A schoolgirl in the United Kingdom is challenging the practice of police creating a record of a “hate crime” even if there is no crime.

The 14-year-old girl, Miss B, explains, “We can’t live in fear that everything we say at school may be recorded somewhere on our records, simply because someone else didn’t like what you said.”

The College of Policing in the U.K., according to the Christian Institute, now has a rule stating that when someone alleges a hate crime has taken place, officers must keep a record “even where no crime has occurred.”

It creates a circumstance in which records are based on what someone feels or believes instead of the facts.

The records of “non-crimes” can end remain on children’s records for years and can be viewed by potential employers later.

Officially, the motivations attributed for such incidents are identified as “ill-will, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment and dislike.”

“Children in my class have said that we shouldn’t have freedom of speech because it can upset people,” said the teen. “Just recently, a student said ‘Of Mice And Men’ shouldn’t be a class text because some of the words in the book are racist. I said that it’s a book of its time and it’s important to look at the context. I felt immediately ganged up on. The teacher backed me up but it was scary.”

The U.K.’s reported the teen is poised to launch a legal action over the rules, a judicial review of the standards.

Civil liberties groups say the non-crimes are without evidence and can injure someone later in life. report explained that in just five years, officers in England and Wales have put on official records some 120,000 non-crime “hate” incidents.

The College of Policing insists that police must “record the incident, recording the police interactions and the results of those actions,” for offenses such as “repeated name-calling.”

The teen is represented by Sinclairs Law and the case is being crowd-funded.

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  1. Even if you disagree with Eric Striker’s ethnopolitical beliefs, his most recent article shows how despicable “anti-Whiteness” is.

    As has been added to a BITE Model analysis:

    “The ethnopolitically loaded words “racist”, “fascist”, “Nazi” and “White supremacist” may well mean anyone of Aryan (or Indo-European) descent, or even other ethnicities for that matter, who speaks his or her mind, tries to live by uprightly high standards for oneself and others, refuses acceptance of paracommunist propaganda, and encourages others to do the same.”

  2. I’m so tired of those who stay in a state of victimhood. Those who blame others and find the most trivial things to be upset about. Free speech would be abolished if every little word of history or literature were to cause pain where non had been directed at the individual. It’s history, and it belongs in the past, not your present.

    At what point will people understand that the past cannot harm them and no one owes them an apology or money for the injustices from decades or centuries ago? If we erase our history then we have nothing to refer to that would prevent it from happening again.


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