Great information on the effects of the vaccination on people. Footage of nanotechnology in the masks and swabs. High frequency readings and magnetic effects of vaccinated people. The use of CDS to kill the nanotech.

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  1. Great post, thank you for presenting a report, testimonies from REAL people, who share their experience in REAL life. Close to where the traps are, hospitals and their protocols. These findings of "alien" substances in PCR-test swabs, and facemasks, are reported by numerous researchers. The use of a frequency measuring device is the best way to show evidence, for that's what people usually accept.

    I've thought about buying such a device, also for measuring the effect of my smart meter and digital devices, but I'm at risk of growing into a paranoid madwoman walking around with the thing, testing whenever I find a chance. That fantasy has a sobering effect on me and will prevent me from acting on it, but it's very funny to see myself in that role. On stage, it would cause a tsunami of laughs.

    My sisters answered my critical views on the pande-mic-monium with "they just follow protocol, that's what they've got to do" as an excuse, also for following it themselves. A chosen narrative.
    Since I found out, learning a lot, that the absence of an open mind and the willingness to ask questions, open ones, means that I should be silent, it's helpful to pay attention to these signs, plus reading body language. Sadly, I can't discuss this subject with my 2 sisters, who are the only siblings in touch with me (from a total of 7).

    As minister's children, we grew up in an atmosphere with fierce debates and quarrelling, by members of the church, affecting my father's position also. He was told to leave his ministership.
    Not that he landed in misery, for he never felt the calling. His change of career, joining the military, as a pastor, a spiritual guide for "the boys" he played cards with and drank beer, port, etc. was just to his liking. for he remained a boy all his life.

    My sisters, and it's hilarious in a way, feel that I'm joining a fanatic party, similar to those in our youth, causing our family at large to break in two. Just like that, never heard a word from them again. Whole villages broke into two communities, with bakeries, butchers, groceries closing their shops, losing half of their customers. That's no rumour, these are facts, in the history of Holland.

    The emotional charge of our younger years is taking its toll now. Although I'm able to navigate through it, then and now. Choosing to be loyal to integrity, loyal to my true nature, enjoying the "dance on the thin rope", the jester role in diplomacy, and honing communication skills. As a Capricorn I'm coming into my own at a later age, blessed with vitality and some wisdom learned from experiences.

    Lately, I've stumbled on a Bible quote:
    [God] does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth [generation]. (Exodus 34:7b
    Exodus 34:7b

    I've come to understand how we, as humans, punish ourselves by hanging on to past grudges and grieving, in such a way that we project them on others in a much later moment in time. We punish ourselves, there's no [God] involved. Fortunately, there's wisdom in others too, who give their view on this Bible Text. Below is one of several videos about compassion. The Jewish word for it is similar to the word for "womb". We will learn the meaning of that word, through these trying times, sooner or later.

    What a little jewel to find this animation:

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