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  1. The crooked Dems don’t care how they win, they just want the power. Like spoilt little children, laws and the constitution are only ‘guidelines’ not to be strictly followed if it gets in their way of their communist agenda.
    Trump is following the letter of the law and will win his second, third and fourth term (returning back to the original Constitution) and then dismantle the corrupt system of the Dems.
    Clearly the elections have been rigged for decades by the elite. So there was no ‘fair and square’ election. I can’t wait to see the left have a massive Kanipshin fit when Trump proves the election illegal and rigged and wins and arrests ‘Hiden Biden’ and ‘Cameltoe’! Then we will see a bunch of cry babies stomp their feet and throw the board because they lost badly to a smarter and more honest leader that the media have been so afraid of.
    The Biden’s became Billionaires on a salary of $175K p.a. but no one on the left can do the sums on that fact.
    The Left won’t be able to walk down the street once everything comes out about the Left’s massive and deep corruption. Many of the Deep State have already been rounded up and sent to GITMO for the Military Trials and many have already been executed for Treason. The public trials are coming in March for the whole world to watch and see.
    The Dem party will be completely obliterated after that, including the corrupt and complicate MSM propaganda Marxist machine and it’s devotees.

  2. All we the people know, that Don the con was fired🔥 fair and square. and that he better concede. and knock off his “sour loser” crybaby😢 antics. and better not try anything treasonous with the now felon flynn. Because the “ewwection was “not “wigged!… 😭


    • Nice Try, but If that were true why is the media ignoring every bit of evidence available?
      You must be watching it because all they say is its not rigged, just like they squawk and squawk over other things they have to debunk for you.
      Why don’t you turn off the media, look at evidence and think for yourself?
      Why do you allow a media to form your opinions for you?
      Are you unable to form your own?
      If you see a video of people removing ballots from under a table and then repeatedly scanning them with no observers present, thats evidence.
      If you see a stack of affidavits of peoples testimony, thats evidence.
      If you dont see it than you arent looking and thats no ones fault but your own.
      Knock off your cry baby antics of the last 4 years over your Don the Con because voter fraud crimes are a serious crimes.
      The only “cry baby sour losers” Americans have witnessed is the crying media and their crying audience who burn loot and murder for months ruining peoples lives and businesses.
      Say again who the cry babies are? The ones who have pouted, resisted and wore pink pussy hats on their heads.
      Yeah, real mature……

    • Dear butt hurt,

      I feel terrible for you, you supported a treasonous felon who was directly involved in the worlds greatest election fraud scandal. Your are about to suffer the worst night terror when your election implodes. Trump will have another 4 years, perhaps 8 if SCOTUS deems this election as a complete fraud.

      The truth about the election fraud is out there, please i implore you to do your own research, stop believing the MSM, there setting you all up for failure. God bless, Merry Christmas!!! It will be the greatest New Year EVER! ……Bar none (no pun intended) ✌️

      • There has been many hearings showing the voter fraud, but the fake news and their followers do NOT want to watch these hearings.

        I’m counting down the days until Jan. 6th. The fake news and their followers will be shocked.

        The truth will set us FREE.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New.


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