Chinese New Year
A deep Dive into the Shadow leads to the Healing
by Katharina Bless

Now 6 planets are in Capricorn, including the Dark Moon conjunction. Mercury has gone retrograde and there is a lot of confusion again in the world, which is clearly visible in the main stream media, social media and all the things that are happening now. Every thing is a like “rope-pulling” forward, backwards and no goal is being reached. What is playing out in the political arena is a movie, a motion picture that is telling a story. What we watch on TV is the “tell a vision” report to brainwash people. So I recommend to turn it off if you are tired of lies.

Clearly visible results can’t be seen before Mercury turns direct on February 22nd. From then onward, we don’t have any retrograde planets for 2 month, which can signify a major break through and move forward.

I want to explain a bit more of the spiritual aspect of the sign Capricorn, because most Astrologers see Saturn only as the ”enemy” which is a very dualistic classification. All energies that are part of our live are here for a reason and we are able to live them according to our consciousness level. At the lowest fear based consciousness level we experience them frightening and if we move higher to a consciousness beyond Duality (judgment of good and bad) we can see that each energy has a very important and necessary.

I would like to show here the consciousness level table from Dr. David R. Hawkins, but I am not allowed, I got an email from a Jane Hawkins that told my I have no right to use it. But you can find it on line every where, so please check it out. Once we move out of the zone of fear, we can see the world with different eyes and if we are moving into a consciousness of love and gratitude, the planetary energies are all benevolent. We then understand and be grateful for energies helping us to let go of things we don’t need anymore.

Btw, this is the perfect time to unclutter, throw things away that you dont need anymore, so you can more easily step into higher consciousness. The story in the Bible about the camel and the eye of the needle is a clear indication that we need to get rid of the “backpacks” to be able to move on. We have to understand that the elite that controls the world is living the lowest aspect of this principle and they are all fear bases, constantly afraid of loosing, drinking the blood of tortured children in the hope to stay young forever. They know deep down that their horrendous practice will not be approved in the afterlife and their journey through the darkness is going to be painful. This is why we have to heal the world and face the horrendous thing that happened now. And with retrograde Mercury it is right in front of our faces, no escape! And there is no escape for those perpetrators and evil beings anymore. Their time is up!

This is an excerpt from my book about SkyView Astrology:
In mythology we find Kronos/Saturn as the limiting and restricting principle. The bloody stories of murder and eating his children is a well known patriarchal side of Saturn but by looking at the signature of the symbol, I would like to highlight another facet of this “God”.

Kronos/Saturn as the Lord of time gives humanity a time frame in which to experience life. Without this principle of “experiencing linear time”, life would not be possible as we know it, because this quality of restriction and demarcation brings forth our life in the physical form.

Being expelled from the void or the “original state of paradise”, created this world of time, form and existence. The bible informs us of our fall from this “original state of paradise” through an act of sin.

Only through “sin” life is possible in the form we know it. In its original meaning it had nothing to do with “bad” or “negative” it simply meant “split from unity” or “stepping into existence”. Its dirty connotation has been drummed into us by the controlling elite because people can only be managed and manipulated as long as they are stuck in feelings of guilt and fear.

Saturn stands for negation, he is called the ‘the devil with just cause’ meaning rightly so because he restricts life and sets boundaries. He is the “God” who ate his children. The word “evil” already says it all: turn it around and it becomes “live”. Evil is “against” life, but of course only in this physical form. Thus we find in the words of Mephistopheles in Goethe’s “Faust” when he said:


I am the Spirit that denies!
And rightly too; for all that doth begin
Should rightly to destruction run;
‘Twere better then that nothing were begun.
Thus everything that you call Sin,
Destruction – in a word, as Evil represent-

That is my own, real element.”

Every thing that is created from matter has a beginning and an end. The end already is contained in the beginning

Looking at the symbol of Saturn, the moon – symbol of the Soul, is connected to the vertical line below the horizontal line of the cross. The soul is on the journey “below” the horizontal level and we can translate this as a retreat from the visibility of the active world.

From a metaphysical point of view we live a life of suffering and drama here on earth but we know we are connected to the Divine through a vertical line but can’t see it because the horizontal line “blocks” the view.

Looking at the symbol and the journey of the soul, we see that the soul is on the path to redemption and has retreated into solitude to contemplate the truth that was finally discovered in Sagittarius. It reconnects through the vertical axis to the Higher Self and Divine within. No activity is necessary anymore. The moon below the horizontal line is the soul, in solitude and contemplation, ready to leave the physical experience behind and to move into the next dimension.

This is illustrated well in the bible when Jesus’ body, was put into the cave/tomb on Saturday after the crucifixion on Friday. Saturn-Day represents the Soul in the process of releasing itself from the physical body before rising on Sun-day.

In Capricorn, we are either being connected to the Teacher or, depending on our level of maturity, are becoming one ourselves. It can be a teacher in any field, all the way from kindergarten to university and beyond. Saturn also can bring an encounter with a spiritual guru and guide us into a silent retreat until we reach the stage where we don’t need external teachers anymore. When the Soul reconnects with the final goal, which is always to go home, we move beyond the physical level into a higher realm which is far beyond our limited 3-dimensional existence.

The encounter with the Capricorn archetype plays a very important part in life. Many would like to bypass this experience and declare Saturn the enemy or the “bad guy”. Approximately every 7 years we go through a major Saturn period marking a quarter of its way around the zodiac which lasts between 28 to 29 years.

At this stage all illusions are being removed. An appropriate way to go through this period in life is to go into a retreat. A cave is a common association with this type of experience to learn how to disconnect from the illusion. The cave can be either real or a metaphor such as being in a dark place in life. On retreat one can find serenity and inner peace and can stop identifying oneself with the ego. Then, and only then, can one become the teacher, having completed the connection with the Higher Self while still in a physical body.

It is up to every human being how they want to encounter Saturn. Those with a very low consciousness level who are still in the fear/ego based reality might go into the dark abyss of bloody sacrifice and will have to pay the bill one day.

For this time I would recommend you to contemplate the topic that nothing is permanent, the only thing that is sure for every one is that every thing is moving. Standing still is not an option, if you try you will be dragged into change, which often materializes as an illness. With such Saturn/Capricorn constellations it can very well be a lethal illness.

I observe many people now leaving the planet, completely unexpected a friend dropped dead on the first of February. It was never clear what happened, he was the GM in a resort and they found him dead in his room Monday morning when he did not show up for the meeting. Officially it was said to be heart failure – at least not the C virus…… !!

In the background a lot of thing are happening that are not visible, they are also “kind of” prepared in the underground and will emerge towards the end of the month. The full moon on Feb 27 will show a lot of “break trough” that is coming our way.

Be patient and trust… trust…. trust….that there is a Divine Plan and that every thing is moving, we have moved into the Photon Belt and the energies are shifting. We are not moving into the Age of Aquarius (remember, every thing supported by the MSM is questionable) but we are definitely moving out of the Kali Yuga into the Golden Age.


One last word about the Chinese New Year: this constellation will bring a difficult year for the Chinese and their country. Those who thought they are in clear rule are not and the whole control system will crash. It’s a good sign for the simple people, they have lost so much already, that they will move through this with grace and take over from the cabal. But their big break through might be a bit later… so be patient, the Golden Age will also come for you!

In general, every human being with a healthy mind can understand that all these shifts and changes will take some time. What I heard from many and also find confirmed here, is that around the year 30/32 every thing will have changed and we truly walk in the Golden Age

Many Blessings, Katharina

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  1. Sin means ’empty’, void, without wisdom, understanding or a sense of responsibility. We are here to master the powerful energies and consciousness of which we were created. Because we all most always do that by creating dark energies, energies that would destroy what is referred to as ‘heaven’, we are given access to the Earth to learn and where we ‘pay the price of our mistakes’ leaving that dark energy behind when we exist our bodies at the end of each life. When the karma paid to teach us the results of our choices and actions and the dark energies are transmuted into Light, we earn the right to enter and learn from the higher dimensions. There is always more and more to learn, but that doesn’t mean we will always be in a physical body on the Earth.

    With each life there are traps that test and all too often embraced by the ego. When we can see and avoid those traps, are higher powers are given to us to work with. We, then become masters of creation (Elohim).


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