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  1. Trollers or rock-and-rollers for truth, here's my point of view:
    Can you imagine how moving in duality consciousness keeps us shackled in 3D, and that this is exactly what 4D entities prefer us human beings to stay put in? There’s such dark humour in this pandemonium called “Wanderer in Bewilderment”

    Please, keep in mind that the narrative of perceiving ET existence/presence/beings as negative, dangerous, and a threat, might be a deeply embedded program in the human mind. Not only, possibly, due to a once upon a time trauma, related to ET beings who made us suffer, and slave for them, but also since the decision is made to "create" the concept of a common enemy to our planet, in order to direct our noses to a picture, that shows how we, collectively, need to be afraid for an alien threat.

    So that we’re willing to support efforts to fight and destroy ET beings (aliens who are called our enemies). It’s my belief that the purpose of this, is to feed off humanity’s fear and other emotions that raise adrenalin levels, and use it as an inspiration to continue war. On planet Earth and in her atmosphere. We, as humanity are meant to feel trust in supposedly well-meaning messages from certain Wizards of Oz, and feel protected as a result. As I see it, it’s likely a mirage, a fata morgana.

  2. Just read newsletter from James Gilliland who is very disturbed by this announcement from Greer. Here is a quote from JG: “He (Greer) quotes the CFR’s statement that there are no negative ETs when it is well known the global elite and the CFR is replete with Satanic/Luciferian influence tied to the Grey and reptilian alliance. He has always taken the position that there are no negative ETs when history, every sacred book, the Nag Hammadi, every ancient culture, even temple and tomb walls record encounters with negative ETs and unseen negative influences.” JG seems a better source of info than the above quote. Also incl. is a photo from 1993 showing Greer at a mtg. in WY with one of the Rockefellers. Be discerning

    • Hello AliecinW, your end conclusion "Be discerning" is in direct opposition to your conclusion that Dr Greer is in a photo with one of the Rockefellers. To conclude that this proves his malevolence is based on an assumption deep in the groove, as I perceive your comment, using discernment 😉

      I'm going to write an essay about this subject of "alien threat" and present it to the moderators of PFC.

  3. Every single person on this planet is damaged spiritually and totally condition to "respond" without question… Greer, Goode, Wilcox, and many many more are working hard to end the suppression and bring all to justice who are and have been sticking it to us. My heart goes out to all the people and children that have been taken off world. This crap must stop!

  4. Suddenly, at the last moment, in a rush, he's preparing a docu on the history of disclosure. It's been since 2001 when the Disclosure conference. WHAT has Greer been doing since? I have seen him running some podunk seminar for a handful of people. about how to contact ETs.
    The Disclosure conference seemed authentic. Sirius movie was disappointing. It's always "any day now…we're just about there… I can almost reveal now…but not…wait…wait…donate."

    Meanwhile you've got Wilcock and Carey Goode yakking about galactic fleets here to help. Seems like these guys are in some kind of competition for the Woo Market, they never work together but keep spoonfeeding their fanbase.

    WHY this put-on-the-pressure last minute crapola? Seems like a pincer movement to add to the confusion: one side says nay, other says yea.

    Hold on! I'm getting a tingle…I think I'm about to Ascend….pfffffft…oops. sorry, a fart. I ass-ended along with all the other "lightworkers…"

    • Are you having fun, Tyler? It's clear to me, that shouting idiotic remarks at random, without taking the time to check on the work of those you make wrong, is a favourite hobby of yours. And if you're paid for this sort of debunking without proof or facts about what you're saying, well, I'll pay attention, but only once, now.

  5. This news came in my mail today:
    'The US Department of Defence has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of a 'Space-Time Modification Weapon' that will ensure battlefield supremacy by bending the laws of physics.

    While the concept might seem like something dreamed up by tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists, the US military has a long history of dabbling in research that sounds like science fiction.'

    Dr Greer's comment:
    " The media is gearing up the UFO war narrative AS PREDICTED.

    Here's the article about the "Space-Time Modification Weapon":

    Dr. Greer's work:

  6. Benjamin Fullford the Jew. Dr Greer. "Light Workers who are benevolant". Everyday your operation deceives and you are showing. This website has done nothing for anybody but keep them in fake compartments of fake wisdom.

    Publish this… Cobra, "New Age" highly influemcible woman talking about "events", this is another ((( QANON ))) style operation "Trust" as used by Sovieys in WW2 and it shows.

    Go on postimg more Dr Greer.
    Best DS guy ever!

  7. People expose themselves as disinfo agents when they write totally negative comments about Dr.Steven Greer because if they spent 20 minutes watching what he has to say ,and they hate what he has to say ,one would think that normally , one would just not bother watching and just move on.
    LOL . Bots or disinfo agents.

  8. I get pissed every time i listen to him as he mixes truth with disinfo. for one thing we are enslaved because of luciferian races like the greys, reptilians, dracco's, although over 80 percent are good- of the light. another thing the CIA-ETC as is most of the government before trump is very corrupt-satanists.a lot of them know of the d.u.m.b.s , etc


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