Trump’s lack of arrest, given debt jubilee, or any other significant action means the administration is going no were. ANTIFA is being funded by the same groups that funded ISIS and Al Qaida, funneling through fake Jewish synagogues. The stock market rallying up to 26K just shows how decupled the system really is from reality. The 1871 US corporation is bankrupt and chapter 11 needs to be done, else we can even start to see any new transition to a better world. It’s still the Bloodlines vs Gnostic Illuminati that we’re seeing play out. The lack of seeing any true tangible signs for a new system is concerning for Benjamin. He explains about the scamdemic and now riots being used as a cover for the actual economy collapsing.

We also discuss the disinformation campaign that’s been surrounding the queen, the palace, etc.. The UK also apparently has a more competent financial management team that’s driving our new trade deals forward with other countries based on actual goods. It’s interesting to hear Benjamin’s take on this whereas it will lead to helping the US, which many of us believed would be the other way around. We also discuss China, UK and HK were there are now protests and riots happening, here we receive Benjamin’s take on what’s really going on. Also, again it is the same groups backing the rioting as is with ANTIFA.

5G is discussed and how it devastated Wuhan, not the virus, and that there are changes happening because of this. But Huawei caused China’s Chernobyl and they must come clean about it.

The planet is on lockdown from space and only low earth orbit is allowed travel currently, this will stay like this until we resolve the problems we’re facing on the surface.

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  1. Glad Mr Fulford posted/PFC posted this, finally someone else, is saying it…
    No Mr Trump is doing nothing, no mass arrests, no debt jubilee, no elimination of the FED….. Mr Trump is, and I believe always was: “Controlled Opposition”, as I’ve said since well before, 2016. That was, and remains, my intuition.
    He might have wanted to do more before being elected, maybe he was on the side of the so called White Hats, Resistance…but, I am reminded of that time he met with Obama in the Oval Office pre-inauguration, and he said he’d “been briefed…” as he put it… He looked like, a broken man, somebody took away his steam, the alleged story was, I heard,, they showed him the JFK assassination and informed him, he’d be next, and his family would all be murdered, if he did not play their game. This I could believe, the cabal is both capable of, and would do. Now this doesn’t mean, I don’t feel his actions since, have been both treasonous and criminal but, that’s for a real (non naval international law) court, to decide, post Event, once we set them up..

    Bottom Line:
    The military must, as the police, as the intel & alphabet agencies, Congress, the states, must, as some military have recently indicated they have, in public statements;
    Between backing a corrupt cabal system, or,
    Backing the US Constitution and the American People. Yes infrastructure plans, all this must follow, as must police and criminal justice reform.
    We the people of Earth, deserve better.

    This is a 1776 moment in American History, we see,
    with 20/20… “2020” vision, don’t we…

  2. Question. The title of this article is “Benjamin Fulford Interview: A Call to The Military: “Step Up”. The first 17 minutes are filled with the interview, although, am I right that not all subjects are discussed that are mentioned in the description? From the 17th to the 40th minute in the uncensored video, it’s promotional talk in favour of PFC. Why?
    The description doesn’t mention that part. Why?

    Oh, and about a promotion, uhm….. how long is PFC going strong now? Does it need promotion? Or talk about whose pet dog has a pink ribbon on its head, or whose naughty dog has eaten the biscuits? Just present the right description of the video content, okay?

    • He told the U.S. Military to step up & remove the Bad Actors. We have about 2 Million that prevents the United States to be The Republic it was at one time, early on. The 2 Million by large are in New York City, Florida, California & of course we have the fat oil guys in Texas, those are the ones that scream about invading Venezuela & makes Trump look like a fool about who their president is. & Of course these criminals has post in all 50 States. We call New York City, Jew York City due to the fact they are the ones who controlled the Harbors during slave trade years & are the ones who owned the Slave Ships. & Are the ones who still try to cause race wars as they did recently in Minnesota, with their very bad acting skills. & Of course home to the Washington Post & New York Times. That is also where the thugs came out of to Murder Tsar Nicholas II & his Beautiful family to cause the Russian Revolution without Russians.

  3. It made more sense that the Queen with her street cloths & her unless son have stepped down. I don’t see them sitting on the thrown with street cloths for any other reason then symbolic of that. Benjamin had already admitted that NASA never went to the moon & that all photo’s are indeed Computer Graphic Imagery. Now this story changes also & were suppose to believe in these morons wild adventures to Mars. It also amazes me that this so called bloodline of Hitler. If he had such bloodline why is it he supported himself by selling his artwork in Vienna & Munich 1909 – 1913?? & Despite his self taught knowledge in Cultural Architect, he could not get into any university in Vienna?? If this so called bloodline is part of Adolf Hitler, why is it he would serve in WW1 on the Front line & have serious injury that caused him to spend 2 months in military hospital & returned to his duty??

    • Hitler’s father was the illigitimate son of a Kazarian Rothschild, where Hitler’s Sr.’s mother was a domestic for the Rothschilds in England. Hitler Senior’s mother gave birth to him, Hitler Jr., in Germany, and via a few turns, Hitler’s Sr.’s father changed his name to Hitler, and named named him Alios, which Alios changed to Adoph. Therefore, Adolph Hitler’s bloodline did not arrive with cash as the Rothschild who sired his father did not acknowledge such. He grew up with a reg. father. Hitler, through more turns, brought about Angela Hitler long after the 2nd Wwar, he had his sperm frozen. She was born from that method in 1954, 10 years later. She was to be given directions to continue her fathers’s work. Once born, she was transported by a Russian soldier, a friend of Hitler. From there, the Russian friend took Angela to the Vatican, and they in turn placed her in foster care with a Pastor’s family, Kaisers. Her name was actually Dorothy Angela, Kaiser (as what is said in the documents) She married Merkel, and when she divorced him she kept her married name, hence Angela Dorothy Merkel. She was assigned instructions by her father Hitler, to be passed along to the Russian friend, and given to her upon maturity as a grown woman. She consequently worked to become Chancellor of Germany. She is on the side of the Cabal, as is Macron (France). Apparently, she was given instructions by her father, Adoph Hitler, to rule Germany and pursue a political career on the side of the Cabal, a world government, unwritten by the Kazarian Jewish Rothschilds..
      Submitted by Fayth Elaine Kirk

      • My goodness Fayth Elaine Kirk, your explanation sounds too detailed to be a fraud. So today’s story is that Hitler is no longer an offspring of the Queen of England? So today we have the real truth? If so I want to take the proof more seriously. This is not enough.
        Previously I could smell the usual Russian disinformation. How can I take those idiotic pigs seriously.
        The Russian data is that Hitler was 25% Jewish. May be. Consider that servants of Rothschilds would be Jewish too however.

  4. Where is massive arrests?
    As human beings we need to fucking see arrests cuz we don’t see any justice
    In this month i want to see Obama or Hilary in jail or Trump is the part of the zionist Game.

  5. I agree with Benjamin’s analyzed situation pertaining to the U.S. what is really going on, is indeed this covering up of the Bankruptcy. I agree about Trump as well, he never addresses the actual Bankruptcy. There should have been a debt wipe out by now, at least starting with Student & Parent Loans & Credit Cards. As well as Abolishing the Illegal Federal IRS. Trump also antagonized the situation in Minnesota for it to become what it did by addressing the situation, it was a community issue, if it was real, but wasn’t anyways. So it was just there for Trump to play that card as he did. He uses the event to tag Antifa as a Terrorist group, which they are, but in turn he will probably use that as an excuse for War with one of the Countries he has been gunning for. & This whole Covid 19 & all these supposed investigations, just goes to show how Gullible people are. It only shows that “They” are buying time to prove they can keep us Enslaved in Their Debt Program & the Americans will never notice the difference. They will just go back to their Slave Jobs, Indoctrinated Schools & Churches. Also, Argentina didn’t become a third world country because they isolated themselves, it was bad management like any other situation. Every country has the ability to be Rich or Poor according to it’s Deeds of Management. Adolf proved that! This continue badgering & pushing of this Narrative of Hitler being any ones relative is so beyond Childish, give it up! The reason for this Tall Tale should be obvious to cover up the War crimes of Britain, the United States, USSR & Poland. The World has been living this Nightmare for the past 80 years because they could Not leave Germany be! It’s called Jealousy of the next economic power that was Not based on War or Deceitful Usury. Hitler warned about everything that was to take place & he proved himself to be true. NASA nor Space X will never go to Mars because the Dome/Firmament is part of the Eco System. Besides the planets are stars. Hong Kong belongs to China just like Danzig belonged to Germany, not Poland, that’s why 90% of the population were German! & No you don’t need Chinese in Britain, No more Race Mixing! Keep your Chinese food.

  6. Did anybody check this introduction for spelling and syntax? As a Prepare for Change donor, big fan and qualified proofreader, I can offer some help if it’s needed.
    Blessings 🙂

  7. The people with experience building things only know how to do it the old way. They are subject to the mind programming that we have all been under. This is a job for people who think outside of the current system but with fair and just intent.

    Instead of outrage over child-sex-torture-murder-rituals we got planned riots as part of a coup and insurrection because the “good guys” were too squeamish about showing the videotaped confessions of the pedophiles who had flipped.

    By holding back the ugly truths, Trump is spared the real outrage of main street and is able to continue stalling.

    People need food, clothing, and a place to lay their heads without ever worrying about it being taken away from them.

    Hollywood must go away and all movies and TV restricted to their original intent; education.

    That means wiping out all debt and returning the people’s wealth and abundance.
    That means building housing that is sustainable, warm and safe. Lots of jobs.
    That means opening up the publicly held lands since the elites have been doing nothing but abusing it with their kidnaping and torture of children.

    The real economy is dead.

    Real change requires truth. America is afraid of facing the truth and refuses to let her slaves go free, all of them of all different shades and colors.

    Let’s be honest. Trump is not incompetent, he has fallen in with the lessor of criminal groups.

    He should be reminded of the fate of those world leaders who go off script from what the Son of Man has ordered.

    The Alien Ultimatum is being imposed now.

    If they don’t get to Mars soon, they will all be wiped in greater and greater numbers; first through spontaneous combustion as the frequencies on earth rise and then in totality when the great solar flash comes as only HUMANS and HYBRIDS have the ability to elevate their frequencies sufficiently to transform their beings. And because they are such spoiled sports, they don’t even want to let the humans prepare in peace.

  8. The arrests are way overdue, but they are moot until you get close to the masters. Low level thugs are in the cross hairs if Barr will ever stop protecting Senior Executive Services. The agency that appears to be unnameable and untouchable.


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