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Tom Zimmer was a World War II veteran who moved to Loreto, Italy to live a life of prayer and sacrifice. In 1983, he told Dr. Claude Curran that ‘right now, in the United States, there’s a man who has the hand of God on him…and God is going to use him in the future…his name is Donald Trump.’


Why did we post this video?
This video comes from a Catholic based group. We here at PFC do not adhere to any particular faith or religion and we are open to all views. Although there is certainly evidence to suggest that there has been some nefarious activity within the Vatican itself this video shows how the power of love and prayer can overcome darkness no matter where it is. Nothing is ever cut and dry or black and white and we ask our viewers to consider all news with a critical mind and an open heart.

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  1. Everyone does their part in the unfolding of the New Earth where everyone is viewed as equally important and valued. The error is to look to another to rescue us. Our paths are different, to clear our karma (and any dark energies we might have created), to heal and master ourselves in our own unique way.

    I would not want to be Donald Trump, but am grateful for what he can do to bring clarity and opportunities for the rest of us to find solutions for the many problems that have been created from centuries of dark forces’ manipulation of humanity. Individuals who continue to believe they are powerless.

  2. Wow. So much anger in the comments. Did you not get the real messages from this video? The message of true faith and devotion to prayer from Tom Zimmer. The message of bringing balance to the world which is how God will use Donald Trump. With balance we will find it easier to find our way back to God. Get past your anger people and spend more time in prayer or with God. Then you’ll have a better perspective from this video. Whatever you bless – blesses you. Whatever you curse … then law of attraction follows.

    • Alice, That is right how the Creator or Creators will Use Donald Trump, he has already exposed to go out in ‘The Sun’ there is your Son people. So finding our way back to Our Creator/Creators just Look Up People, that’s what their hiding, that’s why “They” put you on their fantasy about “the Globe” it put us Further away from Our Creator/Creators. & They made sure we would be spending less & less time with Our “Sun” & they had us put skin SPF on so We could not absorb The Sun’s Energy & Healing process.

  3. Hi,
    We as a whole humanity choose to Ascend ourselves.
    Our whole planet is Ascending into the higher dimensions.

  4. Exactly.. nothing is black and white.. the light is in all things. ?

    ? (A little channeled Piano sharing for us all ~ ? )

    Love, all … VOTL

    • il tizio che ha già salvato migliaia di bambini dai trafficanti di minori , che ha istituito una commissione di inchiesta per indagare sulla pericolosità dei vaccini ( ne fa parte il procuratore Robert kennedy) iltizio che farà crollare il deep state perchè sono tutti pedofili e satanisti.

  5. American are Satanist
    and other side of them are luciferist when you removed my comments made me sure you are Satanist

  6. Yeah right
    That same Catholicism Wich has fostered the abomination of PEDOPHILIA PRIESTHOOD
    #Personality Cult
    #Horse Dand

  7. absolutely Correct
    your GOD is SATAN and he is hand of SATAN
    biden is other hand of SATAN
    American GOD is SATAN and americans became satanist unfortunatey

    • First of all not all Americans are satanists
      You seem to be extremely hateful , illinformed, and unwilling to change your view. Hmmm
      Sounds to me like you got a little bit of Satan running through your blood too..
      Don't cast stones if you live in a glass house .
      – an American

  8. This is the same article printed in Stillness in the storm!!! I tell you the Truth! We Were never separate from God. It is the same consciousness behind every eye. To see all beings in myself and myself in all beings is self realization,. That what ONE does to another, they do to themselves is Christ consciousness. You are in err. Trump Will lead No ONE back to God, WE do that. We choose to end the illusion of duality. Also you, “Prepare for change” are revealing yourself with this nonsense. God does not censor. Men do that. God does not hide behind cryptic posts and ONE letter names such as “Q”. Men do that.Men do that to rebrand a very damaged republican party after the damage done by the Bush family – ONE

  9. If reports are true regarding ‘The Vatican’ has been Neutralized (along with The City of London & the Federal Reserves) This Act Alone will bring the World back to Our Creator. We as a Whole need to enforce the Basic Principles of Life, that ought to be Obvious to All. In that is also the basic Man/Woman Creation as well. (Russia just did, with a 70% vote). The best way to Weed Out all this Phony religious movements, weather be Christian, Islam or Jewish (or any other) start Taxing them & their Property. We will certainly Weed Out ‘The Money Changers’

    • To Clarify statement “start Taxing them & their Property,” I meant Churches, Mosques & Synagogues, (not the people who attend)

  10. Yes, I know my family and I have certainly grown closer to our Dear Creator in these times and hold all of humanity in our hearts and prayers.


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