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This news I’ve received from Lia Scallon who’s in touch with Aboriginal ancestors through sound-channeling. For several months Lia is accompanied by a group of grandmothers, in spirit, who transfer the words Wirre Wirre to Lia, who, until recently, had no clue about the meaning of those words.
A highly respected Aboriginal Elder, Karno – the same elder that has been Steve Strong’s mentor for many years, repeatedly referred to a Dreaming story he was going to tell which was very important to him. When Karno travelled with a team, on the way home from Uluru, he stopped the car under the full moon and told them the story of ‘Wirri Wirri Dreaming’
Wirri Wirri Dreaming is the story of the Origin of the Languages. ‘Wirri Wirri’, was an old woman with the body of a black Huntsman spider. The Wedgetail eagle was her eyes, and the Bat was her ears. There were eggs of all different kinds on the ground around her, and it’s said that Wirri Wirri had created them.
The story goes on to relate how when some warriors found Wirri Wirri lying dead, instead of grieving over her, they were happy. They all began to eat different parts of her body, and as they did so, they began to speak different languages. That’s how all the different languages originated”.
Today, I received a 2nd newsletter from Lia:

“This video describes a Great Conjunction that will take place on December 21st 2020 when Jupiter passes Saturn in the evening sky. This planetary alignment that has not happened since 1623.

Is it pure coincidence that this grand conjunction occurs on the same date the Aboriginal Prophecy is said to come to fruition?”

Video Here:     Prophecy
Below are 2 website links of the group that organizes ceremonies and events, related to Uluru and the Prophecy, plus the event of Dec. 21 2020. The 3rd link is a YouTube interview with Steve Strong about the Uluru Prophecy. Steve is modest enough to explain that no certainty is yet found, that events that are prophecied, will actually occur. No hard feelings when you’re feeling this source isn’t your cup of tea or the cup of tea of PFC members who read the articles.

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  1. This is THE BIGGEST JOKE ever! Let’s all recognize anyone and anything, and all fables, before we even try to understand the ONE word named Father! Waste of Energy!?

  2. I agree with Dhara Wood’s view that we shouldn’t try to fulfil something that no longer exists. This entire story about Uluru, may have significance for a certain group of people, whose souls are dedicated or connected to what’s present in that place.

    Prophecies that belong to the larger cycles of humanity’s existence have a tendency to fulfil themselves, without the influence of human beings, in my opinion. By their very nature, with the shortness of memory that we are living our lives, there’s not even a possibility to influence such long-time-spanning unfolding of what seems to be a natural evolution within planet Earth’s agenda/purpose.

    Here’s a blogpost by Lia Scallon, which predates what she published about Uluru and the Prophecy. A journal of a visit to the site of Kariong in the Brisbane Waters National Park, West Gosford. The pictures are beautiful, and we’ll just have to wait for the date of Dec. 21 2020. I’m almost sure that there’s more change in the air, around this year’s winter solstice, coming from other prophecies and the position of planets and stars.

    Lia Scallon ends her journal with
    “The Sidhe had told me that my visit to the Kariong cave and seeing the Egyptian glyphs would ‘bring all the strands together’. There has been a continual, intricate weaving of events since my visit to the cave that day. I have no full understanding as yet, however, of what all this may mean.

    Through the years I’ve learned to trust and to surrender to the greater process. Time and again I am asked by Spirit to take action without knowing the reason why. Often, it’s not until much later that I find out the rationale, the whys and the wherefores.

    I may not yet completely understand the meaning of the ‘Celtic and Coptic’, the ‘Faery and the Pharoh’, but I feel sure that one day soon, it will become crystal clear.”

  3. Unless current, prophecies were made when the consciousness and energies were different then they are today. Some still hold truth of possibilities, but we must never live our lives trying to fulfill something that may no longer exist because so much has changed and we are being empowered to make powerful positive changes. We are the anchor of those changes and opportunities before us. It is we who must energize, project and accept the changes or be used by the dark forces as slaves to support them and their agendas.


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