By Soren Dreier

One of the most powerful forces in spirituality is that it is a quest of debunking and understanding our individual relationship to what each of us sees as Celestial. Some like Big Religion, some like New Age, some like the dark side.

The question of debunking and understanding often is inspired by others’ findings and interpretations. That opens the door to “the following” of either the Bible, the Guru, or the yoga instructor. The problem is that “following” doesn’t give us a mind of our own. Following our inner voice does.

In order to follow our inner voice of perception of the Celestial, we eventually have to break free.
In order to break free, we have to step out of whatever programming we feel we were trapped in, see it for what it is, and walk away. We have to weaponize ourselves in order to do that, be ready to fight for our freedom and hold on to the thought and feel of: Being a spiritual warrior, which somehow sounds like an empty phrase unless we really understand the concept of Warriorhood.

At the beginning of our individual journey, the concept of warriorhood is often seen as fighting on the outside, when it should essentially be seen as an internal affair. I can put it this way: “No need to save all others – if you can’t save yourself.”

During our individual journey through the ages, we have all been into boxed-in Religion. Maybe we were true believers or we did it out of fear. The punishment for introducing or living a life of free spirituality and our own discoveries and personal relationship to the Celestial would historically have put us in great danger, and still does. Being a “disbeliever” in Big Religion is deadly in rather a huge part of this world. In the space left, it is still suicide as goes for people’s social life, work life, and such.

What to say to that, other than: Every interpretation of the Celestial that embeds scaring people out of their wits is: self-exposing. It is so powerful that it openly has the concepts of fear and love very badly confused. It is easy to see that from the outside – it is very hard (and dangerous) to see from the inside of it. The truth of that is hidden in plain sight.

We have through the ages lived enough inside these prisons of “spirituality” and have reached a point of breaking free.

The weapon to reach for here is: I cannot anymore endorse and live my life in a prison that is fear based, suppressing whatever creative or original thought we have on the Celestial. My little soul just can’t take it anymore. There must be another way. And there is: It is called sacrifice and very few people, if any, will take that road just for the sake or experience of it.

We take it when we cannot go further and evolve any more within it, when the bars of the prison start to materialize in front of our very eyes.

Metaphysically: When we cannot ignore the calling of what is in our deepest of inner space. Our soul wants out, both on the inside of our being and our soul wants out of the external prison enforced by some external concept of religion or inside a New Age cult, Scientology, or whatever.

People often take that road: They switch the obvious prison for a more transparent one. Fear is their weapon of choice – there is so much danger outside the prison so the only way to feel safe is to stay in it. It is like being caught between a rock and a hard place. And still: The only way out is: Out. And it’s a hard, hard journey.

However, the big problem is – that if we know it, if we know we are caught up in this and we do not act upon it – it will eat us up inside, since we’re going against our own wisdom, which we know we have found, and we’re not being manipulated anymore by somebody else’s power trip, mistaken for wisdom whether it be the Pope, the Mullahs, or a New Age personality.

Seems like we have: Religion and mainstream New Age confused with spirituality and maybe we need to talk about it that way. Divide it for a bit and then return to unity in order to get our minds straight and our compass set. A compass is worth nothing as a device to measure the corners of this world if it doesn’t have a True North.

When we find that True North in a self-discovering, self-referring spirituality, we cannot abandon it. It becomes our most precious finding through times of agony, self-blame, social isolation, target for far away laughter, blood, sweat, and tears: Warrior and very often a benevolent warrior who knows when it’s time to take on a battle or to walk away. We have to distinguish fighting for what is right and right fighting.

When we find that True North, we start to become multi directional because now we know where our true home is.
We can unfold our tallest of branches since we will always know our roots. Our source of true nourishment.

We are seen as Weaponized and enemies of the powers that be. Obviously, in the spiritual framework, we are disengaging but also the Mundane Control System. When we chose to break our spiritual chains and mostly not to be afraid of the Celestial punishment narrative, since there is no such thing, our eyes will stray and soon fix on The Matrix.

A part of the reason is that we see the same oppression mirrored in it and which comes first is somehow very much like discussing what came first; the Chicken or the Egg. In my experience, it doesn’t matter and it’s an intellectual waste of energy to go into that simply because something in us has shifted.

The inner Alchemy, the Metaphysical journey here is: The merging of thought and feel. It is the hallmark of the Mystic and if you have set out on this journey, well you are a Mystic in a sense that you started listening to the feel of what is wrong and bypass the intellectual deduction of it. And still it is a double sided coin, because it doesn’t come overnight – it might take lifetimes, it might take a year, how long it takes is not important – the listening to it: Is all that is important now.

This is where the spiritual debunking of the celestial meets the spiritual debunking of the world we are in. That’s when the powers that be will see you as Weaponized, because you do not throw either Bible quotes at them nor Spiritual surface-based narratives.

We start to embody what we each see as right or wrong, since the option of abandoning our True North is not an option anymore. That is so important to understand and to administer the right way; both being an empath and confrontational. We are told they are opposites. That is false.

In order to see that we have to frame: Confrontational right.

A confrontational understood right is not giving in no more. It is not necessarily conflict seeking from your perspective. Your not endorsing the ”spirituality” of following anymore is seen by The Matrix as confrontational, so it will often force us into that room until we find out: Oops: I am reacting instead of Acting.

Reacting here as in being fooled and snared by effectual behavior.

Effectual Behavior is when we act by default to others’ manipulation of us. We act the way they predict. We´re being played. They know which buttons to push to make us lose our inner calm. Going though that also takes some time, but know, dear pilgrim, if you are there it will stop. The brake on this is to see it and we cannot see it if we identify with the emotions stirred up. We can only see it if we step back and observe the mechanics.

In that vortex of personal evolution, an outside person who has fought these battles can be of great benefit. And here we still have to watch out for not following but use the knowledge to speed up our journey.

We cannot get out of a prison by asking the warden for the keys. Simple.

We will meet the The Matrix narrative when we disengage with: Death, Suffering, War as we can see every day in the headlines. Just on a personal scale now. We will meet the spiritual narrative when we disengage with: Death, Suffering, War. As so many experiences. And the zealots and people with hive minds (mentality) will start up their: Effectual Behavior war on you. It is so blatantly a joke that is very hard to laugh at, but traveling down your path – will give you the strength to do that.

Rule of engagement: Do not be a sitting duck here – the forces you are up against are much stronger than you up to a certain point. Keep an eye on your buttons because they can push and shut them down one by one. Fear, fear of social exclusion, fear of being an outcast, fear that you are even right or entitled to break free.

Entitled is a tricky word, since genuine spirituality is exactly the opposite.

Purpose and destiny are better terms, since once our Consciousness breaks free, we cannot stop it without feeling a deep, deep loss inside of ourselves and to disengage what’s in our soul is the biggest fall inside we will ever encounter.

The first steps in all this is to: Proceed on what we know and that is connected to sacrifice, which actually doesn’t seem like a sacrifice from the inside, but a synchronicity between the intellect and the feel (heart).

It can be very basic and that is where we need to start fixing ourselves and then Inspire the collective by example and not by preaching and pointing to Celestial punishment if they don’t agree. We have to pull on the humbleness that’s embedded in: Our truth is not necessarily anybody’s truth and we have no ambition to pull people into a room of “My way or the Highway.” That is still a power trip and has no walk within the soul.

Very basic: If we know about factory farming and our hearts say, treating animals this way is wrong on so many levels, there is a choice to be made. Also because of the Mind, Spirit, Body connection we all have – we will get sick.

Either we proceed and bypass what we know and feel out of conformity or we ”vote” with our action, which is not taking it to the streets before we eliminate factory farming from our lives. Some find alternatives in eco-friendly and free farming. Some go veggie.

Personally, I would rather be with a happy meat eater than a grumpy veggie. The grumpy veggie is “self-sacrificing” as in self-victimizing. So, it is false. We follow the callings within our hearts with great joy, since as soon as we set out to do so, we will find: That it is Self-Empowering and not to make a sordid show off.

If we are in a degrading relationship and the inner voice of: “I will not be treated this way – I will not be belittled or degraded” grows steadfast, staying will make us physically and emotionally sick due to the difference in resonance in the freedom we can see in our Heart, the need to be loved right and the need to love right.

We will often welcome the help of others in that process to pull the courage needed. Rarely do we say goodbye to one person – often we say goodbye to the social fabric of our lives.

This is when we know who our friends really are, also since people in our circles maybe are not in a very good relationship themselves and our breaking free will tell them: You can do the same, you knew. They will need to push that feeling away and target you: No one here gets out alive. Once you are in, you are in for good. Same mechanic as in Cults.

All choices seen from a perspective of the soul suddenly becomes imperative and lead to the profoundness in:

Talking the talk and doing the walk, because it will define: Are who we say we are or are we lying, mostly to ourselves while pulling a blanket of deception on our surroundings. The courage to stand by our more soulful insights and put them into action, however inconvenient simply becomes a must.

Metaphysically, that is highly transforming and is seen as an initiation process into the mysteries of the soul and we will transcend our Ego when the last branch of falsehood is cut down. When the last branch of falsehood is cut down, we will experience that our inner energy/life force will focus on the flowers of our being and not get clogged into a self-dishonest numbness because we cannot handle and act upon our own truth.

Right now society is hyped up on the narrative of Political Correctness, which opens a portal of self-censorship. That is another soulful choice to keep saying what is in our hearts or to cave in out of fear of being judged.

I have said before: When the framework of society goes against the truth in our souls, we have no choice but to become an outlaw. And suddenly these ”small” choices I have pointed to seem uninteresting or not that important, but we have to pay attention and act on the minor issues and become honest in that, for then the bigger picture will show and the bigger issues will unveil themselves and the choices we make will either empower us or disempower us.

The true gift here is that if we can go with our inner values and set them free, then the empowerment we will feel is really all worth it, since it will start an inner alchemistic process and do wonders to the growth of our soul. At the same time, our surroundings, the thought and feel police, will do everything to tell us that we are wrong and we really just should fall back into the line of the comfortably numb.

There are a lot of examples and we all are at different places in what we know is bad for us and still we do it. I am sure you have tried this and also know what is next on the practical to-do list, whether it’s the big collective picture or in your life.

When we spot it – we got it and the freedom of choice sets in.

What is really corrupting and the sure architecture of feeling disempowered, depressed, hopeless often lies in the knowing and not doing. Life is a precious flower that should not be taken for granted or postponed.

Think it’s meant to be lived in accordance to our findings on our journey towards our souls, the deal breakers we all have and the ability not to comply on these very precious insights we all have, when our soul opens its windows wide and calls to us across our inner skies.

We can close the window and ignore its calling.

Muffled sound is all that we hear then.

You can learn more at: Soren Dreier

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  1. Acts 4:10-12 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


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