Video posting on Bitchute copied from her Facebook Page.

This woman took the vaccine on January 19, 2021 and uploaded this video to her Facebook page on January 29, 2021. She wants to share so that others can become aware of the severity of adverse reactions that can occur as a result of the vaccine. She states in this video that she believes in the use of vaccines. It will be interesting to observe how the belief systems of the global population will begin to shift as more and more information surfaces following the roll-out of these experimental vaccines.

It is important for all of us humans to unite in compassion and support as we move through these difficult times. Yes, there are people who will be taking these vaccines because they are unaware of the risks. Unfortunately there may be resulting injury and possible death. Let us all pray and assist those who conform and participate with the COVID vaccine agenda.


More Bad Reactions on Bitchute

This woman received the Pfizer Vaccine in the beginning of January. Prior to this she had no health issues.

Another Vaccine Reaction from January 13, 2021

33 Year Old Male Nurse in Excellent Health Reacts to the COVID19 Vaccine


More Bad Vaccine Reactions

This woman received her vaccination on January 4, 2021. She was a fully functioning person with no health issues.


In this video, a completely healthy 41 year old woman
dies a day after receiving the vaccine.

and from Del Bigtree and the Highwire:


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  1. Most people should remember that the human body has an immune system that under normal circumstances is quite capable of fighting viruses and other pathogens. However, the corrupt governments, media and big pharma want us all to believe that unless we have the vaccine we’ll risk serious illness or death. Big pharma, as usual, wants to make billions of dollard from peddling their dangerous poisons, and governments have political reasons for wanting everyone vaccinated. Vitamins C, D and zinc help to support the immune system and fight infections.

  2. Many people take info on the Internet and WhatsApp very lightly or don’t believe at all. When MCO was first announced large crowds were found eating in coffee shops despite control measures. Worst are those who queue up to but take aways. No social distancing but freely swingly around their hands. I told off a lady who was behind me when her arm touch. mine. When I told her to observe MCO, she was displeased and ask me back why so loud. That was two days after PJ was designated as a red district. Awareness of Covid19 problems is very important. A matter of attitude.

  3. Thank you so much for putting these videos out. God Bless you.

    WW3 has been well under way for quite some while.
    I’ve not seen a doctor for around 40 + years ago , and my husband and I and our 3 children had all vaccinations effects, removed out of our system, through homeopathic noseoids .
    However, so many million people still rely on their allopathic doctors and vaccinations and it shocks me at the MSM/ / white collar / even some doctors etc, etc who are acting knowingly criminally The last video clearly shows this…. especially very informative…. and is exactly what Judy Milokovitch (sp) explains Here and also another Dr, Here

    My brief Summary: Almost all politicians and their civil service of the entire world are part of the greatest False Flag /Hoax termed Covid 19 to intentionally push people into getting vax?xinations that WOULD quickly or ultimately K I LL them…. The most evil and heinous crime this world has EVER seen (I was born in 1939 so I am 81) a Classical dancer, classical singer a natural health Scenar practitioner, part of the Consciousness and Personal Empowerment and since late 2015 run my youtube Channel with the aim of awakening my family, friends and others ….. Because I couldn’t stand by and do nothing !
    So thank you again for all that you are doing


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