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Theory:  The new ‘Delta variant’ is what they are selling… in reality, they already know people are going to drop like flies when they turn on their new 5G system to full power…. in particular, those who are vaxxed! When they turn on their 5G system to full effect, it will kill people and they will blame it on the delta variant.  

Pfizer Killer Mystery Needle Analyzed To Contain 99% Graphene Oxide And Not Much Else!!

I Will Explain Why 5G And Heavy Metals In Our Cells Will Burn Thousands Of Holes Throughout Our Bodies!!

Search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=5g+delta+power+system&atb=v255-1&ia=web

Hidden in plain site photo proof:

Notice the all seeing eye??

The All Seeing Eye Symbol And Meaning ~ Distruber

This supports the theory that the delta variant, is their plan to cap the illuminati pyramid… thereby making completing their plan for total control.

Is it too late?

Well…  it is very late in the game already, but have faith, have faith in the Divine plan. Have faith in God.  Have faith in yourself that you can wake up, help others wake up, and make the world a better place now… don’t delay.  The ones who seek to fulfill this plan work 24/7… and so it’s worth noting, that the masses have to also do more, and to raise our frequencies, and to be more driven and passionate than those who seek to permanently enslave us. Don’t delay… be light now!

Now we have a major clue:  The idea is that when they turn on the system, it will create mass death… this is why they have the guillotines, body bags, and plastic coffins already ready for years! Ideally you would awaken NOW, and help out in any way you can! Don’t be that adult that goes back to sleep, when you could have been useful to help save yourself and others. Can the women and children of the world count on you? Can Christ count on you?

Uh Where’s Christ?

Lack of Financial Support for the Work of the Christ

FEMA and CDC have been working together since the very creation of FEMA. Here we see the plastic coffins which are owned by the CDC. For well over a decade, they were staging these plastic coffins near all major urban areas. Since CDC is involved, you know it has something to do with DISEASE, VIRUS, and/or INOCULATION (aka Biowarfare/Bioweapon)
There is a pattern to what they are doing:
Mass graves prepared ahead of time:
Thousands of Guillotines Manufactured and shipped to the United States:
FedEx shipping out hundreds of thousands of body bags:
FEMA coffins being dispersed across the United States
Its not just. Its unjust. Its Genocide
The plastic coffin factory in the middle of Georgia
If you plan to kill 200 million people in this country, you have to prepare. If you cannot see it you are blind, brainwashed and foolish.

Love, Indian

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  1. Extremely Urgent Breaking News 27th July , 2021- United Network News Special Report

    Game Over ! Depopulation Agenda DESTROYED !

    Which was to be activated Via MICROSOFT Azure BAD Ai Elements !



  2. Personally , I don’t care what color Jesus is as long as he comes to get his people and I am white. I am putting my trust in him alone. God wins the fight.

  3. A theory? What's the value of one person's theory based on assumptions? And photo proof isn't the same as finding proof of the connection between 5G's impact and any damaging impact caused by the vaccines used to beat the virus. Most of all, there's no proof of experience either. Why not keep this theory for oneself and live accordingly? Prepared, but not as if death drops out of the sky soon.

    I find this report too much smelling of "seeing snakes on one's path" or "bears on the road", a fata morgana concocted out of fear and conclusions, made based on presumed outcomes saying "It's how the bad guys operate, and it will be that way in the future also" A proper doom-and-gloom scenario.

    I don't deny the damaging effect 5G can have on our nervous system etc. but as long as there's no factual proof of people dying by the 100's or 1000's, put in those body bags and coffins, kept in store, mentioned in this article, which is speculation also, based on assumption, this article isn't really helpful. I'm moving on to investigating subjects that are happening right now, causing disruption of health and society, visibly, with real people involved.

    It's easy to sit on one's comfortable chair, in front of a screen, and dig through mountains of content present in the cloud, finding morsels of food for thought that are welcome in the diet of PFC moderators. I'm not suggesting that it's bad, or wrong, it's just not my cup of tea anymore.

    The content of too much articles here isn't substantial enough, and I find the connection with real people, in real circumstances, especially those who build up, create, and improve quality of life, more valuable, with a quality of a two-way exchange of inspiration and enthusiasm.

    To be alive and alove, for me at present, calls for simplicity, and a sober mind. Quality, in the present moment, over the huge quantity of knowledge I've gathered in the last 25 years, and putting that to practice, by supporting others in their understanding, coming to grips with the conditions we're living in together.

    From the Douay-Rheims Bible
    "To Everything There is a Season

    All things have their season, and in their times all things pass under heaven.
    A time to be born and a time to die.
    A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.
    A time to kill, and a time to heal.
    A time to destroy, and a time to build.
    A time to weep, and a time to laugh.
    A time to mourn, and a time to dance.
    A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather.
    A time to embrace, and a time to be far from embraces.
    A time to get, and a time to lose.
    A time to keep, and a time to cast away.
    A time to rend, and a time to sew.
    A time to keep silence, and a time to speak.
    A time of love, and a time of hatred.
    A time of war, and a time of peace".

    The last sentence is written by a human being, it's not ordained by any authority of a divine order.
    May we find our way out of duality consciousness, division and suppression, toward liberation.

  4. I believe that before the killswitch is turned on, intervention in some way or form will prevent this from happening. Nuclear war material was made unclear by visiting ET-crafts some time ago, and the containership Evergreen was interfered with by letting it block the Suez Canal, preventing Bill Gates plan to kill a vast stretch of soil in South America. I believe I've come to know of this through PFC articles, or Benjamin Fulford's report.

    Since July 1st this month, Utrecht is now in full swing, with 5G turned on, so to speak, I am still alive, with all those around me. In the centre of the city, everything seems to be normal as usual, buzzing with people, tourists, many racing delivery bikes and scooters, all alive and kicking.

    There was one strange experience though, last Sunday late afternoon. I was in my garden, enjoying a half-sleep, when my nose began to itch terribly, spreading toward the centre of my forehead.
    Although I rubbed my nose, to calm the itching, it returned immediately after. For 15 minutes or so the itching continued, it felt like a rash of an allergy of some sort. Out of the blue!
    I decided to look into a mirror, and I noticed that there was a rash, also on my cheeks.
    Rescue cream was helpful to put an end to the itching, and all was okay soon. The rash was gone.
    But this was a very strange experience, unusual to say the least. I wonder if it was caused by pollen, seeds or other plant substances, floating in the air. For it was a windy day with lots of these present.
    Has anyone experienced this? Or noticed a slight shortage of breath, at times? Since I've moved from the rural countryside of Devon UK, returning to my Dutch home, this slight shortage of breath showed up, with a rash on my cheeks. That part of the face represents the lungs, and I wonder if this most densely populated country in Europe is the cause, with an equally dense presence of digital technology. 5G's impact on citizens of Utrecht is a fact now, since July 1st. Was it the cause?

    • Yes I have been having shortness of breath. Ive not noticed a rash. Also Ive noticed that my garden, this year, is different than any other year. The grapes have not produced nor have the artichokes. The collard greens, dill, melons and squash will not sprout. Tobacco is the only plant doing well and not all sprouts have survived. Despite all the mass watering nothing has survived. I have everything covered with a shade and have kept wet. This is weird.

      • Hello Eva, are you in an area where 5g is dense, with a dense population as well?
        Is 5G recently activated? Or has there been unusual weather patterrns, like droughts for a long time, and maybe even pollution of some sort in the air?

  5. 328,240,000 Americans. 80% identify as White (262,592,000). What happens when you inform and enforce upon them that everything they have ever been taught is wrong, Jesus is not White, the Ancient Egyptians are not White, the Hebrews are not White and do not occupy Jerusalem, the people occupying Jerusalem are Khazars and the time of Gentile Dominance is finished on this planet? 200,000,000 have heart attacks because they are so attached to what it means to identify as White and no one cares about or loves them enough to break the news to them in any way or fashion that would force them to pay attention.

  6. Maybe some of the covid vaccines have graphene oxide, others have the spike protein to cause prion, and others are saline. Can of worms for sure.


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