Biden and Fauci Will “Save” America from Covid-19 as FDA Prepares to Fix PCR Tests, Eliminating Millions of False Positive Cases by End of 2021

(Lance D JohnsonIn the beginning of the “pandemic,” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved fraudulent, high-cycle threshold PCR test kits that produced a high percentage of false positives — up to 97 percent. As more false positives turned up, Americans were told that they could be perfectly well, yet be “asymptomatic carriers” who also transmit infections. This was an ELABORATE LIE, a mass deception that permeated the population with fear. The spiking number of cases was based on fraudulent covid-19 testing kits that were designed to show a high percentage of positives based on the high number of amplification cycles used. These tests could not decipher infectious virus material and were not designed to determine viral load. This is why inanimate objects tested positive. This is why thousands of deaths were mis-attributed as covid-19 fatalities.

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by Lance D Johnson, Janaury 10th, 2021

FDA coming clean about false positives, looks to fix test kits as vaccines roll out to make the “pandemic” turn to seasonal illness

Suspiciously, the FDA, the World Health Organization, and America’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Fauci, are suddenly admitting that the standard PCR test for covid-19 is rendering false results. Once the FDA strengthens the criteria for PCR tests, limits the number of Ct cycles, and specifies the diagnostic criteria, then the covid-19 case count will fall. This change will be conducted in accordance with the vaccine rollout, to make the vaccines appear effective. This is also being carried out as the Biden administration takes office. Joe Biden’s ‘leadership’ will appear miraculous for stopping covid-19, as labs suddenly report that people’s symptoms of illness are no longer covid-19. Once the test kits are corrected to show a higher negativity rate, hospitals will report lower cases and people will go back to having their regular colds, flu, RSV, and a host of respiratory infections that circulate every year. The data will support the narrative that shutdowns, masks, and vaccines are effective, as long as they are properly enforced by government officials.

A New York State laboratory, the Wadworth Center, analyzed the results of its July tests and found 794 false positives that came from a test kit with a Ct of 40. These test kits have been nothing but medical fraud, carried out on a massive scale, to be used as a political weapon and means to control populations. A study from the Infectious Diseases Society of American found that tests with an amplification cycle of 25 were producing false positives about 70 percent of the time. At 35 cycles, 97 percent of the positives are determined non-clinical because the virus cannot be cultured and is non-infectious. These covid-19 cases are entirely fake. Even when viral RNA is detected in a nasal swab, this is not proof of disease transmission. Likewise, many of these “asymptomatic” cases are for people who have existing immunity from exposure to other coronaviruses. (Related: Drug company investors are working on way to turn pandemic into seasonal illness for vaccine profit.)

Biden’s authoritarian approach and the vaccines will appear efficacious after FDA fixes faulty test kits

Throughout 2020, the CDC and the FDA refused to put out guidelines for a precise cycle threshold and diagnostic criteria to accurately diagnose covid-19. Health departments around the country did not collect data on the cycle threshold used in the various covid-19 test kits. This is the most important metric to determine if the covid-19 case is real or just a false positive. These institutions knew about the problems with the test kits for months, but opted to retain control over populations based on the lie that people were “asymptomatic spreaders.” At one point the CDC updated its guidelines to discourage testing for healthy “asymptomatic” individuals, but were later pressured to drop the guidelines and push for widespread testing.

After the FDA fixes the test kits, case counts will dwindle in a deceptive way and the media will crown the Biden administration as the saviors. This deception will take place as the vaccines are rolled out to the general public. At this point, public health officials will declare unvaccinated individuals a public health risk. The unvaccinated will be blamed for trying to upend two years of collective efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Any remaining covid-19 cases will be blamed on the unvaccinated and they will be segregated from the workplace, airlines and public gatherings until they are coerced to get all the doses.

This is all about to change as these institutions work together to diagnose covid-19 accurately, with a precise Ct. This will ultimately make the Biden administration appear victorious and big government will be worshiped. The mask mandates and the vaccines will appear efficacious and more propaganda will be used to coerce vaccination. All the medical fraud will be covered up in the wake of this grand deception.

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  2. They are trying to save face, to establish credibility so they can continue with their plans to eliminate 90% of the population and enslave the remaining 10%. By now we should know that the dark forces cannot be trusted. For instance when they say “we want peace”, what they are really saying they want a lack of resistance to their evil agendas. They will never be able to show me something I can respect or trust.

    • Exactly. Fauci and Biden will do and say whatever their Satanic bosses tell them to say and do to continue fooling the people. They are VERY evil and should be in prison or executed for their crimes against humanity

  3. (Fauci – Faust, Faustian pact.)

    I don’t predict that there will be a success with propaganda to make people go along with the agenda. Although the number of people who are vaccinated in the world is now over 150 million, this number is not great enough, nor will be great enough, to get people to believe that Biden and the vaccine ‘saved the day.’

  4. Hi Derek Knauss,

    Can you provide your profile details and current profession so we can know your expertise in raising these issues? Thanks

    • It takes no professional “expertise” to recognize that familiar nauseous rise of bile in the collective throat of Americans when the likes of Bill Gates is presented as a worldwide “expert” on pandemic, disease, vaccine and the guidelines he recommends to “flatten the people” I mean curve making it easier to facilitate the guarantee of spreading the heinous disease that he and his cronies bought and paid for. Meanwhile the puppets in MSM systematically identify then destroy anyone who dare disagree.
      It makes me sick. Yes, pun intended.

    • Where have you been?
      These PCR tests are and have been cycled improperly to spike Covid positive tests results.
      Where have you been?
      There is evidence of this online, research much?


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