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Across the US, millions of Americans are planning on scaled-back Thanksgiving dinners, with only members of their immediate family “bubbles” invited. Mayors of some of America’s large cities, along with the governors of California, Oregon and Washington State, have asked residents to limit travel over the holidays.

As angst about the spoiled Thanksgiving holiday simmers, Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that American families should probably prepare to skip Christmas dinner, too.

While Dr. Fauci has repeatedly praised Pfizer and Moderna, and assured the American public that the FDA’s first vaccine emergency-use authorization could be handed down within days, he cautioned during Sunday’s interview that people should continue to wear masks and observe social distancing even after they’ve been vaccinated.

It’s just the latest unsettling hint that social distancing requirements could be here to stay.

“I would recommend to people to not abandon all public health measures just because you’ve been vaccinated,” Fauci said during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union. “Because even though for the general population it might be 90% to 95% effective, you don’t necessarily know for you how effective it is.”

Later in the interview, Dr. Fauci agreed, with some trepidation, with Jake Tapper’s assessment that Christmas “is probably not going to be possible.”

Fauci Interview

Dr. Fauci responded that people “can’t abandon fundamental public health measures” until the vaccine has been somewhat widely distributed. That might not be until the second or third quarter of next year.

As the interview turned toward the “models” calling for massive numbers of COVID-19 deaths over the winter, Dr. Fauci claimed that calls for another 200,000 deaths in the US over the coming 4 months (a rate many times higher than where we are currently) could come to pass if people don’t obey new COVID-19 restrictions (exactly what he said last time). At this time, Dr. Fauci said that while a national lockdown doesn’t seem to be imminent, if the situation continues to worsen, anything might be possible.

Watch the full interview below:

Video here

Finally, Dr. Fauci also discussed the importance of making sure the vaccines appear safe, an issue we touched upon earlier today.

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  1. Unfortunately my grown children and their spouses are under the spell of this “death force”. I continually try to inform them about the main stream propaganda machine and they think I am nuts! My son in law just can not fathom that a high level pubic health figure like Fauci could be plotting against us. My daughter in law gets upset if people are not wearing masks because they are not following the rules! My husband is no help because he has his head in the sand and can not deal with any of this. You gotta admit, what is happening to us sounds like something right out of a science fiction movie! So we are not standing together as a family in fact we are divided at this point.

    • Hi Jill, You are r not alone.
      I am a active digital blogger for many who are grateful for the information. Only Half of my family think I am crazy.
      However, in a city of strangers you can find a famiky of friends who appreciate and are grateful for your valor and truth!

      I cheer you on.
      Never give up the fight for freedom!


  3. Later in the interview, Dr. Fauci agreed, with some trepidation, with Jake Tapper’s assessment that Christmas “is probably not going to be possible.”

    In his wet dreams. May Fauci find God.


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