Published on 27 Dec 2020

Zoom video conferencing has connections with China. It’s not safe to use the video conferencing platform. New York is fighting back against Andrew Cuomo lockdown restrictions and is winning. CV scam virus has not been isolated, more evidence being shown this is a massive fraud committed against humanity. Trump vetoed National Defence bill. There is hope in Wisconsin as judge over turned 200,000 illegimate votes for Biden. Nashville attack has to do with Deep State attacking the internet infrastructure providing internet services for the White Hats. I’m giving updates on the great conjunction update. I’m also exposing traitors that are close to the POTUS.

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  1. you may want to look into Sugar/Glucose causing Positive Coronovirus Tests. like the

    Can of Coke tested in Austrian parliament which came back positive ?.

    Metaphysics Scientists are saying if you Dry fast for 3 days , dont drink water , meditate

    & Listerine your mouth , when retested in 3 days time the coronavirus test comes back

    Negative. just sayin…

    Refuse to get nasal tests

    Pcr Tests Testing for Dna Code ?

    Coronavirus tests , the biggest Hoax in History ?

  2. Nyla I was so looking forward to hearing your report but they have really done a job on you I cannot get UGEtube or Bitchute to upload your latest post. You are being blacked out by “security” Already know they have not isolated the virus Covid 19 because it does not exist it is a smoking mirror to take your attention away from the financial reset. We must hope that the Cabal reset fails. The Trump reset must win this is a spiritual war and Trump is on the side of God and freedom

  3. #draintheswamps

    December 27, 2020

    Hilary Clinton Dead, Dr Birx ? ,Pelosi ? and Many Many More Evil

    Ones Dead /Co-Operating !

    Please Scroll to the bottom of website below ,and watch video below left

    ,titled Happy New Year 2021.

    Pentagon & Global Militaries Finally Now Working for the Benefit of We

    The People !!!

    Happy New Year 2021 🙂


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