As the mandates are increasing and the “deadlines” fast approach, YOU SHOULD NOT QUIT YOUR JOB. Do not be fooled if your boss says you must resign. Make your boss fire you and do not sign anything or agree to anything that says otherwise. Do not agree with “voluntary resignation.” If you are fired, you are eligible for unemployment. Anything else and you are not.

If you are fired, you place the costs back on them and you get or you fight for unemployment benefits. Let them experience the burden associated with their choices. Avail yourself of any government dollars that have gone to support those previously unwilling to work. Use all tools and resources you can including the CDC’s unlawful mandate to halt rents, etc. We suspect you ordinarily would not take advantage of these systems, but these are extraordinary times.

In the last 18 months we have watched the Communists in America radically change the definition of simple words in their efforts to strip away our rights. Words such as “vaccine,” “herd immunity,” and “cases” have literally been redefined by the Communists to support this power grab. By changing the traditional definition of just four words, these usurpers were able to create, in the minds of the media and the public, a frightening global emergency. Do not allow these tyrants to crush what remains of your rights. Do not “agree” to be fired.

We are at the “delta” variant. The last variant is totalitarianism.

Stand Strong. You are the Hero you have been waiting for.




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  1. Hello United, I'm creating a post for PFc in order to present what I've found as verification of what you've left in your comment about the replacement of the WHO by a Cease & Desist order 31 August.
    So that you know I'm referring to this comment of yours, as the spark that grew my interest in it.
    I believe it's important enough to be presented as a post here.

    Fingers crossed if this comment shows up, it seems that there's a technical issue at times, when my comments don't show up after publishing, I'm risking a repetition of the same comment now, but I'll stop after the 3rd attempt!

  2. This is about the (positive) verification of the comment, on this page, by United, from Sept. 3 2021 At 5:35 PM:
    "The WHO has lost their Charter !, The Global Health & Wellness Consortium Officially Takes Action to Replace The WHO. Ratified Cease & Desist Orders 31 August , 2021 In the Hall Of records Requires All Vaccines MUST be destroyed Immediately !!!

    And to Be enforced By the Global Intelligence Agency & Affiliated partners

    I've sent an email with a request for verification of this action. This is what I've received today from
    the Deputy Director GIA <[email protected]>
    Tue 07/09/2021 00:13

    The actual letter with the order is here:

    The person who has sent me a response included these links in the email:


      Read more:

      Drinking alcohol after getting a coronavirus vaccine can significantly blunt the immune response and potentially render the vaccine ineffective, according to a leading Russian scientist. “We strongly recommend refraining from alcohol for three days after each injection,” Alexander Gintsburg, head of the Gamaleya National Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow, which is developing the Sputnik V vaccine, told New Scientist.

      • Hello iber-marc, I wouldn't recommend alcohol to render the vaccine ineffective. Also, it's not clear to me how your comment is meant, when a Russian scientist recommends refraining from alcohol for three days after each injection. To me, that doesn't sound like an encouragement for drinking alcohol, do you see what I mean?
        Besides, alcohol turns the physical condition rather acidic, which isn't exactly a boost for one's health. If I were you, I shouldn't place the horse behind the wagon, by first taking the vaccines, and then start disarming them. Choose to stay free from vaccination, and organize your life around that choice, I suggest.

        • It's funny, that now, on November 30th 2021, I found this comment, my response to iber-marc, again by googling my name, and what I've forgotten to mention, is, and it's hilarious also, that by drinking oneself to oblivion, one can't even discern what it is that one suffers from. Except from a hangover after those 3 days. It's great humour, to me, to recommend alcohol, especially coming from a Russian scientist. The Russians know what drinking is! Za nas! 😜

  3. I do hope that my former account came through alright. So far I haven't found any "Ratified Cease & Desist Orders 31 August 2021" or other sources of info confirming what's in the comment of United, here on this page.

    Since the far reaching consequences of this announcement, when it's genuine, I'm as much in doubt about the truth of this source, as in hope that it might be true. I do enjoy a bit of detective work though, and as we say in the Netherlands "You never know how a cow catches a hare". 😊

    Here's what I found when visiting the Global Intelligence Agency:

    Herein explained are the laws of the land governing planet Earth in accordance with Natural Law by which all life abides. They are universally essential to maintain life in harmony with our coexistence on this planet, affording all living beings the opportunity, direction, and support to thrive".


  4. Breaking : September 3 , 2021

    The WHO has lost their Charter !, The Global Health & Wellness Consortium Officially Takes Action to Replace The WHO. Ratified Cease & Desist Orders 31 August , 2021 In the Hall Of records Requires All Vaccines MUST be destroyed Immediately !!!

    And to Be enforced By the Global Intelligence Agency & Affiliated partners


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