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  1. Here’s my take- this incident should be teaching us to think and act for ourselves. We’ve been lulled for years into following govt. dictates in all areas of our lives, mostly unknowingly, but now to the point where our lives are too unbalanced and all levels of govt. are out of control. Use your innate discernment and take what works and help to get rid of what doesn’t. That’s the only way I’ll be “in this together” with everyone.

  2. Hector Sosa, Jr. in his book ‘A Change is Coming’ saw in vision a day that will come to be known as “Obsidian Monday”. A day when the stock market resets 3 times and never reopens. Usually, October is the month for financial surprises.

  3. This is old and don’t see correlation to this fearful title, that doesn’t have anything to do with video. So I will assume the title was more of a message, that this is going to keep dragging out…wait! -2nd wave of ascension??

  4. There will be no second wave unless people go out and get flu shots (that since 2013 have carried covid-19) and even the DOD admits increases chances of covid-19 by about 38%.

    • Flu shots?! You mean the ones that don’t cover all the variations? There are no vaccines for corona viruses. There are too many and they mutate. The doctor gave an excellent explanation of our immune system; you should listen to it again.

  5. Hello Diana, is the 2nd flu-wave what’s suggested in the title of this video, that surprise arriving in October? I can’t see that happening as a fixed event at all, for already, the restrictions are lifted in European countries, even in the UK where conditions are pretty gloomy still.
    I’ve found a site with a helpful overview of each countries condition, and the graph that shows how the pandemic moved, showing the number of cases each day. Most European countries experienced the peak of the flu season around halfway April to the end of April.
    Russia seems to experience a different pattern, with later arrival of the pandemic.

    The restrictions in The Netherlands are slowly and gradually lifted. Which means, from May 11th half of schoolchildren go to school for a few days a week and the other weekdays the other half goes to school. So that 1,5-meter distance is made possible in classrooms. Parents can bring their toddlers to the nursery again and continue with their work, mainly from home. Hairdressers can re-open again, working with masks, beauty-parlors as well. Pedicures and physiotherapists may start again. Libraries will re-open.

    From May 20 some shops will re-open again that didn’t have sufficient space inside, to ensure social distancing. People are allowed to go for sport outside but keep 1,5-meter distance. As far as I’ve witnessed it, many people have gone out for sport all of the time, every day the parks are full of people doing exercises and many joggers are present as well, also roller skaters.
    Lots of people go out for walks and bike rides, many children play outside, make crayon drawings on the pavement and play in playgrounds, since the pandemic. This weekend of May 9th and 10th, the streets are turning crowdier and traffic increases too. In parks, there are large billboards saying ” Stay home as much as possible – keep a 1,5-meter distance- wash your hands often”

    From June 1st. trains begin to ride on the usual schedule again, just like buses. Everybody needs to wear a mask in train, bus or taxi. Secondary schools will reopen. Terraces will be open (there are many in my town!) Much will return to normality again, but the 1,5-meter distance will continue to be the rule. Restaurants are allowed to receive max. 30 guests, just like cinemas and theaters.

    From July 1st. campings open again, with their facilities, theaters, cinemas, and restaurants may receive max. 100 guests.

    From Sept. 1st Sport schools reopen and contact-sports are allowed too. Football matches for paid football are allowed but without public.
    I’m describing a protocol, with a gradual opening of the country. We need to wait if the flu will flare up again when the restrictions are released. Holland hasn’t been in 100% lockdown, with the argument that people need to catch the flu virus and build up immunity.

    It’s made very clear that the increase in freedom to move, will decrease again when the number of patients rises again. I believe that in that scenario, a sufficient number of people will be in touch with the flu-virus, getting over it and that’s it. End of story. No need for a surprise in October. By that time, I expect many hidden facts, and misleading reports will have surfaced, keeping people’s minds busy.

    And unless a new variety of the same virus, attacking the immune system, pops up, I don’t see a 2nd wave coming in October. Except in those cases where people weren’t given a chance to be exposed to the virus at all, kept in quarantine in large numbers. Isn’t China our “role model” free from the virus now, as a forerunner in this pandemic?

  6. There is a phenomenon going on in the Health Care & Hospitals. Does not mean it is bad considering that so much of our health care system is ran on fraud & down right scary situations such as Organ trafficking. More people take medications that never existed a hundred years ago, which means you don’t need them. & We certainly do not need Vaccines at All. & This whole abortion late term stuff is enough to make ones stomach turn. Perhaps these doctors that are involved in this evil works are being scooped up. I am one to not believe in all these preventive test, I know people who have been harmed by those Colon test. I know someone who just got blood poison from elective surgery. I know someone else who died 2013 from elective hernia surgery. How many patients are told they have cancer when they do not. Besides cancer cells come & go on a daily basis & you wouldn’t even know it. I’ll take my chances, haven’t seen a doctor in 20 years. The only time you seem to need a doctor is an accident or a gun shot wound, just like the cowboy days.

    • Linda – I’m the same way ,I see a Dr. every morning (Me, in the mirror). Check out rife/scalar wave tech ( – solves all issues

    • Thank you for saying that, Linda!
      Validates what I myself have experienced and am currently doing. No doctors except for acute care, am healthier than I have EVER been while under constant medical supervision/drugs previously.

  7. Can somebody explain what the big surprise in October is for which we’re being set up?
    This video content is presented here before, it’s not new, just a repetition. Are those publishing their content here, in touch with each other about who’s choosing what?

  8. After viewing this doctor’s video, it now makes sense why some are saying be prepared for a second wave of this pandemic.

    Critical thinking is not one of humanity’s strong points, as is being demonstrated by those who think they know what the best course of action to take is in this situation the world now finds itself in.


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