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  1. Bill Gates isn’t going to be calling for any vaccinations on any populations on this Planet. The CDC has lost ALL VALIDITY on planet earth because of its association with Gates. As far as the US goes, he has NO AUTHORITY to force any human to receive his CDC concocted, PROEUGENICS, CDC vaccines. Global Humanitarian Representation Worldwide will move right into The United States of America and take over, as a Beacon of Light for this World,….this country has failen from where we once were. Bill Gates is financially broke, and he’ll likely be the last to know…..Thank You Jesus Christ, Father God!

  2. I cannot judge a vaccine that does not yet exist, but I can judge the veracity of the two sources of the advice to allow it into my body. I would put the advice into the same category as a recommendation of the late Dr. Jack Kavorkian as my personal physician.

  3. Four Families With Corona Virus Helped With CD aka MMS aka Chlorine dioxide.

    This is a report of a family recovering from CODVID-19 and 3 other families who were given Chlorine dioxide by the family who shares their experience here:

    “Hello everyone. … Chlorine dioxide definitely works. I took it but, as I was already leaving the contagion, I didn’t notice much change. What I realized is that I quickly recovered my sense of taste and smell.

    But my husband, who still lost his breath when he got tired and had a lot of sweating, was healthy the next day after taking the right doses.

    We keep taking it because we feel completely good and because a very close friend came out positive [tested positive for coronavirus] and she has cancer so we gave what we had to her. And thank God she is already recovering. [She’s getting over] her coughing and she doesn’t get a fever anymore.

    I also recommended it to two other families who tested positive. One of those families was already very bad. The husband and wife had 20 days without being able to sleep due to bone pain, fever, coughing and not being able to breathe. And by taking the chlorine dioxide protocol on the first day of starting to take it, they could sleep well because symptoms significantly decreased.

    In the other family, the husband came out positive [tested positive for Covid19] and also started with protocol and did not present all the symptoms: it only gave him a fever at night and bone pain. Feels good already.

    [5/4 3:32 PM] Maria: Excellent, thank you for sharing. Wonderful.”

    This report, and the same one in Spanish, is published on the website of a homeopath who treats dis-eases with Chlorine dioxide aka CD as she uses to call it. She offers a free booklet The Corona Virus Rescue Handbook. Here it is www.kerririvera.com

    Here’s the report of the 4 families’ experiences with CD in Spanish:

    Cuatro familias con el virus Corona ayudaron con un CD
    Queridos amigos,

    Recientemente recibí este informe de éxito que detalla la recuperación de los amigos del contacto del coronavirus documentado, y cómo compartieron el CD con otros 3 grupos familiares, y cada uno experimentó una mejora / recuperación también. Está traducido automáticamente desde otro idioma, pero creo que puedes entenderlo.

    Teníamos evidencia para sugerir que funcionaría, y ahora estamos viendo los resultados en acción.

    Esto es exactamente lo que esperaríamos. ¿Por qué no está esto en las noticias …?

    Querida Kerri:

    Estoy muy feliz de compartir con ustedes este testimonio familiar que fue infectado con covid-19 y se ha recuperado por completo. Y no solo eso, han ayudado a sus amigos. Comparto, pero debido a su situación, prefieren permanecer en el anonimato.

    [5/4 3:32 PM] Maria: Anónima, ¿cómo ha sido la evolución de tu mejora y la de tu esposo? ¿Le ha servido el dióxido de cloro?

    [5/4 3:37 PM] Anónimo: Estamos completamente bien. Ya escribí mi testimonio en el grupo.

    Aquí está:

    Hola a todos. … El dióxido de cloro definitivamente funciona. Lo tomé, pero como ya estaba dejando el contagio, no noté mucho cambio. Me di cuenta de que rápidamente recuperé mi sentido del gusto y el olfato.

    Pero mi esposo, que aún perdió el aliento cuando se cansó y tenía mucha sudoración, estaba sano al día siguiente después de tomar las dosis correctas.

    Seguimos tomándolo porque nos sentimos completamente bien y porque una amiga muy cercana salió positiva y ella tiene cáncer, así que le dimos lo que teníamos. Y gracias a Dios ella ya se está recuperando. La estoy tosiendo y ya no tiene fiebre.

    También lo recomendé a otras dos familias que dieron positivo. Una de esas familias ya era muy mala. El esposo y la esposa tuvieron 20 días sin poder dormir debido al dolor en los huesos, fiebre, tos y no poder respirar. Y al tomar el protocolo de dióxido de cloro el primer día de comenzar a tomarlo, pudieron dormir bien porque los símbolos disminuyeron significativamente.

    En la otra familia, el esposo salió positivo y también comenzó con el protocolo y no presentó todos los síntomas: solo le dio fiebre por la noche y dolor en los huesos. Ya se siente bien.

    [5/4 3:32 PM] Maria: Excelente, gracias por compartir. Maravilloso.

  4. “When your body is crucified with the disease, ascend in the consciousness of health.

    When your mind is crucified with trials and temptations, arise in the sphere of self-control.

    When you are entombed in sorrow, resurrect yourself into happiness.

    When you are buried beneath restlessness, resurrect your mind into continued calmness in deep meditative silence.

    Your God-love has long remained hidden within you, crucified by your inner indifference. By daily deep meditation, awaken your spiritual ardor and resurrect it into the consciousness of Absolute Bliss.”

    — Yogananda, the Second Coming of Christ


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