Some basics on the current situation from Aaron Doughty:

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  1. I feel that this track of Vangelis 1492 album, is appropriate with the awakening right now, where we’re as much the changers as the changed. It’s a track from the movie Conquest of Paradise, about Christoffer Columbus voyage, overseas, to unknown land:

    And yes, it’s Eastern Sunday now, what an unusual time to live and feel the shift happening. It’s intense and I notice it requires kindness to my physical body, much rest with long hours of sleep and good food, grounding in a state of ease as well with the company of nature and the sun. It’s a glorious springtime here in Holland.

    That’s how I experience this Eastern time, synchrone with the resurrection of whatever is waiting for it. Revelation followed by ressurrection, leaving an old world, steering with our compass, just like Columbus used to do, although he didn’t know of unknown shores yet.

    For the first time, since I’ve returned to Holland on March 11th, I’ve let go of my bravour, my bravery fuelled by my willpower, and cried tears, grieving for having left Britain in its enormous turmoil of Brexit and the present pandemic conditions. I miss the land and wilderness of rural Britain and Dartmoor’s beauty, the newfound friends I’ve met as well.

    I had to return for a break, to a home where I’ve lived for 23 years and which still is my home, and remains my home, after I’ll move overseas again, next year, for my own “Conquest of Paradise”, where my heart is called to the Western Islands of Europe, for a home on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The South Coast of Britain or the West Coast of Ireland.

    That is if all is well with restored freedom to move and the pandemic has come to rest.
    For all of you reading this, I hope that these Eastern days will bring you blessings and welcome sunshine, within and without. Plus patience and appreciation for this journey.

  2. Fear and Anger are commonly used as control tactics to control masses of people. This has been true for millenia. It is also true that Fear is the opposite of Love, not Hate. Fear is used by evil people to create Hate. All negative emotions, can and usually do, compromise the immune system. This has also been used to control masses of people, as it has been used recently. Understanding all of this is essential in order to be a part of the Awakening Process. These are the first steps. Never let anyone control you through negative programming. This is essential in order to achieve progress as well as happiness.

    • Hello, andrew borromey. I agree with your comment 100% and it’s very well said. If I may, there’s one note I like to add to it. Since we as humans are exposed to negative programming from within our genetic composition and behavioral composure, as a result of it, to me, it’s equally important to see that conditioning for what it is and allow it to be, taste it and look at it so that we can find our own private understanding of it for ourselves.

      As I’ve experienced in my life, although I’m a “Shut up I’ll do it myself and I think for myself” stubborn Capricorn, the phase of seeing the conditioning of negative programs and the ability to maintain a compassionate attitude toward it, is an instrument and a remedy both, to arrive in sovereignty, or autonomy if you will. A work in progress, not a fixed state of being as in “I’ve arrived, now I’m just sitting on my laurels”

      But I risk making a mistake thinking that you’ve missed paying attention to that phase.
      Am I right?

  3. I fully resonate with the message offered by Aaron Doughty. He IS fully switched on, as I perceive it. I can feel the coming revolution in consciousness in my bones and blood, it’s happening already now, in the silence of inner work done by many of us and me.

    With tears and smiles both. I’m right now in a continuing wake-up call, finding conditionings and self-made programs, habits of response, and a bravery that covers up a sensitivity that for some reason I find hard to acknowledge, as a warrior fond of war cries and going where the action is. This Eastern time welcomes solitude, also in nature.

    My feminine qualities of BEING and reflecting, dreaming, and taking time for time-out are so eager to work with me more, in a balance with that strong mind of mine. The curiosity that my nose loves, sticking it too much in other people’s business and the why in it. I can see it all so very clear, the mirror is blindingly clear. There’s no hiding anymore. HELP ?

    At this moment, Kryon is addressing the present turmoil and challenges in our consciousness and those directed at our physical body. At the 21:35 minute in Kryon’s channeling, there’s a beautiful form of support for those of us in need of comfort:


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