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  1. Great post, thank you Derek! I like Polly’s fire on ice, so to speak, ha! I’m now spending a long holiday, with my former landlord and his son, on the farm in Normandy. In perfect silence with nature. We’ve discussed the pandemic (of course) and although we’re not doing the 1 meter-distance-dance, or wear face masks in the car, my landlord (who has very strong opinions and behaves often as if he’s got it right) thinks that many regulations, such as wearing a face mask and quarantine at home, with other family members, are ridiculous and inadequate, his logic still holds a bottom line of belief in the virus and the risk of contamination. So that his reasoning goes along the line of thinking that the measures, taken to prevent contamination, are inefficient. His first comment on the pandemic, when it was just announced on March 11th, was “What novel times we live through!” I’ve realized that each of us has a personal view on and explanation of what’s going on in the world right now, with the pandemic and its impact. I’m finding myself less and less inclined to try to inform people who are on a different page or convince them.

    It’s no use. Sharing information in general works better, especially online. for that’s not confrontational and up close. Fear and uncertainty are strong currents in people’s consciousness now. Besides, I believe we’re all better supported and comforted by knowing that we care and are cared for.

    I haven’t been hugged, apart from meeting my sisters, when I arrived in The Netherlands, and I’m noticing how little gestures of kindness are a substitute of hugs, of touch. To be deprived of touching with kindness has its impact, I’ve found. With the dance of social distancing, massage-practices should be thriving, I expect. I’m sure to visit a friend soon, who has such a practice when I return home later this month.

    I’m finding myself more drawn to animals, connecting with them, without being bothered by the madness of social distancing. The cows and ponies are curious, and Boy, the little kitten playing outside, is a bundle of joy, so innocent and happy to be alive. Cuddly too.
    I guess we all need to be creative, finding ways to comfort ourselves with a smile on our face.

    • I loved your post! It’s true, that one doesn’t have to think twice to pet or hug an animal. The sad thing is that most people have been conditioned to avoid one another. We are social “animals” ourselves. This is immensely important for children to be hugged by those who love them and not to be separated from their friends. And it’s true; it seems you can’t tell people, you must show them. The other element needed is to eliminate the fear that seems to be so pervasive. Knowledge is power, but when the official narrative is the only one being promoted while other opposing arguments are not even considered and even censored, people need to understand that this is all about compliance. RM


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