The number of people suffering serious adverse events following vaccination for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is 50 times higher than the number for seasonal flu shots, new reports indicate.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is seeing a surge in new cases of COVID-19 vaccine injury that is massively outpacing similar cases for influenza vaccines and other jabs.

Through Dec. 22, with fewer than one million doses of China virus vaccines distributed, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) VAERS platform received 307 reports of emergency room visits, as well as 17 “life threatening” events.

There have also been a number of deaths reported, which is deeply concerning when considering the fact that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines have only been available to the public for less than a month.

“In 2019-2020, about 175 million flu vaccine doses were given,” tweeted former New York Times reporter and Tell Your Children author Alex Berenson.

“1220 ER visits and 73 ‘life threatening’ events were reported. The data is on the CDC VAERS Website.”

Despite offering a few caveats for why there is this massive disparity, Berenson was basically forced to conclude that something is seriously wrong with COVID-19 vaccines that is causing a much higher share of patients to fall seriously ill or die after getting jabbed.

“… the first Covid vaccine doses have mostly been given to healthy people in settings where problems can be quickly treated,” Berenson notes, further indicting the jabs for affecting healthy people in a profoundly negative way.

“These problems are occurring BEFORE the rollout to older, less healthy people – and before the 2nd dose, which is known to be far more dangerous.”

Put bluntly, only stupid people are getting vaccinated for coronavirus

In the end, all of this simply confirms what Berenson admits was recognizable in the clinical trials – even though we know that clinical trials tend to understate real-world problems rather than overstate them.

“… because any smart drug company will try to bias the trials in its favor,” Berenson says.

All of that to say, getting vaccinated for the WuFlu is an exceptionally dangerous endeavor, especially since Big Pharma holds no liability for injury or death. Vaccine-injured people are completely on their own, in other words.

Considering the risk of getting sick, let alone dying, from the Chinese virus itself is next to nil, it makes no sense whatsoever to get vaccinated for it – especially when the risk of being harmed from the vaccine is higher than the risk of developing symptoms from natural infection.

The medical deep state will continue to push it on the masses, of course, even try to make it mandatory, but stand your ground and just say no, for the protection of you and your family.

And kudos to Berenson for being brave enough to tell the truth about these shots when so many others refuse to do so. Anthony Fauci and everyone else peddling them are guilty of crimes against humanity, and their day will come – hopefully sooner rather than later.

“It’s an experimental vaccine, i.e. not fully tested even according to the manufacturer’s schedule, and therefore must fall under the umbrella of human rights violations if it’s forced upon people,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter.

“It also violates the Nuremberg Code of informed consent,” another responded. “These vax companies and Bill Gates know just how deadly they are … and vax companies are immune from prosecution for death or injury from the vax. Gates needs to be hanged from a lamppost and left swinging like a piñata while we have a shot at him with bats.”

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  4. Most of my family and their friends have already taken the first round of the vaccine and are now eagerly awaiting their 2nd dose. I don’t know what is to become of them but they have made their choice out of fear and brainwashing.

  5. If the light forces were to start being able to physically intervene on humanity’s behalf, I would ask that the light forces start by stopping hospitals from mass murdering innocent people, and make hospitals give patients the proper treatments instead of deadly false treatments. Hospitals are actually spearheading the NWO. I do not currently ask the light forces to intervene in my personal life because I’m not being murdered in a hospital. Personal needs of myself and others can wait. Stopping the cabal is primary. To really stop the cabal, hospitals need to be held accountable ASAP, thank you.

    • Here’s something interesting that was from March 2020:

      New Treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Chloroquine

      I didn’t realize Chloroquine enhanced zinc. All these Covid hospital deaths could have been prevented…

    • If there is a cure for Covid (or whatever this is) that could very easily be made available to the population (all signs are showing that there is a cure(s)), this means that the lockdowns, mask mandates, and toxic vaccines are 100% UNNECESSARY. If people could easily cure themselves once they got Covid (and any other strains of Covid), it wouldn’t even matter if everyone on Earth had the virus because no one would be dying in the first place! No being held hostage at hospitals to be murdered by ventilators either. All. 100%. UNNECESSARY.

      The degree by which the numbers of deaths are high in any given country, and the degree by which there are restrictions on basic freedoms, is the degree by which the said country has been infested by the cabal.

  6. (I would edit my comments if I could to avoid looking like I’m spamming.)
    Ventilators primarily are used to kill off the elderly. I cannot find any new articles regarding the amount of ventilator usage in hospitals.

  7. Follow up: My understanding is that hospitals are testing healthy people for Covid as positive and then murdering them by placing them on ventilators. This is one way hospitals are able to keep the Covid deaths so high.

  8. Also, people need to start fighting back in hospitals. They are still murdering people in hospitals. I wouldn’t do an armed break-in because this would be used in the media against the population, but bring tasers and so forth. It’s time to let them know they can’t get away with this. Long overdue.

    Type this in bitchute to get an idea of what I’m talking about:


    • Link doesn’t work. Pls provide a web link so that we can repost. We are on an ALL OUT truth postings exposing the dark forces. We need to go ALL OUT!! Thank you.


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