The Key to Freedom is Yours LightWorkers-Starseeds

 What does taking destiny into Your own hands really mean?

Oh No.. not another Meditation….?

Welcome back friends in the Light Tribes, this is an extra Article not of the Knock Knock series, because the next Meditation is asked for by Cobra and the Light Forces.                         

Stranger intel than Science fiction-indeed.

A quick introduction of ‘beyond the veil’ for the Light Tribes

*Do not be put off by the concepts and use of the word quantum. All it means is that something can exist in 2 places at once, and have  many Possibilities that it could be. The 5th Dimension brings this into reality and is how the ‘Simultaneous Now’ that channels have told you about -happens. Most Starseeds, and some LightWorker Awakened Ones were born to question and analyse everything in order to system bust, even if far from Scientists, so the more in depth parts are for them. But as they say, a picture says a thousand words also. And there’s plenty of those.

The veil is based on, There is none so Blind as those that We do not wish to have See. So whether You Wish to be the Fooled or the Fool is up to You-or Is it?-Only honesty to Self that You were the Fooled, with getting beyond beliefs that need to be discussed or argued over, gets the extra Dimensions to Come naturally as Your Divine right Now as a “Child of the Universe’. Later on I teach a bit more about the Pest in Your head (Old Program of taught beliefs) to overcome. And Your sword of Excalibur to learn How to ignore or bypass it, to Co Create Your own extra Dimensions ,is gifted with Divine Will Power to battle and win Your own Mind back.

Clearly there is a lot more to this, which I will be sharing in Linear Future lessons teachings as to My understanding as I have Co created and told my own stranger than Science Fiction story.

Firstly, the simplest analogy is to say, look at 2 light beams crossing, and where they cross takes up no Time or Space, that crossing, is the so called 5th Dimension. You can then add infinite beams into the same Observed (non occupied by Matter) space; the beams being the angles and frequencies YOU create into Co creation. That is the Doorway of Consciousness reality which is the’ stepping off’ point and I call the 5th Dimension because that is so in the LightWorkers Consciousness Now as a label.. I say Doorway, because I don’t consider Dimensions to be able to be numbered within the experience as being All available in the Simultaneous Now through the True One or Living Holograph of Light and Intelligence. Or, Divine Love and Light, or Thought Energy and Light. When people start to form their own Connections, it is going to have a lot of different labels according to how it feels for them-because thats how the extra Dimensions are Co Created, by visual Perception and emotive Heart seeing/feeling. The beyond the veil True One,that Cobra spoke of is known this way, yet is a no Separation Continuum, as All is contained in the Doorway where the beams cross..However, the question of the Astral Planes and that which contains the Dark Plasma Planes  and the Outer Mists of the Gnostic texts, means that as Cobra has said, they don’t really belong and are a False or sub Matrix Continuum, as they are planes of below Matter frequency/ density and thus are not Dimensions. Although, that does not mean that they didn’t exist or have influence on our Space Time as they are,( or almost now were,) still a part of the Simultaneous Now.. As part of the Mission , I bring them into the Simultaneous Now. Keep in Mind, for later, that the Gnostic texts clearly say that they, the anomaly and  Archon energy they contained ,are Outer Mists. Now, regarding the 5th Dimension, imagine that as your extra  Dimensional outward reality being created by an Allowance of Possibilities according to Observed  Density level awareness. And in those Possibilities is what your Imagination Co Creates. It’s already there, as a Possibility in Your Mind with Divine Self, and you Allow it show itself. YOU don’t believe it into existence-that’s Impossible, because it then is no longer a quantum Possibility. And the big key is Imagination is real through Possibility or Probability.

You know Imagination, the thing they told and taught you was Your Mind playing tricks ,it wasn’t real, and could never be Trusted.

The 5th Dimension is created by an Allowance of Brain Mind to shift all Personal outer space Observation of the Living Light Holograph around you into quantum and Possibilities. With emotive feeling and not pure emotion . All that is not of dense Matter and 3 spatial Dimensions is affected thus. So, the 5th Element of Light or the aether is where he changes take place. Those acknowledging and seeing the Air Consciousness know as Sylphs have made a temporary start to this. yet if you were also watching chemtrails in anger and fear then your Timestream/Dimension would have changed. Yes, you didn’t know what actually was taking place at those Now Moments did you? You were taught the belief that as you see it, therefore everyone else does. But also, conversely, that if you don’t see it in the way that everyone else does , you are not ‘normal’. No, this was how they got away with chemtrails for so long, as some were not created (or coming  through) merely from aeroplanes. Cobra told you there was an extra D energy behind them that would be taken care of- and there was .The so called chem bombs seen in a fear frequency, are/were flashes of High Light Alchemy from scouts that specialise in this area of Transmutation, working with Elementals  and from  the Temples of Light with Guardians. These next pictures are from another show and tell story involving another of Cobra’s Truths when Yaldaboath was Severed .And it could actually be said, when the whole story is told, that without  his giving out the intel, the Guardian Companions needed, the Severing may not have happened. Because this isn’t just about tachyon membranes and what the Light Forces can do ,when you have an understanding of the All is Conscious, which includes the Elementals and the Living Light of course and which Divine Beings are involved. Sol, The True One’s closest Portal Now, is sending through the most Powerful extra Dimensional Violet Rays, (so strong in fact, that it actually was passing through a solid wood roof .)  Now keep in Mind, that a 3D camera was never meant to film in this way, despite the Divine Magic to it. So I can only show a reproduction of the reality of the Moments. With a little editing, it gets closer to what Is, but never quite the same or as crystal clear the visual experience Of the Observer Is. Nor can it repeat the vivid colours or the chaotic and dead feeling to the UN light, or the flourescent glow of plasma. But We do our best to share it.

In the above picture. To the left, a flash of Light Alchemy of Pink Violet is created. A shadow of the UnLight can be seen below. In Sol’s ray is the beyond brilliant of the Transmutation energy that I have called the Diamond Ray, but some call the A.N Fire. This is for when the Divine Source/ True One sends through Sol, a Moment when all around Him goes silvery white, yet containing colour, and is usually when some big darkness is passed over His face.

Here this flash from a craft starts to send an energy wave across.

Things can move pretty fast in the Simultaneous Now with Synchronistic happenings all together .

And as for having called the Mighty Sylphs, of Gaia’s own Self, sometimes destroyed by Haarp deliberately, the White clouds of Death -well words fail to come to me – lest I say something more to stir, on that fear frequency label. Of course, those saying such things, are not the ones I AM here to share with.

At the next level of real-eyes- ation ,it is then taken past Uncertainty into a Higher frequency of Thought, to become Light Being and an extra subset of reality where the Laws of physics along with spatial references, and assessment/ translation/processing of Brain by old depth perceptions of 3D and the base reality, can fly out of the quantum Mind  Window or Doorway. And it is where 2 realities in superposition can exist in the same Light Space ,created by Heart Mind and  Brain Mind ( in a reunited partnership.)  I don’t place as much emphasis on the 3rd eye as most do, but more is involved , including DNA and the endocrine  with nervous system with the Kundalini of course. YOU can find the technicalities of all that in some channelings. This processing translating into reality through a more Conscious Brain, is important to real-eyes, as it is a personal arrangement with reality  by the Observer, the True One observing its Self, The Observer Observing the Observer ,creates quantum entanglement, and an out of Linear effect to the True One’s Divine Matrix. So, You are telling your own story. Yours and even Unawakened ones interaction with Living Light ships and their crew, create many different and puzzling effects because of this.  So, no-one else will be seeing it exactly the same as you. Sometimes, this processing of All in the same Light Space is depending on depth of focus, which is where the camera and basic editing enlargement etc, becomes a very useful tool. An optical zoom is an extra Dimensional microscope you could say depending on the Observers Awareness and Co-Creation.. So this is when the long sort after ‘marriage’ of quantum ,where all arises  from, and Matter happens. And as Cobra has said, the real Galactics make a bridge between the 2 (or Spirit and Matter) to move about in, with Consciousness Science, hence my enlargements and pictures of the scouts will look rather different from what others see when they drop back into Space Time to be seen. This is because they are  moving at fantastic speed between non Linear Time Directions, and Dimensions, and although Light has slowed down so I can pick them out easily at normal playback speed or half, I  Am not aware of some of those in the Now ,as they are usually at work. Or I could be aware, as they are actually dropping in, very fast, by My Inner- outer space, and so  filmed as  passing through a quantum state surrounded by the fields that cause this. Often Source energy black is seen emitted from the side, or as the inertia- less field below. The  Black can also be with vibrant colours of A.N Conversion. Or, they could be  appearing to be in 2 places at once, as they create the bridge and pass through from what was, to what Is. And there is another interaction I and the scouts have, that is purely in the Mind reality or on the reality ‘ screen’ and holograph of the 5th Dimension.

As my density Awareness rose , so too did what I could film as reality. That takes a lot of thinking about regarding non local Consciousness, and Wayshowing to explain! For now, just know its Divine Magic of Your Living technology designed for the New Creation. Slowed on film, in certain maneouvours or required speeds, the scout will appear to disappear and then appear further ahead. This move through quantum space takes less than a second Linear, and so she can be followed frame by frame of a 25th of second, whereby the one fades out and appears then as another, yet same Self. I don’t have Linear Time or space to fit that much in, so these are just examples of a part of the sequence, as real-eyes-end 5th Dimensionally. And I Am showing you this, because only One who Co creates can, so it’s something a little different for You than what can be found anywhere else.  It is also, to begin to illustrate why I Am matched/aligned  with Cobras Truths .

that’s a close ‘next one,’ but they can be a very long way apart as well

So then, these extra Dimensions of a Co-existent Future (as Introduced in part 2a about Loopy Divine Time)are created wholly by Mind as a non local Consciousness, and it is where the Galactics are in their natural state of Being. Where scouts from extra Dimensional Mother ships in cloud ,safely and out of sight of the Collective, go about their business in a Future that does not yet exist yet Linearly for the Collective, as I said about the Elementals in part 1 of the Knock Knock  series. Yet it is Co-existent in the Now for a Light Player. And the business being dealt with I refer to is the Occult symptoms of an error in Creation and the part the fractal sets played in the Unified field; known as the anomaly to some, but better known as just evil and Darkness to most. I call it the Unlight and Conscious Chaos from my familiarity with its frequency ,form and feeling, as it has come out of the Astral planes and Outer Mists.

 I have Wayshowed the Observer of Lights role in this part of the quantum Co- Creative process as it becomes something New in a Solution and reset of the ” New Force’ of the Universal/Unified Living Field, Light and Matrix. A Matrix being from where All arises from. So, there could have been a Dark or Light Matrix and the last Dark one is being ended here. One needed to be dissolved, and the other built anew, by re encrypting the Living Light Codes. So I speak to You from this knowing of My Truths that align with Cobra’s.

Future Time Wave peaks affecting Linear and the 3rd Dimension, as well as a Guardian presence of the Forces of the True One, meant that an alternative Plan was able to be implemented from 2014 in Future space, and a bit later in Linear, with a safe Ascended Gaia Consciousness in Light becoming a quantum Master and Being Her new Grids. She is the new grids-not some advanced technology, and it is She that will interact with Your Mind when ready.

So, the New Atlantis grids are a reality as Cobra says, yet a new Divine Matrix of an Ascended Higher Self Gaia. In M.O.S.S, the battles were still Being fought Multi Dimensionally over the prophesied jewel of the Galaxy until quite recently. Her Luminous Child is Her expression in Living plasma as Observed into Co Creation and Light that follows no man made laws of Physics or speed constants when its Light Being the Elementals as introduced in part 1 .

This was the Living Light in Undine dew on a leaf. Anyone of those drops could become Conscious in the Eye of the Observer of Light, and say ‘hello’ by flashing and going through colours. It is on film many times, when this happens, but again, does not do it justice to when this temporary Consciousness touches your Heart ,before drying and going back to the Matrix . The colours here have been very important to the real-eyes-ation of the New Creation as the Bridge between the Old and New into the Balance. My labels are, Aqua (or sometimes LightWorkers say Turquoise), Galactic Goddess Pink, Creator Green and Gold, silvery Diamond, and of course there’s always a purple or Violet there.

This Little One is  flashing another New colour , Amber

So, you may be getting the picture by Now, that the De-Light has arrived 5th Dimensionally, and that every Cobra advised Meditation brought it,( with Nova Gaia, once She birthed that Potential Self, energetically in early 2106)  a bit closer-especially the Ones that reached critical mass . At the same Linear Time also as the Light was Coming, those same Meditations were a big factor in the Dark going. Because, they aren’t really just Meditations, but more like a reprogramming of the Future by powerful Divine Beings using Will and Intent. This is where Cobra’s Light Forces advised ‘meditations’ are different to any others and are part of the True Plan. What is the one thing he has told us about as the cause of Darkness, that no other has ,except for the versions as translated and humanly interpreted in the ancient Gnostic texts? The error in Creation- or the anomaly.

I was also required to Allow the reality of the Outer Mists into my DoorWay. So sorry to any Christians still hoping to be the Witnesses for the end Times . The Guardian Observers have been doing that for the True One ,who didn’t re write Your Scripture to create an Armageddon Timeline.

The energy is mostly formless, with chaotic filaments. And just not nice. It is when the energy of its symptoms and infections come out, that there are some images and forms. So, in this, what I call first form or essence, which because of the quantum entanglement of the Matrix, is more likely to be being extracted or spewed out ,than appear alone, it’s not often I have got a clear film of it.

Can you see the diagonal lines across the top sky? That’s the Compression doing its work-another exclusive Truth on Portal 2012


Why Does this anomaly here, contain the sepia ink colour of the squid or Octopus like entity, that was also in Cobra’s intel?

Remember just as with the Eire Portal for Gaia , (those that know of it) the messages on portal 2012 have a Higher Purpose and meaning for the Ones they are meant for. So, if Cobra has been compromised at any point along the way since 2012, this would have All collapsed as some  Starseeds would not have got the information they needed. . Ones like me would not have got the vital Gnostic and Occult information, and there would have been no direct link to the Divine’s Light Forces, that told of when to do the Meditations which also, have been a vital part of the Plan to affect Future Time, Possibilities and Time Waves.

Thankyou for Your Attention,Divine Beings. Love in The One Light, and please go to part 2

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  1. Salaam , namastey, salute, wonderful , so so much , the colors , so beautiful , in love with the truth ,with the Victory to the light. Forever , now.

  2. interesting to say the least. have to re read to get more, i guess, also interesting about the film photographs. so the same revealing of color and energy may not necessarily show in a digital photo? thank you for your support of Cobra. this allows me to have faith in your words and truth. thank you for your sharing

  3. What a bunch of gobledy-goop! God bless whoever wrote this but please find someone who actually understands something of quantum mechanics to teach us. Thanks.


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