From our friend Robert David Steele:

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  1. Tks for the infos, hope it is true, it is about time that we the humanity of this planet Gaia be allowed to live a free existance and egality…i guess time will tell if the light win…have a very nice day, and one last thing that Canada never be part of a country called United State of North America, we don’t need yours dramas…we’ve got enough of Justin Castro Trudeau….

    • Believe me Richard, as an American we dont want Canada’s baggage either.
      The UN was about to take over your country, they already started to with their immigration into your country.
      We dont want those immigrants here, Obama dropped a bunch of Somalians in Minnesota and they terrorize people.
      This was an agenda to destabilize our countries and we need to stop it asap.
      Countries need borders and we need sovereignty.
      We dont need globalization, so you keep your Canada and we keep our USA and everyone is happy.
      We love our neighbors to the north but that doesnt mean we want to be a conjoined nation.
      Canada has socialized medicine and I would hate to see that come to the USA, our healthcare is bad enough already. 🙂

  2. Is this too good to be true?
    What about –
    We hear the possibility of military takeover.
    There’s talk about December 21.
    Will we still get The Event in the shape of Russian neutron bombs in the atmosphere?
    Hey guys, the news: US declared bankruptcy in 2015. US was liquidated on November 5, 2020. Who possesses it now? Surprise. You are the collateral and someone else owns you now.
    (I don’t know enuf to explain it all.)

    • Max, What was said was “The Vatican Bank declared bankruptcy in 2015 & was liquidated on November 5, 2020.” They were the owners in a sense since 1933, because when scumbag Franklin Roosevelt bankrupted ‘The United States’ he reorganized us into a Corporation that was under the control of London Bank & The Vatican Bank. So, who posses it now, We Do, ‘The People’

  3. URGENT Message to the Deepstate, Rogue Think Tanks ,Rogue Militaries, Agencies ,Handlers ,all Politcians ,Central Bankers ,Fakenews networks Worldwide . This is the most important message you will EVER receive in your life – Watch Carefully. We The People please share this everywhere so they really GET this message ,so the BULLSHIT COVID AGENDA STOPS . November 2020

    • Congratulations Steffen Rowe aka Tank and Congratulations and Welcome to The LifeForce Team Viking for your Promotions to The Global Intelligence Agency , Global Directorate office and Some of the Highest Cosmic Clearances.

      Which are above and pull Rank on the CIA, NSA, GCHQ, ,MOSSAD etc etc

      Sooooooooooooo Exciting For the 99% We The People !!!

      • Top European Psychiatrist Confirms COVID is a SCAM ,Leaves Her Job – Doctors for Truth ! November 2020

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