Live Video Premiere Parts 3 and 4 of Planned Chaos – Saturday October 24

We are excited to share and release the last two videos in our Planned Chaos doc-series this weekend.  Please tune in to our live release of the third and fourth videos in our Planned Chaos Docu-series this Saturday, October 24. We will premiere our first video – “Racial Divide = Civil War” at 9 am … Read more

Planned Chaos Part 7 – Financial War: Power, Corruption

  Thus far in our Planned Chaos series, we’ve revealed the means or events that have been put in motion to justify the ends, that being control by the rulers over the slaves. In this episode, we’ll explore what one of the primary end goals actually is. This goal is obvious to anyone who’s ever … Read more

Benjamin Fulford 10/19/20 Report: Uncooperative World Leaders Targeted for Replacement as early as November

In a sign of how intense the conflict now raging at the highest levels of world power has become Russian FSB, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say serious moves behind the scenes are aiming to replace key world leaders in November.  The sources say in each case the replacement may take the form of … Read more

Media Responds With Apathy, Disappointment as US-Backed Coup Gov’t Concedes Defeat in Bolivia

Across the spectrum, corporate media has endorsed last year’s rightwing takeover of Bolivia, refusing to label it as a coup. Coverage of Sunday’s historical elections hasn’t been much better. by Alan Macleod, Bolivia’s Movement to Socialism (MAS) party is celebrating what appears to be a crushing, landslide victory in Sunday’s elections. Although official vote counting is … Read more

New York: The Example America Should Not Follow

By Star Parker, New York City is becoming an economic basket case. “‘We’re at war’: New York City Faces a Financial Abyss,” screams a New York Times headline. New York City’s unemployment rate stands at 16%, double the nation’s average. Yet, even in the midst of a “financial abyss,” the animosity of New York’s liberal … Read more

Why The USA Has the Shortest Life-Expectancy of All Rich Nations

By: Eric Zuesse According to the UN’s “Human Development Report 2019”, which is the latest available global information (published on 9 December 2019), the United States is the only country that ranks in the top 15 on “Human Development” in which the life expectancy at birth is now below 80.0 years. On “Human Development” the U.S. ranks as being #15 out of … Read more

US Budget Deficit Triples To Record $3.1 Trillion In 2020 As US Spends 90% More Than It Collects

By Tyler Durden, Those who have been following the record surge in US public debt (excluding the roughly $100 trillion in off-balance sheet obligations), which exploded by $3 trillion in the three months following the covid shutdowns and which just hit an all-time high $27.1 trillion this week, will be all too aware that the US budget … Read more

Goodbye Middle Class: Half Of All American Workers Made Less Than $34,248.45 Last Year

By Michael Snyder, If you are making less than $3,000 a month, you have plenty of company, because about half of the country is in the exact same boat.  The Social Security Administration just released new wage statistics for 2019, and they are pretty startling.  To me, the most alarming thing in the entire report is … Read more

Planned Chaos Part 2 – COVID19: Plan, Scam & Resulting Order

  Most people are just trying to live their lives and make ends meet.  We can’t believe, accept or understand that there is a small but highly organized syndicate that is extremely coordinated and has long worked out plans to cull the world population in order to maintain a more “manageable” populace.    Think about it, if you were … Read more