Marcus Aurelius Meditations

Suggested information from a valuable reader and contributor: Prologue: “This book was not written to publish because Marcus wrote this to motivate himself and write his own philosophies. He used to write one passage, before he went to bed. This book is originally written in Latin. It is a piece of Stoic literature. Accepting life … Read more

Mercury Is Out Of Retrograde: How Will The Zodiac Signs Deal With The ‘Direct’ Energies?

From Mercury has been in Retrograde since 13th October, and we can surely feel the energy. On the 3rd, it finally turned Direct, bringing us some relief from all the delays and miscommunications. With Mercury staying Direct for the rest of the year, this is our time to take the lessons we learned during … Read more


Source: It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are using the opportunity of the powerful Jupiter … Read more

A Short Message to the Surface Population – Cobra Update

Source: Many people are worried about the outcome of the US election. Light Forces have communicated that whoever becomes the president, it will not influence the overall plan for the planetary liberation. They have also asked people to release the emotional attachment and emotional investment in the outcome of this election, as generated energy of … Read more

Final Battle Update Part 2 & Mass Meditation 11-11

Source: Cobra Update Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). The only Dracos remaining now are those physical and non-physical Dracos who are directly employed as servants to the Chimera, and the naturalized Dracos who mainly came to planet Earth more than 25,000 years … Read more

A Short Message to the Surface Population

Source: Cobra Update Time frame between September 19th and October 4th was the moment of peak darkness for the surface of this planet. There were absolutely brutal attacks on many of the key Lightworkers and Ligthwarriors that sometimes led to physical consequences. On the global scale, there was also an outbreak of war between … Read more

A Short Message to the Surface Population – Mass Meditations Needed

Source: Cobra Update There were some drastic military escalations behind the scenes a few hours ago, and there is now a full scale war going on between the Galactic Confederation and the Draco fleet in sublunar space, and a full scale war between the Resistance Movement and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex in the underground … Read more

Cobra Update: Progress Report

Our meditations have managed to somewhat stabilize the positive path towards the Event. A few days before exact Eris-Pluto heliocentric square meditation on August 31st, cloudships and rare multiple rainbows appeared in Taiwan: The Solar System beyond Lunar orbit is already entering the Age of Aquarius as last vestiges of primary anomaly are being removed … Read more

God has Spoken

Our world is changing. Can you feel it? By Merrilee of Solana, While some are still caught in their slumber thinking they’re awake, others are dressed and ready to party. The old paradigm of corruption, lies, deception, demonic plans, pain, and suffering plays in the background as some continue to give it energy keeping the … Read more

Your Horoscope For The Rest Of The Insane 2020 Has Finally Arrived

By consciousreminder: While the calendar says we are just about halfway through the year, the drastic energy shifts and changes we have experienced already makes us think otherwise. This long year has many more potent cosmic events lined up for us, which will bring various surprises for us. Stop wondering and read on to know … Read more