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  1. Paragraph 5 & 6 is where we are on a common ground. 7, 8 & 9 is where you are describing the destruction of Ethnicity, because the Culture & Traditions are based on common ground that is shared between a specific Nationality, whatever that Nationality maybe. They share the same Traditions common National Origins & Religion. So your “vision” to except diversity is not a quality for those who wish to keep their National Ethnicity Culture & Traditions. & Vulnerability is not a quality, it is very dangerous.

  2. Ahhh, so that’s how they managed to concoct the story that leads to the pandemic-scam. It’s nicely fitting to the piece of the puzzle that David Icke revealed in his bitchute interview. That same interview on YouTube, with the revelation, originally found by a smart thinking virologist, was banned on that same day.

    There’s something “they” don’t want us to know. I’m sending all these pieces of the puzzle to the Dutch authority that is prescribing the protocols around the management of this scam, not because I believe they will take it at heart much, but at least, some of their eyes will see it. There’s only an email communication possible, but that’s okay by me.

    So that they can’t say “We didn’t know”. I’m almost sure that there are a large number of people, in higher levels of medical and economic industry, walking around now, knowing how wrong the fork fits in the handle, as we say in Holland.

    Here’s a report from an American grower who reports the miles-long line of cars waiting for the foodbank. While he has managed to organize a self-sufficient market garden through the years, for his family and neighborhood. Working all together, finding that beautiful surprise that 1 + 1 = 3. The abundance of nature’s produce with the work of human beings in it is forgotten when city life prevails.

    I foresee a future where part of humanity will live dazed and crazed in city-prisons, under surveillance full time, willingly turning into automatons, and another part of humanity chooses the wildernesses and remote mountain villages, even deserts, or underground hollow earth-spaces and large caves where once tribes lived, returning to a pioneering existence building communities and working together, building Earthships, strawbale homes and wooden cabins.

    Providing all necessities that are needed without dependence on corporations or the bureaucratic and medical industry. Thanks to the present chaos and collapse of economies, the loss of an income for many, especially in the US, I believe there are many people now who know and have the skills to live in that way, connected with their own human nature and to planet Earth’s nature, with those of human nature around them.

    Here’s grower’s report:

    In the last week, I’ve discussed the subject of a lifestyle choice with a friend and sister. We pondered the question “How do we see our most desired way of living?” When I described my wish aka vision, preferably living among people of all ages, a mix of characters all rubbing shoulders with each other, allowed to be grumpy at times and cheerful as well, in freedom of expression, with grandparents playing with their grandchildren, at home or outdoors, while the parents work in the fields or milk the cows or goats.

    Aunts and uncles, nephews and cousins, partners of them all too, all having their responsibility doing the work that needs to be done. Finding new forms of work, harvesting, building homes, sheds, fences, stables, all sorts of mechanical construction work and maintenance, independent of electricity, or at least use it by choice.

    At some point in the conversation, I said: “I feel this as the best way of growing up from childhood, that you meet with all sorts of people, of all ages and behaviors, and while witnessing all that, one receives the best start in life, learning to accept that diversity is a beautiful quality, allowing for spontaneity and vulnerability, a difference of opinion too, feeling close to one person and far from another, and still accepting both equally valuable.
    Growing up, finding one’s feet while moving through puberty, knowing, and supported by living as a unity on the whole”.

    I couldn’t help saying this without tears in my eyes and a heart beating faster. That cocoon felt so welcome! My sister felt the same depth of sadness, a grieving, for having missed a safe nest at home and in the church, where our parents worked as a minister’s couple.

    In a way, we grew up in a glasshouse. With all those eyes watching us, with that one large eye of God as well, it’s sort of complicated to find oneself looking at oneself with one’s own eyes and to see one’s own reason for being there. I guess I’m referring to autonomy. The Calvinistic church program was meant to make us willing to live for others in the first place.

    • Excellent words Devon 🙂
      My own little mediation community/family/friends have been
      discussing a very similar vision, including consciousness/spiritual
      inner exploration for all in whatever way appeals and calls to the individual.
      I think we will see some profound movement in positive directions
      within the year, although it may be preceded by more chaos and confusion.
      Disclosure and awakening must come before true and lasting change.

    • & I’ll say from my own experience Race/Nationality should never mix. It’s obvious it goes with that whole National Origin, Ethnicity, Culture, Traditions & often Religion. We all will always be different, so we should all stop trying to make ourselves the same & stop sugar coating it by calling it Diversity.


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