As you’re probably well aware, this is no ordinary election. Neither was the one in 2016 that brought Donald Trump to power. We are focusing on the U.S. elections for a few penultimate reasons: 1) As the United States goes, so goes the world. 2) It appears that President Trump and certain factions that back him have literally been “draining the swamp” both internally and globally – which we will cover in a future episode. 3) This swamp draining is resetting the balance of power in the most vital of ways that most people aren’t aware of, in part due to the coordinated chaos that’s been the hallmark of this year.

The balance of power is far, more than political leanings in the U.S. between political parties or ideologies based on the average man or woman in the streets. The parties at their core are both pushing the same agenda – concentration of wealth and power to their overlords. This is crucial to understand. The power is spread across nations to a global network – the small club that we’re not in. The people are “managed” by media, politicians, celebrities and in this unique year: health officials and police. The real balance of power that is shifting is among the global elite and their schools of thought, and fundamental goals.

Their thoughts are actually very simple: how do we stay in control? How do we maintain our grift? How do we execute our goals as stated in our protocols, our UN agendas, our Green New Deals, our Paris Climate Accords, our trade deals, and our financial structures. You see, it all comes down to a cartel doing what it has to do to protect its turf and interests. The small club is put in place to manage the status quo, or what Joe Biden calls “the return to normalcy”.

When you stop and consider that normalcy means crashing of the markets as happened under his watch in 2009, or the expansion of U.S. involvement in wars from two to seven after President Obama won the Nobel Peace prize despite having done nothing. Normal for these people is maintaining monopolies in health care drugs and product manufacturing, pricing and availability. Normal is radicalizing our children through false narratives and fear. Normal is outsourcing American jobs and manufacturing to China. Normal is the gutting of the middle class. We could go on and on in category after category: ethics, morals, entertainment, technology addictions… again, there’s so many places to choose to focus on, that many people are waking up and questioning how could this be so?

Ok, so there’s lots of chaos in the world. As was covered in the media episode, the medial  exists to program us. Social media uses even more precise algorithms to keep its target audience engaged. Now we find ourselves in a period of mass censorship. This can’t be taken lightly. So what is does it all amount to? As a magician uses distraction to fool their audience, the controllers use distraction to hide their true actions and intentions.



As a tool, planned chaos is used to hide true intentions. Those intentions are the goals of the two main controlling groups, the globalists and the nationalists. Globalists, led by the Rothschilds that control global central banks. Nationalists, led by the Rockefellers want to expand out from their U.S. foothold. They both have control over different Central Banks relative to their location.  One group is in Europe and the other group is in the United States.

Although both of these groups come from a long lineage of what you can call bloodline families, and although they both have a singular mission of world domination and governance, they still have slight conflicts as to how they want their final solution to be attained. As you begin to dig deeper  one discovers that these bloodline families are at odds with each other. More on this later.

With world domination as their vision and raison d’etre, these families could easily be seen as diabolical if not outright evil.  So the notion of Good versus Evil would not be a surprising concept.  Good versus evil and literally God, or the notion of God versus Satan or Lucifer. Such religious overtones show up in certain groups such as Zionists, Kabbalists, secret societies, intelligence agencies, and in the Military Industrial Complex. Alternative media sources simply lump them into two sides: the Alliance or “White Hats” versus the Cabal or “Deep State”.



There are many factions within these factions, but suffice it to say that they have a whole lot at stake during the upcoming U.S. election. With the Trilateral Commission, the U.S. is one major force in their tri-fold structure of control:military (the U.S.), religion (the Vatican), and financial (London). These responsibilities have been granted to the independent city states or districts of Washington, DC., Vatican City, and the City of London – not London City. There’s a very calculated reason for this: all roads still lead to Rome and the largest bank in the world? – The Vatican Bank.



With these three pivotal pieces identified, it comes as no surprise that Donald Trump’s first three and a half years in office have upset the apple cart.

Be it former intelligence assets, generals, media, finanical attacks, the usual suspects are making the rounds trying to undermine people’s belief in the competency of Trump. Well, consider that if your business and livelihood, i.e. war and all its necessary components isn’t going to be given the a status quo green light anymore wouldn’t you be crying about your horrible boss too? He’s removing your profiteering, taking away your job, and exposing your crimes for all to see.

When you consider the enormous business generated by the military, the idea of shorting it’s windfall is one of the major factors in play. Trump keeps trying to make peace as evidenced in North Korea, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.  He ordered troop withdrawals in Afghanistan and Iraq, and he has not initiated any wars or military conflicts during his term.  Seems a worthy and deserved nomination for the Nobel peace prize, compared to a previous President’s gifted prize. But peace is bad for business.

When discovering all that is at stake, a more complete picture emerges – the picture is of systems that are threatened.


Trump was not supposed to win. Hillary Clinton was not supposed to lose. The Russia gate and impeachment debacles, which were nothing but thin air, were contrived to try to reverse the results of the election and preserve the status quo. They are doing everything in their power to defeat Trump in this election because he is attempting, in ways, to undo their evil world empire. They are literally fighting him for their lives and lifestyles.

So let’s focus on the election now.

It will be a circus. The Greatest Show on Earth – literally. Every trick in the book will be used, and there are many, many tricks.

People are too comfortable with the notion that the US is a beacon of truth and justice. This needs to be examined under a very bright light. Voting is the illusion of a democracy. Elections are the penultimate of Order out of Chaos. As Joseph Stalin said, “It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.”

Think about it. In just one day every four years, in a country of 327 million people, we gather to do our civic duty in what amounts to little more than an exercise in chaos. Americans like to assert the world over that everyone has to have their vote count! We say that this is the American Dream when really it’s more of a nightmare. 1/3 of the US areso disillusioned by the process that they stay home! There are those who say you get the government you deserve.

If you don’t participate, you give up your rights. To be silent is to consent. They know this.

How is there choice in what’s effectively a two party system? We lack far behind all other major developed countries of the world in this. We have rule by the rich for the rich. This is called Oligarchy.


Getting on the ballot in states in the US costs extreme amounts of money. Money alone doesn’t guarantee anyone a way onto the ticket much less a victory. Democrats still hold on to the notion that Russian bots swayed the election in 2016 by buying $11 million of ads and bots on social media. Yet, in 2020, billionaire and Committee of 300 memberMichael Bloomberg ran for the candidacy of the democratic party and spent close to $900,000,000 million.

So, if you can’t buy your way onto the ticket how can you buy a Presidential election? The first premise to examine is that the whole thing isn’t fixed in the first place. In 2009 as a class project, teenager, BridgeAnne D’Avignon, did a geneology project in which she traced back the family trees of all US Presidents. What she found was pretty remarkable. All US Presidents share the same common ancestor, John “Lackland” Plantagenet, King of England (1167-1216) was a child of Henry II born on Chirstmas Eve, 1167. He’s interesting because he was the King of England who sealed the Magna Carta, the English charter that put all sovereigns under the rule of law and documented the liberties held by “free men.” In other words, put all men under the Crown’s jurisdiction.



There are many who claim that the US is a corporation established under the Crown and that when we obtained our freedoms, we did so in ceremonial ways. As shown in the media episode, British imperialists are very sensitive about having lost their hard fought gains or territory. There is suspicion, with good backing that the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 brought the colonies back under rule of the Crown corporation and that the Queen claims a stake in the corporate United States. As such, any leader of the corporation needs to be qualified as a British bloodline family member and will execute the office of president of the corporate board of directors. With this understanding, their actions are usually loyal to the crown.

The word government does translate into Govern Men and the British ruling class believe that they are given the right to rule over men. Remember Cecil Rhodes? The President of the board can, as in some businesses, overthrow the board and rewrite the board charter. This is where the Act of 1871 would come into play regarding actions taken by President Trump during his visit to Buckingham Palace in June of 2019 when he took over the position as sovereign of the Republic. That, at least is the theory and a very deep rabbit hole that many others cover in great detail.


The point is, the system is rigged. Many say this, but can’t or won’t provide the details as to how. It begins with the controllers who want it rigged so. When considering who benefits from the outcome, as always, follow the money. With that in mind, winning by any means necessary is understandable as the ends always justify the means – in some people’s opinion. The ends are maintaining power for their concentration of wealth, and also to assert their belief in their divine right to rule. Rule translates into supremacy, which translates into elitism, which translates into racism,which creates a slave class – regardless of the color of your skin.

So, staying on top of the pyramid is vital to the ruling class. And they are a small, small, percentage that Bernie Sanders did get right – the one percent of the one percent.


With such stakes at play, any means of cheating apply. Their playbook is big, and any tactic can be used in any state,voting district, precinct, township, or city. Imagine the voting scenario of the past election for a minute. The news anchors are playing the roles of their lives. They’ create confusion with maps and reports saying that certain key states aren’t determined yet. They are playing out the card trick that there’s voting discrepancy in a certain location or two and by one a.m. East Coast time, there is no clear winner. Those who cared have gone to bed and aren’t seeing the magic trick play out.

As a practice run in 2016, the DNC tried to go to bed on the results, and then Clinton suddenly conceded by calling to congratulate Trump. What happened in those moments will come out in history, but the playbook that was being played is called Fractional Magic Vote Rigging. Here’s how it works:

Fractional Magic Vote Rigging is a real-time, precise, scaleable, invisible, election theft mechanism that’s been used for years in election engineering around the world.


Bev Harris aouthor of Black Box Voting (See a video about it by Bev Harris here) has been a researcher and intel proponent on the study of this vote flipping trick for years. With networked computers and their processing power, the vote flipping takes place in seconds. The magic trick though, needs the orchestration of key actors from local campaign managers to district vote stewards who are being bribed, to county vote commissioners, all the way up to TV network anchors. Remember the small club?

They work in coordination with the political party officials at the local, state, and federal level to determine the numbers that they’ll need to convincingly shave or flip votes in specific districts. You’ve witnessed this trick many times. Think of how an anchor will say, “Well such and such county is coming in slowly where candidate A holds a slight lead, but candidate B is really popular there among the union workers or the college community. This county can decide the whole state!”

So a battleground area is held back until all regions are in. In the Presidential election, it will be well past midnight for the West Coast to report, and there will be a few counties in Pennsylvania or Michigan or Florida or Wisconsin that have yet to figure out their numbers. In reality, there is no reason that electronic voting can’t be tallied up and reported in minutes, but that’s planned chaos for you. This played out slightly differently in the 2000 election where candidate George W. Bush’s brother was the Governor of the state of Florida. Lo and behold, Florida had voter irregularities in the form of “hanging” chads. Remember the delay and ultimate concession of Al Gore? How would history have been different had that irregularity never occurred?

At the local level they need one fixer or a fixer at the county level. You choose a big urban area to fix where the votes will seem to blend in. Remember reports of trucks that drove off with ballots or employees throwing away ballots, or states turning up with tens of thousands of uncounted votes? This happened in 2006 with the Senate election of Al Franken where – oops, a box of votes just happened to disappear – into the car trunk of the director of the Minneapolis elections.

Of course, this year we are already being programmed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to not accept the vote results or that Trump won’t accept them. This is classic projection. They are really signaling to democrats that the process will be chaos, and that results should not be believed. See the misdirection?

This is predictive programming. It will cause chaos all over the map and they’ve already announced this.

There’s a long list of fraudulent behaviors to get the end result:

• Vote Purging

• Lost Registrations

• Registrations changed (without consent)

• Incorrect ballots by mail

• Ballot shortages

• Stuffing the ballot

• Closed polling places

• Disparities between exit polls and results

• Paid-off election officials

• Trucks of ballots thrown out

• Voter officials flipping votes

• Oppressive lines in poor neighborhoods

The U.S. elections will be falling into the reality of elections in third world countries. This is just something that we have to understand and learn from. We do have a slight technological advantage over many countries, but this is easily manipulated by simple hacking into the designed voter systems where the vote flipping can take place.

Some reports say that the voting process is reliable. Some people say that the Alliance have a plan for this.



We’ll have to see how it plays out. Certainly there are other things in our political process that are distressing too. Such as the lack of term limits of career politician’s, when our Founding Father’s set up a system of public service.This has become so abused that we have the same people in office for decades, yet poll after poll say there should be term limits.

This year, the pandemic has limited the campaigning process, and Joe Biden has certainly used this to his advantage. His cognitive decline is clearly evident to anyone who listens to anything he has to say.

This of course, also hides the fact that he has trouble rallying large crowds. Especially compared to Trump. Now, Covid did stop all campaigning for a while and Trump’s recent contracting of the virus has also had impact on the candidates activities, but many people are left to judge Biden as a candidate from very limited exposure, as compared to Trump who has assets constantly attacking him. Thus, their campaign has had to make the most of their debate appearance.

Debates already leave much to be desired and have lost much of their integrity over the years.


But, as shown in the book by Donna Brazile, former contributor to CNN, speaking of the DNC role in debates, she testified that the DNC supplied the questions that would be asked in the debate to Hillary Clinton before the debate took place. When observing the debates closely, you’ll notice a savvy candidate like Clinton touch her nose or face which signals to the moderator to go back to her for a question. This is old local circuit political hackery at the national level and allowed by media collusion.

And this year, forget about signaling, just use a favorable moderator or even a former intern.

Debates themselves are usually restricted to certain topics as well, and don’t venture into “off limits” topics. As the concerns of the wealthy get covered, the real concerns of the working-class people get ignored. But that’s not the purpose of the debates anyway. Theirpurpose is to create the illusion of choice.

This year, the stakes are the highest they’ve ever been, as many top members of the world decision making body have faced a brutal change of tide under the Trump administration. Will the plan be allowed to continue and the swamp draining keep occurring, or will there be a return to normal? Or the “new normal?” Or perhaps the “new world normal.”  To some, the words are inter-changeable.

The purpose of this episode is to get you thinking of the things to be aware of, so you can share this knowledge of how this corrupt system works with others in your circle.


What the corrupt powers are trying to do, is create doubt and unrest in people’s minds, as their options are becoming more limited. Their vision of the New World Order diminises if they do not  not win the Presidency, but they can get their planned chaos and socially engineered people to ignite a civil war. While we sleep and stay masked indoors,they are laying siege to our Republic. And forget about democracy – they are laying waste to our human rights. The fires, protests, riots, the defund movements, the removing of statues, the tearing down of government, the social engineering of schools, the stealing of wealth, the release of prisoners – the list goes on. The double standards and the sheer hubris, arrogance and pure evil that is rampant among these people cannot be underscored enough. If you’re not seeing it, perhaps it’s time to open your eyes a little wider.

If you’re not doing something about it – be it meditating, praying, being vocal, gathering, disobeying mandates, going to church, or posting online, and trying to wake up your friends and family, then we’re going to find a very disturbing future ahead of us.

Only together can we disrupt and take back control over this planned chaos.

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  1. Yes the Info here is compelling, but only a complete idiot would believe that Trump was not part of the Rothchild team….I have absolutely all the information I will ever need to prove that Trump is a willing member of the Rothchild Worldwide Consortium. Trump tried to get his daughter to marry one of the Rothchilds but she had to settle for another Zionist…Jared Kushner… The game is real, and Trump is player for sure….Trump is not draining the swamp of anything, he filled it with Ultra Right Wing Neoconservative Radicals….Left & Right are both owned by the same monsters…..


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