – for example, there maybe a group of people in a room with me and I become aware of something weird going on that they may not be consciously of (awake to) and the moment that I move toward one of them and open my mouth to say something about it, that’s the instant that some jolting event happens that seems to have the intent behind it to both create a massive distraction and memory loss – about what I was just about to inform them of. Ex. The phone rings and it’s about some kind of crisis. Or someone rushes in with some crazy drama. Or something breaks or explodes causing massive frustration and distraction.

    • Fuck thats whats been happening to me. If I do not act/say what was relevant at the time, the theorys gone out my mind. This happens without any interuptions such as phones, breakages etc.
      Today it seems my cognition has deterioated like I have dementia or something. This only happened after the synchs I was randomly getting.

  2. About 2 years ago, I bought a Nikon P900 .. my life became unhinged.. I took photos and got alien woman or reptilian woman with a crown.. then the visions started.. they have become a nightmare in my home.. They have power of the Skies.. and sight.. I have seen an armada of cloaked alien ships that filled the skies.. then I had 3 Beings stand up in the SUN in front of my Camera….last 2 huge ships… with giants… that are on the ships.. on the back of the ship was called the Magician.. how grabbed the top of the sun and put it on the ship to power the SHIP AND WEAPON.. I have seen this.. and then I got to know the CLOUD BEINGS.. as they are a higher realm world.. Anyway, I have 3 Archons in my home and MUST GET RID OF THIS WORLD… HOW DO I DO THIS??? I am a musician and just finished my Album.. “ASCENDED MAN”.. go to or my youtube site….”Scott howard” or “Veil Thinning”. I NEED HELP… THANK YOU…[email protected]

    • Dear Howard,
      Thank you for your comment on Prepare for Change
      I know and can understand your feeling, You woke up your interdimentional view, that is the reason you are seeing all those things.
      I would like to talk with you about it; send me an email to [email protected] and can explain you, whats going on.
      I can put you in contact with more people who have the same situation of your at this time.
      Thank you and I will waiting for your response.

  3. Incredible article…thank you! I am currently working to help a very small group of people awaken and remember their Being (authentically). I have never met so much resistance to my own transformation and subsequent need to drop off social media, leave an area of crazy traffic and noise! Constant push-back by those determined to trudge through the illusion.

  4. Please join this group in order to spread awareness on human trafficking and paedophilia

    Share this group all over the internet,add your friends,we are motivated by horrors like this

    Trying to steal a small child in broad daylight! This is in the uk! Share share share was only a few days ago

  5. This is all interesting and somewhat elucidating. I think people should know the origin according to the Gnostics, nicknamed Gnostics by Christians who wanted to eradicate what they taught and the individual teachers. It’s been well described by John Lamb Lash in his book, Not In His Image annosd later texts.
    The archons are an unexpected result by immersion into the physical realm by one of the gods/Aeons in the galactic center who created the human experiment. The Gnostics called her Sophia. She was so in love with her creation of the human seed that she couldn’t resist going with it out into the denser outer arms of the galaxy. One could call this an anomaly since no Aeon had left the galactic center this before. The archons are non-organic and can’t live on Earth, the embodiment of the Aeon Sophia. The archons are envious of humans and envy the divine connection between Sophia and humanity, which the lack, and have one goal – the destruction of humanity.
    They can’t interfere directly but only by deceptive means. They lack our divine creativity and want to destroy humanity by making us focus on the outer world, just as your article describes.
    John Lamb Lash believes that Sophia has become awake in her dream and will work together with humanity to disable archontic influence. Archontic influence is exerted via the rulers in our present world, often unbeknown to those who serve the archons. The outcome depends on human cooperation. You can read more here

  6. How did the Archonic forces attack these people? “Galileo, Darwin, Pasteur, the Wright brothers” I enjoy your point of view. Thank you.


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