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  1. I would really like to believe this, but my internal BS detector is screaming like a banshee.

      • Is there a website or place where people can ask questions in January as the information is exposed to the public?
        We are all so blessed that action has been taken before the USA was taken down and most of humanity annihilated.

  2. This will shock many many people.
    But its necessary for us to stop living in these lies.
    What these people have done to children will break your heart.
    We need to stop them and never allow this sick type of corruption to infiltrate out country ever again.
    Stop the protesting and fighting one another, we need to join together and save our country from these pedophiles and the elites who stole everything from us.
    Wake up Humans of Earth
    They are waiting for you to wake up, so this all can be exposed globally.

  3. Nothing is being done that wasn’t, able to be done, before. You are JUST being TOLD now. There has ALWAYS been a GITMO, where these things COULD happened. (Fast trials, by Jury of your peers, and Executions if decided.) Just that OBAMA released SO MANY convicted prisoners of all kinds directly into Society at end of his term.
    President TRUMP is cleaning up the swam in AMERICA. Thank GOD! I for one, am so grateful ?. GOD Bless AMERICA!??????????❤✌

        • Look how fake that GFloyd killing was and now our country is in turmoil over it.
          People believed that story because they wanted to.
          They believed the narrative the MSM threw at them because it aligns with their beliefs that blacks are victims.
          The truth is, more whites are killed by police than blacks.
          When ppl resist, run, attack, steal a cops weapon it usually doesn’t turn out well.
          BUT many police are also killed by people, but police arent rioting and walking off the job.
          No they stand strong and still come to work everyday even now when they are hated the most, but only by a small group really.
          The cops in Minn will walk on a Not guilty verdict.
          Why? because they were arrested and charged with murder to appease the Mob on the left.
          But the mob wasnt satisfied and never will be.
          The cops were charged before an investigation was done and before seeing an autopsy.
          The autopsy shows GF was on Meth and fentanyl, also other stimulants but those 2 were the most damaging to a man with severe heart disease. Yeah the autopsy showed he had severe heart disease.
          Are you familiar with CGI? If not, get familiar.
          You will need to understand what it is and how it tricks people into believing what they are seeing is indeed real but it isnt.
          Now take this info and do what you will……
          I hope you arent assuming most people are ignorant but yet you havent figured out these simple facts yet.

          • Bonnie, Your a Pistol Fire, I Like You. I would like to add to, Any on going Police Investigation would Never release any Evidence, which makes the Video Fake.

          • I betcha’ derrick is not in his cell. the Mugs look nothing like him. Most likely know when Soros and Susan sends mounds of bricks to the protest site. And no one checked or investigated that!

      • what a idiot. These arrest and executed are very true. media is not allowed to the military tribunels. But it will all come out,.people lik yu cant take the truth.

  4. Sounds credible to me, except for some questions. The real Gates were said to be killed a few years ago by vaccine victims. George Soros was said to be assassinated by the Russians a few years ago and they have been using up his several clones. Queen Elizabeth died about 5 years ago and this is an alien clone (per William Mount). So why don’t they finally get that ugly Ginsburg double off the Court?
    But who in the world would cheer “Victory”? The NWO is proceeding just fine and will have an iron grip on everyone, they are not on some verge of defeat, ridiculous. This may involve particular factions. It bothers me to see good anti-communists like McCain targetted. I’ve heard him called a “Traitor”. That could only make sense coming from a communist. I’m trying to think East-West.

    • What Freedoms
      We havent been free in a very long time, maybe never.
      They have trampled the constitution our entire lives.
      If you believe these BLM people will do anything by rising up as they have, its a sham and many are now headed to jail for many years.
      Rioting has never solved a dam thing but destroying peoples lives and BLM is doing plenty of that.

    • I will not believe a word of this until the stand-ins for the killed and arrested politicians and famous people are exposed. I want to talk to the fakei Hillary. It is wishful thinking for me but we should not give up the good fight because we think someone else has done our work for us. This all could be arranged so we will be like sheep slaughtered sooner than we can imagine.

  5. I’m surprised PFC would publish this. What this video lacks in the way of proof is substituted with lots of speculation & spelling errors.

    Stay vigilant.

  6. My instincts tell me this is pure propaganda to (1) discredit the website, (2) to get everyone to believe that we no longer have to inform others – we’ve won (bull!) (3) to excite those who are looking for a battle for the excitement of it – war and rape without consequences, triggered by the picture of the pretty lady (a model who doesn’t know or care how her image is being used, (4) Many subliminals to program us (again!).

    Mass arrests and executions without due process of the law creates a dictatorship that we DO NOT WANT! We are being programmed to think in a violent and anti-Constitutional way. Question!

    I suspect that because it is hard for us to believe that Tom Hanks is one of them, they are using him as a ‘scape goat’. We will probably see more of this. its not difficult to use a picture of someone and change it to support an agenda, adding a statement of admission; therefore, everything is subject to questions.

    • I appreciate your instincts, but due process does not exist in our courts. We also have not lived by ‘The Constitution’ for 107 years, that’s why were in this pickle. If there are major arrest & Executions going on it would be Military Tribunals because 1. they are quicker & 2. When a Politician is sworn in, they are sworn in by the same standards of Military, to up hold The Constitution. So I don’t find it hard to believe this can be going on, but I certainly would like evidence.

    • Agree with you Dean. No way do we want to substitute Cabal rule with secret military arrests and executions. Rule of Law is necessary AND we as Americans need to see the full extent of their crimes, as shocking as that may be.

      • We will be shown everything when its time for us to see it.
        Everything is being recorded for us.
        The sheep are still sleep walking through life and they need to wake up.
        Its a process, like most anything else.
        We cant remove 100 years of corruption easily

    • Mate! There was process of law. Military Law which exceeds the constitution when it comes to crimes against humanity.

      Anyone who’s anyone on this subject knew this was going to be carried out by the Military tribunals. The issue with Civil or admiralty law is the players can be corrupt and so justice still doesn’t get served.

      Every single person indicted was put before a Grand Jury to determine if there was a strong case for arrest. Each person was then put before a full military tribunal and the evidence presented before the full court.

      My understanding that there is little or no defending yourself on technical grounds. Military courts are run very different to civil courts and once the undeniable evidence is put before the court it’s only the sentencing that can be negotiated under certain circumstances.

      That why they are recording everything in analogue technology which is very hard if not impossible to fake. When the world is dealing with a massive world wide pedo institute I don’t see any lee way or leniency in any direction for these people.

      NONE! Of these names surprised me except for the current Prime Ministers of Australia and NZ. WOW!.

  7. Hello andrew borromey, please don’t underestimate the collective consciousness of us, you and me, and all of humanity, being a player in the field also. I believe that God loves to let us work out how to be equal to him in our powers since he made man and woman in his “image”, although I don’t see it at all as if it’s about a person doing this. Light is information aka expression in an infinite diversity of form, as I see it without sunglasses on. “Made in his image”… I read “image” as “blueprint” or “offspring” or “sparks” flying off a gigantic diamond, or as in the expression “Birds of one feather, flock together”.


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