Dolores Cannon’s seminal work the Three Waves of Volunteers explains the reasons for Starseed intervention. The first wave came after 1945, the baby boomers. The starseed traveller volunteer program was birthed long before earth’s linear 1945. In quantum time the destruction, trauma and travesties of nuclear warfare echoed across all dimensional fields. Our galaxy’s astral belt is the remnants of previous civilisation who destroyed themselves and their planet in nuclear warfare. The last devil’s playground, apocalyptic cycles, time tripping, dimensional veils burning. Gaia also left clues, her indigenous people peppering the planet’s surface in standing stones, monoliths of truth, remnants of ascended communities, crumbs our allies followed to piece it altogether. The first wave, the baby boomers, arrived on mass. Starseed often arrive as unexpected babies, born to older mothers or parents who were previously unable to have children. This first wave birthed the beatnik hippie peace and love movement of the 60s. Feminism was put on the global agenda as was personal freedom and love not war algorithms were seeded. The second wave were born in the 70s and 80s, young adults who birthed the Love rave generation, a second movement vibrating on Peace frequencies. Both movements used recreational drugs, derivatives of Gaia’s goodness, to open their minds and raise their vibrations. Both movements were stifled, nuked by media brain washing and political, legal, main-streaming cultural counter attacks. Many believe the assassination of JFK killed the truth movement in the US. In the UK Big Brother’s Criminal Justice Act has been stifling the 80s Love generation ever since. The Third Wave came through as millennials, growing up and Waking up the world with their high vibration rhetoric.

Walk Ins are Volunteers who elected to arrive rather than be birthed, to Walk In to a body when the soul of that child leaves. We chose our bloodlines. We chose specific families to clear them of attachments, curses and break negative ancestral behaviour and thought cycles. Unfortunately, many of us were discovered and attachments were used to target us as we jumped. Many of us have had handlers present since childhood seeking to disable our high frequencies and prevent us carrying out our Mission. Not all of us made it, enough did. Advantages of being a walk in rather than birthed is we retain more pre human lifetime memory. We implemented better stealth mode due to arriving in a fully formed communicative state. Most of us are part of traveller teams working on alternate dimensional frequencies to destabilise the matrix from the inside. All volunteers have infiltrated the infiltrators, this was our job. Our very presence on Gaia’s material plane ensures a raising of the vibratory temperature in alignment with Gaia’s ascension. Without the presence of starseed on the physical plane Gaia’s ascension would likely have left most of humanity behind trapped in engineered hell dimensions of post apocalyptic proportion. These dimensions exist, they’re just hugely underpopulated thanks to the work done by volunteers to wake the world up.

We agreed to immersion in the matrix, amnesia, loss of our starseed skillsets to camouflage ourselves. We have been Activated. Amnesia dissolving as our higher and lower selves assimilate. Dolores Cannon is an Easter egg in the matrix, her books and teachings break memory implant loops. Dolores triggers our latent traveller memories with her encrypted language. Volunteers, three waves jumping in to change up the frequencies from within the matrix. Stealth mode. Soldier senses. Streetwise with sharp minds and razor blade cunning for survival. Over several generations, attaching to chosen ancestral lines for Klearing. Deep undercover friends. So deep some of us lost ourselves. Healers and teachers. The mission is the same, raise the vibrations on the material plane. Instil compassion in the hearts of people creating a ripple effect. The hundredth monkey collective consciousness tipping point is our goal. We are harnessing celestial intervention to fully embody ascension frequencies. Our conscious surrender to upgrades carried in lightwaves penetrating the matrix, coupled with our elevated spiritual practise, has ensured many of us have come online fully with our starseed identity, and our role in the bigger picture of Gaia’s ascension.

How do I know if I’m a Walk In?
1. No clear memories prior to 6, 7, 8 years old
2. feel like an alien from arrival, in chosen family, the black sheep, the one who doesn’t ‘fit in’
3. likelihood of passing of child we transferred into
4. problems assimilating into the matrix, identified quickly as rebellious, difficult, challenging the system.
5. survival mode activated instantly upon arrival due to cold energy
6. feeling of homesickness persistent throughout our time here
7. Starseed alliances made on the material or astral planes
8. ancestral attachments established in timeline jumping, past life memories
9. interdimensional travel
10. astral travel
11. ability to leave the reality space presented us
12. told we have too much imagination, day dreamers, delusional, paranoid
13. problems with authority
14. persistent sense that all is not right here, predating any research
15. soldier senses highly developed, street wise from arrival
16. trust our gut, energy, instinct beyond sensory perception or established narratives causing problems with integration into the matrix, also ensuring survival
17. attraction to psychedelic experiences, expanding our minds
18. curious, questioning mind, academic or research backgrounds
19. rebellious heart or nature, natural tendency to ‘fight the system’
20. the word Mission sparks light within, Yes, that’s why I’m here!

The Volunteer programme is ongoing, starseed travellers arriving to help manage humanities ascension through the mid 21st century. Source has also made plans for Gaia’s ascension and the great war for humanities hearts, minds and souls. Source triggered the Return of the Rainbow Children to Gaia. The rainbow children are sooooo woke, it makes the rest of us look sleepy. We are soldiers, fighting for survival in the hunger games of cabal manufactured matrix existence. Traveller teams, though largely disbanded, are still operational as sole units. Starseed have snuck in the backdoor and our high cellular vibratory fields are catching friends, like a virus we have poisoned the matrix with Liiiiiiight. Rainbow children have been arriving since the 90s, older members often referred to as indigo children. Their eyes sparkle, their hair is lush and shimmery, they have a lightness of being, imagination, creativity, scope and expansion in their little worlds. Their light, their rainbow chakra light, is growing like mushrooms underground, pushing up through the darkness of the matrix, heading for rebirth. Parents of crystal kids are experiencing the intense power in their cores, their enormous hearts and their bright, sassy, progressive minds. Their love vibrations are multiplying, magnetising more lightwaves into the depths of darkness. These are truly momentous times to be here, present and correct, doing our bit to rescue humanity from the enemy within.

Straseed Walk Ins have specific missions beyond the overall mission of bringing love to darkness. Some are artists, creators, thinkers, musicians, actors, writers volunteering to expand the collective consciousness in word and picture. Others are healers, bringing advanced healing energetic practises like reiki, acupuncture and gong baths to the beleaguered human population. Some are braving politics, economics, the frontline of monetary scarcity programming, seeking to level inequality from the inside out. Similarly some are deep inside the Badlands of the cabal, bankers, money men, corporate CEOs, brave soldiers lighting up the depths of synthesized, corporate kingdoms. Influencers, explorers, free thinkers are more influential than matrix talking heads, the system is running to catch up, take out influencers who are not promoting matrix values of selfishness, shallowness and superiority/inferiority complexes. Others are operating in smaller communities, reaching out with star light to awaken the sleepers gently. A few starseed are whistle blowers, anarchists seeking to blow the lid off human trafficking, pharmaceutical chemical warfare and black market, deep web, enemy networks. Techies placed in silicon valley’s, boosting humanities technological progress. Scientists fighting hard to stay alive if they speak out against the established scientific narrative of Separation from philosophy or religion. Every area of the worlds organised networks are infiltrated by starseed. We are everywhere inside the matrix friends.

Early arrivals dealt with the density of post war earth, rationing, depression and abject poverty. Later arrivals have been subjected to pharmaceutical warfare, many being diagnosed as anti social, unethical, unsound of mind, psychotic or abominations (the war on rainbow sexuality is evidence of this attack on human soul integrity). Drugs, chemical warfare, street drugs and big pharma used as a weapon of mass destruction on starseed arrivals. Rainbow children diagnosed as autistic, Asperger’s, adhd, their high vibration preventing them from full assimilation into the matrix, making them vulnerable to attack. Autism is a sensory issue, autistic starseed are hyper sensitive to matrix poisons in the air, lighting, materials and in communication. Their very presence on Gaia’s physical plane has mega boosted humanities ascension beyond measure, their suffering will be a mark of the true horrors of this space for eons to come. Older starseed volunteers were placed in education and social services, hospitals and charity support groups, their mission to ease the transition of high frequency rainbows and indigos into the matrix and try and protect them from the worst of systems counterattack. We thank all who do this, in humility, with grace and in deep gratitude.

I will write a post about parenting crystal kids (video and workshops will be available in my coming membership), for now, all we need to know is they are kind, charismatic, quirky, super cute and quick thinking. Their energy is high, their vibration shimmering in creative light. The rainbows and indigos will change this world. Older volunteers have roles in easing the transition for them and paving the way. We have the same agenda – wake up the world to evil present in their homes and every day lives and model compassion as progress, exposing fear as regression. Expansion is the name of Our game, Oppression is the name of the Anunaki cabals game. We break the matrix by simply being present, we don’t need to do more than that. Anything else is up to us. We heal, teach, preach and pray. We share, enlighten, query and question. We challenge the status quo in word and deed. We recharge our batteries in lit spiritual practise reminiscent of our truth, our lives pre human immersion. Spiritual practise comes naturally to all starseed, indigos, rainbow children and older volunteers. Mediation is the breath of life. Creativity and compassion is the fire that drives us all. Our passion is our purpose. Our truth is the light in the darkness.

We have allies on both sides of the veil. A team of guides prepped and ready to manage us safely through matrix labyrinth mind control programs. Our guides communicate on headsets embedded in our minds, we can turn the dial anytime we want to speak to them or our higher self. Meditation helps us open the airwaves and refine our ability to communicate with our team, despite being inside the matrix. This telepathy comes from raising our vibrations, as does all wokeness. Surrender is twofold. We surrender to our role, our mission when we wake up or if we are walk in, we may have always known we don’t belong here and have landed with a mission. We surrender to source, divine alignment, we surrender our control of our lives to higher vibratory fields of light. The matrix tells us we are insufficient to manage our own lives. Dictators, politicians and programming ensures we are stripped of our divinity, we lose our souls in the depths of this dark space. The evil permeates the atmosphere, like rats, always there but rarely seen. Instead of jumping into a pretty snow globe we’ve jumped into a zombie apocalypse, black rain, deviance and devilry. Many of us are working on the front line, not just existing in it. We work in hospitals, homeless units, schools, projects and policy making, supporting charities trying to plug the gaping, engineered holes, in a system set up to destroy the heart and will of the people. We are here to restore soul integrity, to boost humanities heart vibrations, expand her mind and get her online with Gaia’s ascension light waves. No small task. Lots of us made it. We have allies supporting us. Humanity is ready. We hold our truth, stay sassy, streetwise and stealthy. We keep shining the light beautiful people, we keep shining that source light goodness for those around us to witness, emanate and eventually imbue into their own vibratory field. We do our job just by breathing here, anything else is extra, and we are doing incredibly well to be here still breathing! We can do this because we are doing this. In light and love cosmic surfers. Peace up the rEvolution.

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  1. I've had autism all my life. I'm sensitive to most food allergies. I have mental meltdowns/breakdowns when I'm around intense negative energy or I feel uncomfortable in a situation outside my comfort zone. My body shakes uncontrollably at times. I don't understand why I have autism. None of my family has it. I did not ask for it. Some see autism as a gift. For me it's always been a curse.

    Am I a starseed? It's possible. I certainly feel the negative energies here are too much for me to bare. I just hope I don't have to repeat this 3D cycle of living ever again when it's time for me to move on and return home to source where I can be a complete peace and serenity with myself.

    I'm just looking for answers.

  2. I’d never considered the possibility of myself being a “Walk In” nor “Star-seed”, just UFO/UAP Experiencer and photographer of same (thousands of times), not considered it until reading your 20 points… Uhhh, your examples,, most or fairly sure all, appear to,, describe me, which I find very interesting. Though these are admittedly broad characteristics and one could interpret many of them to fit a broad base of the population… Nonetheless, there are, the thousands of UFO pics, and other strange phenomenon I’ve personally, either photographed or I’ve witnessed, and, countless other ESP / paranormal experiences throughout my life.
    Thus “Interesting”…


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