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Prepare For Change sat with Lorie Ladd on August 8, 2019, and talked about her personal awakening, how she communicates and gets information from her collective consciousness beings, Mother Earth’s creation and history, and the influence and state of the Reptilian and Annunaki races. As usual, she provides her unique perspective on our higher selves, our energy and frequency process, and how to connect and experience the light beings that surround us. She also gives us a glimpse of what will be in her nearly finished first book which is yet to be titled.

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  1. Those higher dimensional beings commingled their dna with the animal realm!

    Those ‘Sons of God’ came unto the ‘Daughters of Men’. This is how those higher consciousness beings lowered their frequencies into the animal realm. This was no accident – it was through divine purpose.

    Earth humans dna with their emotional makeup are the ‘savior race’ of the universe.

    We are the solution to billions of years of fighting in the universe. Through the compassion developed through human emotion, other galactic races are able to incarnate into human bodies and develop the compassion necessary to bring peace to the universe!

  2. Earth is a first through fourth dimensional environment….not just third.

    The first is the elemental realm – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether
    The second is the plant and animal
    The third is most humans
    The fourth is astral – disembodied spirits. Some humans can see into the astral.

    Humans are composed of all of these.


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