From James Red Pills America:

THIS is the TELL ALL #Documentary you’ve been waiting to see! This #MilitaryIntel Insider (US ARMY CIVIL AFFAIRS & PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS COMMAND #PsyOp) Trains US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS – he concisely explains – among other intriguing things – the inner-workings of our slavery to the C_abal in this compelling, revealing.- and sometimes just downright CREEPY- tale of our Slavery and the 200 Year Plan (that’s right, the ‘Plan’ was in play MUCH longer than the 16 Year Plan that’s been reported). Get a #FullBriefing on his AMAZING story in this FANTASTIC documentary that’s sure to have you on the edge of your seat the ENTIRE way through it!

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  1. I’m wondering what role the CMKX sting operation plays in all of this, as the trillions of dollars in bad debt that the naked shorted hedge funds owed was rolled over into the bogus debt packages sold by the major banks during the 2008 debt crisis. Naked shorting forced Bear Stearns and Lehmann Brothers to collapse, as well. We know that trillions of dollars are still being illegally held back from the shareholders by the US government in fines and penalty obligations. Could someone in your operation contact your US Army PSYOPS contact to research the connection and possibly get back to me on my FB account? There are thousands of shareholders who have (to this point) lost about 250 million dollars in this government organized sting, and we would like to know when we can expect to be made whole. Thank you very much, Todd Beezley (Roanoke, VA)

  2. It’s also amazing that Flag of the South resembles Britain’s Flag, after all it was the South who was Moonlighting with Trade with Britain, the Very same Nation we were Running from. It was The South who had America surrounded with 11,000 troops from Britain in Canada, Also had 30,000 troops from & France & Spain in Mexico. Lincoln reach out to Russian Tsar Alexandria II the Only European Monarch Not indebted to the Rothschilds mafia. The Russian Fleet arrived in New York Harbor September 24, 1863 & San Francisco few weeks later. You can see how the Mafia keeps a Grudge & why Tsar Nicolas II Family was taken out 1917 by the Same Rothschild Banking Mafia & bring in Bolshevik to slaughter over 50 Million Russians in a course of 4 decades.

  3. I’m also having trouble understanding his use of the IMF and World Bank funding Lincoln in the 1800s when the IMF was actually started in 1944.

  4. I’m having a hard time with the ‘Lincoln’ part because of Lincoln’s Debt – Free & Interest Free Treasury ‘Greenback’ dollar bills issued in 1862, in order to finance his Military expenditure during the Civil War ( & gold & silver coins at any U.S. Mint free of charge up to 1873) Lincoln had Rejected offers by Private Bankers at interest of 24 & 36 % per annum. Lincoln had issued $347 Million of Currency at No cost to the Americans. Lincoln’s defiance of Lionel Rothschilds resulted in Lincoln’s assassination. There are a lot of Rumors about this “Civil War” & Who really instigated it & Who was on Our Shores Killing Our Men?? This certainly was Not a War to Free Slaves (slavery was already on its way out, Importation African Slaves became Illegal in 1808, by Thomas Jefferson.) The North & South had disputes regarding North Tariffs on the South, & South had upper hand with the Rivers running on their Territory. So was ‘The Vatican & Britain’ on Our Shores causing this?? Lincoln often times commented feeling like there was a Third party…

    • Why are you sending out Subliminal Messages with The German Eagle 14:25 minute in??? Germany Called & they said Their Not going to be The Fall Guy anymore on what’s wrong with the World.


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