by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As mass vaccination campaigns with experimental COVID injections now move on to the next demographic populations after beginning with senior citizens in assisted care facilities, and the healthcare workers in those facilities, the next targeted groups are educators.

We have seen multiple reports, for example, in the U.S. of entire school districts having to close down following a mass COVID injection campaign, as so many people get sick after the injections that there have not been enough employees in some school districts to hold classes right away following these massive injections.

Last week, I was informed of 3 deaths among faculty following COVID injections in one school district in Portland. But with nothing printed in the media and social media accounts silenced, I could not get collaborating evidence to publish those stories.

The Italian press, however, has now reported another death following the AstraZeneca COVID injection, a young professor from Gela, Italy. This follows our report from last week about 31-year-old Ilaria Pappa, a professor from Ischia, Italy, that The COVID Blog reported.

The professor from Gela is 37-year-old Zelia Guzzo. The Italian news publication reports:

Zelia didn’t make it. After 12 days the professor died.

Only a miracle could have saved her, changing a clinical picture that already last week had appeared irreversible. Shortly before eight o’clock last night it was ascertained that for Zelia Guzzo, 37 years old, there was nothing more to do.

The 37-year-old teacher leaves her husband, also a teacher, and a young son. A tragedy that has shocked the family and all the colleagues where Zelia worked and was appreciated.

Twelve days ago the young woman had felt ill and had been forced to hospitalization first in the hospital, then urgently to Sant’Elia of Caltanissetta. Conditions made very serious because her condition was affected by a cerebral hemorrhage.

Three weeks ago she had received the Astrazeneca vaccine as well as all teachers in the province.

She had been breathing artificially for a week.

The prosecutor’s office of Gela has already started the first investigations to determine the possible causality with the vaccine she had received on March 1. A huge tragedy, which left in shock not only those who knew Zelia but the whole city. (Source.)

This is now the second time we have seen a criminal investigation started against the AstraZeneca COVID vaccines in Italy, following a death after injection.

Prosecutors in the northern Italian region of Piedmont also started a criminal investigation after a 57-year-old clarinet teacher passed away less than 24 hours after having the first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. (Story here.) is reporting that the shot that killed Zelia Guzzo in Gela is NOT from the same questionable batch of AstraZeneca COVID doses responsible for the death of Stefano Paternò, a 43-year-old Italian serviceman in Sicily. (Source.)

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor of Gela has ordered the seizure of medical records and documentation relating to the vaccine of the young teacher.

To report that the drug administered was not part of the famous lot ABV2856 seized by Aifa.

In short, the investigation goes on, but the pain remains. The pain of those who have seen break the dream of a 37 year old ready to protect others and herself, ready to fulfill her duty, ready to vaccinate to return to a normalcy still far away. (Source.)

As we reported last week, the adverse reactions from the COVID injections in Europe and recorded in EudraVigilance, show that for the AstraZeneca COVID vaccines, Italy has more deaths and injuries than any other European country reported in EudraVigilance.

All of this information is being censored by the Pharma-controlled corporate media, as well as Big Tech, which is the only reasonable explanation as to why people are continuing to rush out and take one of these experimental injections.

What is it going to take for people to wake up and understand that the intention behind these shots is NOT to provide immunity against a SARS virus, but to control people and serve the goals of the eugenicist Globalists who have publicly stated that they want to reduce the world’s population?

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  1. I am with you but its painful to see your own family doing stupid things like taking the vaccine. The feeling of helplessness and broken families left in its wake is the tragedy of it all.

  2. I'm OK with all the idiots taking the vaccine. Fewer idiots in the Gene pool the better. The rest of us will be enslaved. Well what's the difference between that and how we are living now? I sure as hell won't have to put up with watching moron TV like 'Big Brother', 'Bachelor' or football…. so let them trip over themselves to get to the front of the line for their jab…

  3. I'm not sure if I've posted the following vaccine information in a comment here, but it's due to the homework of a Dutch lawyer, Maria Louise Genet, that I've learned about the procedure within the vaccination design, that causes the vaccines to be experimental and yet being given the green light.

    It's a bit of homework to read through, but it's educational as much as raising questions, if you see what's going on. Not meant to be in fear, but to be informed, and therefore capable of making choices based on knowledge. The choice to take the vaccine is entirely up to you, as it should be.

    From my point of view, it's helpful to be informed about what is entering your body, moreover, informed about how it's possible to produce a vaccine, in such a short period of time, while normally, it takes at least a decade to present one.

    Carers, doctors and nurses, are reporting about elderly care home residents, showing flu symptoms within days or weeks after the 1st vaccination, and most of them passing away. Some virologist-experts predict that the vaccines work as a killswitch, due to the substances in them and due to the experimental phase 3 the producers, Pfizer Biontech and Moderna, have been given a green light.

    Pfizer Biontech has declared in their protocol of vaccine-production, that the vaccine that is now distributed, is in phase 3 of testing, therefore declaring it as still in the experimental phase. In normal procedures, a phase 4 is completing the production, with tests and research on side-effects of the vaccine, on animals and humans. Which is said to be expected to be complete at the start of 2023.

    Also here, it's described as "conditional authorization" (for Pfizer)
    "21 December 2020
    COMIRNATY® (also known as BNT162b2) will be granted a conditional authorisation by the European Commission to place the first mRNA vaccine on the market; this milestone is a global, concerted effort to produce the first approved mRNA vaccine .

    You can read about it in this link:

    This is the Moderna declaration about the experimental phase ending in 2023: (I've translated this part in English, for the link is in Dutch)
    This is a conditional authorisation and in accordance with Article 14a(4) of Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003. In order to complete the characteristics of the active substance and the production process of the finished product, the holder of the authorisation must provide additional determined information within the specified timeframe:

    Description deadline
    January 2021
    In order to complete the characteristics of the active substance and the production process of the finished product, the authorisation holder shall provide additional data.

    April 2021
    In order to confirm the consistency of the active substance and the production process of the complete product (initial and final scales), the licensor holder should provide additional comparative and validating data.

    June 2021
    To this date the monthly in between-time reports are distributed. In order to ensure consistent product quality, the licences holder should provide additional information on stability, assess stability of the active substance and the finished product and the specifications of the working substance and the finished product after further experience with production.

    December 2022 (at the same time Pfizer Biontech completes the 4th phase)
    In order to confirm the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna, the holder should submit the final Clinical Research Report for the randomised, placebo-controlled, observer-blind mRNA-1273-P301 study.

    According to Moderna: (I've translated this part from Dutch again)

    "Individuals 18 years and older
    The COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna is administered in a 2-dose course (0.5 ml each). It is recommended to administer the second dose 28 days after the first dose (see sections 4.4 and 5.1).
    No data are available on the interchangeability of the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna, with other COVID-19 vaccines, to complete the vaccination course. Individuals who have received the first dose COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna should be given the second dose of COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna to complete the vaccination course.

    Paediatric patients
    The safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna in children or adolescents in the age of less than 18 years have not yet been established. No data is available".

    This is a reason to be concerned merely for the Dutch population, but it's proof of an alarming development, apart from the fact that never before, such a change of law is made. I've received this information from a Dutch lawyer, who has published her study-results, and who was invited by another Dutch lawyer to present her views. The interview is in Dutch, unfortunately you can't follow it.

    Another decision, which is synchrone with the 2020 start of vaccine-research and production, is the following change of a law that forbids GMO application in the production of vaccines: (translated from Dutch, can't provide the link, sorry)

    "On 17 July 2020, the European Commission published a Regulation which came into force a day later, on 18 July 2020. This Regulation 2020/1043 has put parts of the GMO regulations out of action in the event of clinical trials for COVID-19. For example, no GMO authorisation is required for clinical research into curative or preventive treatment of COVID-19.As a result of the Regulation 2020/1043, the Dutch 'Temporary regulation deviating treatment of gene therapy licence applications in connection with the fight against COVID-19' has been deactivated.

    Regulation 2020/1043 will continue to apply as long as COVID-19 is considered a pandemic by the WHO, or as long as COVID-19 is considered an emergency within the territory of the Union notified in accordance with Decision No. 1082/2013/EU."

  4. It's devastating, this loss of lives, of a mother, teacher, in short… educators.
    Stunning, how such serious side-effects of experimental vaccines are suppressed. The damage of vaccination is clear in the US, the UK and in The Netherlands. When I looked at that chart, I noticed that The Netherlands is on the 3rd place after Italy. With France on the 2nd place. Mon Dieu!!

    I'm shocked by it, and it strengthens my choice to not take the vaccination. Although it might mean that I won't be able to return to Britain, when a vaccine passport is mandatory. So far, it seems that Britain is eager to introduce such a digital app. I'll sneak on land, arriving in a small harbour, sailing.

    This afternoon, I've enjoyed a chat with a man in my neighbourhood, whose dog welcomed me on a bench in the sun. We discussed vaccination, and I told him of my view that for me, a healthy person, I saw no reason to be vaccinated. He wrinkled his nose, and took a few steps away from me.

    He was a kind and gentle person though, and he told me that he was going to receive his vaccination tomorrow, and that he felt it was far better to take the vaccin. "I'm a very sick man, I need to be careful, for when I do get sick I might die. My daughter works in a hospital, and she witnesses very sick people with COVID-19"

    Oops, I reminded myself of the value to be careful with quickly sharing my opinion about vaccination. The subject is so emotionally charged. I told this man that I completely understood his condition and that, although I'd studied many scientific reports, including the websites of vaccine designers, which caused me to have doubts about the safety, that the decision to take a vaccine is a personal choice. And I meant what I said.

    Fortunately, none of my family members, or friends got sick, and not even friends of friends, that I've heard of. I've got no experience with this flu in my life, and I hope to keep it that way. But, for others it can be so very different, as it is for this man I met. I can't believe that this vaccination program, with such evident undeniable cause-and-effect showing up, will pass unnoticed and neglected in the near future.

    Although I'm secured and in trust that change for the better is visible in the larger picture, I'm pretty sure that "the last word about the issue won't be spoken for a long time to come", as we say in The Netherlands.


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