The controlled demolition of the Khazarian mafia financial system is now visible for all to see.  The 30% plunge in oil prices, the meltdown of stock and bond markets and a freeze in world travel and trade are all being orchestrated in tandem with a fake pandemic, multiple sources confirm.  The pandemic, which is mostly a media event, and the financial collapse, which is real, are the cover being used to usher in a world republic, P3 Freemason, Illuminati and CIA sources all confirm.  The trigger event was the default on February 16th of the U.S. Corporate Government, they say.

The aim of this controlled demolition is to remove Satan-worshipping, genocidal criminals from the apex of world power, Pentagon and other sources say.  This will allow the release of forbidden technology and usher in a new age of wonder, they add.  For example, old age will soon be a treatable condition, the sources say.

To make this possible, a ruling class that has been trying to kill us with pandemics, carcinogens, war, etc.  is being systematically hunted down and brought to justice, they add.  They elaborate:

“U.S. troops sent to Europe for a NATO exercise may also engage in arrests of Zionist and deep state assets not just in Switzerland but Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and London.”

Inside the U.S. meanwhile, the Presidential election process has already degenerated into a farce with the Democratic nomination being obviously stolen for a senile, corrupt Joe Biden.  Here is an example of the nonsense Biden is spewing:

“If you want to nominate a Democrat, a lifelong Democrat, a proud Democrat, an Obiden-Bama Democrat, join us.”

One CIA source summed up the situation in this way:

“Trump is set to be the next president as he will declare martial law, to protect the people of course.  It’s estimated that up to 70% of Americans will be affected.  He will cancel the elections.  May he be the last President standing?  He has been aware of this maneuver for a long time.  The dominos are starting to fall.”

The number of sealed indictments in the U.S. is now close to 160,000 and 1,613 indictments have actually been acted upon.  So now it looks like many of these corporate crooks will finally end up in jail where they belong.

There has also been a record number of corporate bosses quitting or losing their jobs since January.  An NSA source elaborated by saying, “The President has ordered a full-scale investigation of all communications across the…

Gates Foundation, Event 201, WHO, CDC, and the major companies in the U.S. and UK that have the most to gain from the fake pandemic.  An investigation of insider trading and media authors “on the take” is also underway.  CIA sources say this is intended to stop what has been detected in the past week:

“New bio-war attacks in which the live virus is being spread by drones and other means in Italy and Iran, with selected drops taking place in other countries to keep the fear alive.”

In Hong Kong, health officials will start clinical trials with a still-unproven antiviral drug Remdesivir (Remdesivir is an Ebola drug) to treat the new coronavirus, according to a CIA doctor.  “The cost as will be around $1,000 for a course and governments will pay the pharmaceutical company of course,” he notes.

The company behind this is the Gates Foundation owned Gilead Sciences.  “Imagine just 10 million doses to start with globally.  This is $10 billion alone.  Plus look at what their stock prices will do.

At the top of this particular pyramid can be found, George P.  Shultz,

Director Emeritus, Gilead Sciences.  Deep stater Shultz was U.S. Secretary of State from 1982 to 1989 and has also been Secretary of the Treasury.  He was also head of the Bechtel Group that many Japanese believe was involved in the Kobe Earthquake that killed 6,000 people in 1995.

One CIA source says:

“Gilead could be sitting on close to $20 billion in untapped stock market value, provided it has success with a potential new coronavirus vaccine.   They will milk this for every penny their greed can steal.  Imagine what else is in the vaccine, an RFID chip perhaps?”

In any case, this doctor and other sources agree the Zionist Cabal is using a bio-weaponized coronavirus scam as a cover.  The virus seems to be only killing elderly people with underlying health conditions, mostly pneumonia, they say.  “Notice there are no children or teenagers affected so far,” the doctor notes.

So a mild virus that mostly affects old people close to death is being used to spread global fear and will end up with most governments in all countries closing their borders, out of fear porn.  “The world will be on lockdown.  Then they will attempt to vaccinate everyone on the planet by mandate.   The boys are in total panic mode,” a CIA source predicts.

Here in Japan Zionist slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been trying to use the fake, exaggerated pandemic to usher in martial law.  Instead, Abe is going to be removed, CIA sources promise.  They also say:

“Abe deserves everything he will be given.  It will be interesting to see if he tries to make a deal and sing like a canary.   For sure he will have a fatal accident or slip and fall on the soap in the shower and break his neck before he is able to spill the beans.”

There is also a battle raging in the Vatican.  “Pope Francis was deliberately given a mutation of the virus.  He will die soon.  The Vatican will try and cover it up until they have a clone/body double in place.  This way they can control the narrative for the masses,” a gnostic Illuminati source says.  P3 Freemason sources, however, say Francis had only mild symptoms and is recovering.

In the UK as well, Brexit is leading to a purge of German double agents.  MI6 and Pentagon sources say.  Here is more on the fight from a Pentagon source:

“After the firing of UBS.  Credit Suisse Ceo, Barclays CEO Jes Staley may be another casualty as it appears Jeffry Epstein may have groomed this former JP Morgan banker and blackmailed the UK parliament to get him the top job.”

A former Barclay’s banker accuses “the board and executive committee of Barclays bank PLC from 2011 to the present,” of stealing and hijacking the technology for the quantum financial system.

Meanwhile, a senior MI6 source says the following people need to be arrested in order to end deep state control of the UK and Ireland:

“Queen Elizabeth in the Court of St.  James, Prime Ministers Cameron, May and Johnson, President Michael D. Higgins of Ireland, the joint directorate of MI5/MI6 Andrew Parker and Alex Younger, Irish civilian police commissioners Noireen O’Sullivan and Drew Harris, Baron Nathaniel Rothschild and UK and Irish cabinet secretaries Mark Sidwell and Martin Frazer both German double agents.  These two men essentially run both countries irrespective of the Prime Minister of the Day.”

There has already been a purge in Saudi Arabia where a Zionist takeover attempt was thwarted.  Three princes and dozens of military and ministry of the interior officials have been removed as a result.  Immediately after the purge, a major oil war began.  Both Russia and Saudi Arabia are flooding the world with oil even as the “pandemic” has radically cut demand.  A senior CIA source says:

“Oil is out of date and most likely will drop to $10 per barrel before this is finished.  The new energy technologies are ready to be released by Trump.”

One example of this type of technology at the link below would make hydrogen much cheaper than oil.

This oil price collapse is putting an end to the oil for U.S. dollars scam the Zionists have been using to extort the U.S. and the world since the 1970’s.  They are being brought down NOW, CIA sources say.

Pentagon sources agree noting Israeli Defense Forces personnel have been “banned from foreign travel as a resolutely stiffened International Criminal Court lowers the boom on not just war crimes of Israel but those committed by U.S. forces and the CIA in Afghanistan.”

Pentagon sources add that:

“ICC probes may expand to CIA drone strikes, Afghan drug trafficking and Israeli war crimes against Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, as well as for using airliners as human shields.”

The sources also note:

“Third time is not the charm as war criminal Bibi [Benjamin Netanyahu] may finally be deposed as PM, and Trump may have outsourced arrests of Zionists to the ICC.”

Netanyahu, like his puppet Abe, is trying to use the “pandemic” as an excuse for martial law. But the Israeli armed forces are not going to fight their own people on behalf of this Satan worshipping pseudo-Jew, Mossad sources promise.

We are also getting mixed intelligence about the situation in China.  CIA sources in South East Asia who interviewed Thai citizens recently evacuated from Wuhan say:

“The situation is far worse than what is being told in the media, people are bleeding out from the nose eyes, ears and lungs now.  It is spreading much faster than anticipated.  The actual deaths in Wuhan are close to 3 million.  The city is the largest cemetery on the planet.  It will remain on lockdown.  This started near Wuhan where there was a massive electromagnetic radiation disaster, connected with 5G.  The microwave blast cooked the citizens from the inside out.  The release of the virus occurred at about the same time to adjust the narrative.  The massive pollution there added to the catastrophe.  There was no culling ordered by Xi Jinping.   More fear porn.  There is a massive cover-up.  This accident may be China’s Chernobyl.”

A Chinese agent in Tokyo also says the situation is worse than the government admits.  Asked about Taiwanese and Russian reports that President Xi Jinping had been replaced, the source only said: “there are several Xi Jinpings.”  Japanese businessmen with extensive links to China, however, say production is returning to normal across much of the country.

To summarize, here is what we are seeing:

Airlines grounded worldwide.

Almost all travel stopped.

Hotels, restaurants, and resorts empty around the world

Oil price collapse

A global stock market rout of between 40-50 %

Global financial collapse

“Wall Street will be closed,” the P3 Freemasons promise so:

Game, Set, Match.  Reset!  The Phoenix Rises and a New Age dawns.



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  1. “The aim of this controlled demolition is to remove Satan-worshipping, genocidal criminals from the apex of world power, Pentagon and other sources say.”

    So the good guys are causing this virus and chaos to remove the Satanists? Huh?

    I thought the bad guys were causing this virus. You’re really confusing me here.

    Why are good guys causing a virus and why is that necessary to eliminate the bad Satanists? Please explain.

  2. Fulford, your a disinformation agent…pure bull shit…yeah the cabal put this weapon out there, and yeah they are tanking the economy but that is all that you have, and any idiot could surmise that…. This is just a drill, but it will cause us some major economic problems, but your a jackass if you think that Trump is going to save the day, he issuing to right the wrongs…he is a clueless twit, a bad businessman, a stooge for the mob that runs this insane asylum, this whole thing is being orchestrated by the cabal, problem, reaction, solution as David Icke says…there are no white hats, unless you believe that the Aliens are coming in to save us…look, this shit has been going on forever on planet Earth… Spanish Flu killed millions of people in 1918, this is nothing, so far….

    • You’re still full of hot air. Don’t forget that the Spanish flu outbreak stopped spreading from outside help! See Cobra’s blogpost titled “End Time Madness”.

      Will this mean the Olympics will be postponed?

    • It does sound like suspicious disinformation. Which group doing which? One group is in control now but tomorrow they will be overthrown?
      However Ezra, you must be a young guy and victim of modern American illiteracy. If you learned the difference between your and you’re it might be tolerable reading you’re comments. Same goes for anyone on the net.


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