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  1. Yes kill them both on live tv … let families throw stones at them !! This is inhuman for these crimes to go on and be covered up !! Trump I pray you will not let this go on and get them !

  2. Not enough to arrest them. Confiscate all their assets and finance! Block their power which is MONEY.

  3. Incarceration for psychopaths guilty of crimes of this nature, that willfully present intent for destroying billions of the population, would allow their energies to continue to exist. They if found guilty should be dealt with as those that were found guilty as a result of the Nuremberg trials.

  4. Is it really about…. what should be done with those “who dunnit”?
    Aren’t we collectively working on it to dissolve this evil-doing?
    In our inner conference room and our “head-office”?
    By an inner commitment to change the paradigm of duality thinking? In our daily practice?
    Beginning with the observation of it and not identify with those thought patterns?

    Until one is committed
    There is hesitancy, the chance to draw back.
    Always Ineffectiveness Concerning all Acts of Initiative and Creation.
    There is one Elementary Truth the ignorance of which kills countless
    ideas and Splendid Plans:
    that the moment one definitely commits oneself,
    Providence moves too.
    All sorts of things occur to help one that would never have occurred.
    A whole stream of Events issues from the Decision,
    raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen Incidents and Material.
    The assistance which no (wo)man could have dreamed would have come(her) his way. Whatever you can do or think you can, BEGIN IT.
    Boldness has GENIUS, POWER, and MAGIC in it.

  5. I agree with everyone else here.
    It’s beyond shameful what they have done, and continue to do.
    Arrest Fauci, Birx, and Gates (for starters) for treason, and crimes against humanity.
    Might I suggest a Nuremberg type trial….

  6. I believe there’s is too little information! Bill Gates DEFINITELY needs to be put OUT! My thoughts!

  7. It’s downright Treason and Fauci, Gates, Hillary, Obama and the rest should be put in Gitmo at the very least. What’s taking so long as I have read on this site that the indictments have been ready for some time. In the meantime every innocent U.S. citizen is suffering for all the crimes of the cabal. I cry for the children.

  8. Yes, of corn they should be arrested as well as Clinton, Bush, Obama, Morgan, Rothchildand all the rest!
    Tanke you for you’re work!

  9. Yes Fauci should be locked up for what he has done . On that note so should Bill Gates As he is the power behind Fauci and Fauci did not act alone he pretty much did what he was told or payed to do. Now he will take all the punishment for crimes committed agianst humanity and Gates is still free to do more damadge, he will just find another to put the blame on

    • Yes, Fauci and Gates should both be locked up. Hopefully, President Trump will do the right thing regarding this matter.

      • Actually…Yes Fauci and Gates arrested & stopped, for ever from being in any position of authority and power, if they want mandated vaccines, they are given all mandated vaccines, lets see how long they live? THEN going FORWARD we the People WILL be allowed to remove LIES from TRUTH, NO FORCED vaccinations. MANDATED assistance in removing all toxins and healing those DAMAGED from vaccinations. Fauci and Gates are 2 big players….BUT there are MORE players to address, and arrest.

  10. Dr Fauce should be indicted for all the damage and suppression of evidence when he had to know the complications of the work that he does. The faster the better.


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