From our friend starlight432.blogspot:

Getting hopium and being later let down is far worse than gloom and doom fear-mongering. It is incredibly cruel to lead people on, making them think matters are improving, when in reality the world is going straight to hell. If young children getting the experimental drug isn’t the world going straight to hell, I don’t know what is.

At least with gloom and doom there’s a chance the gloom and doom won’t come true, in which case there is a sigh of relief. But with hopium, people are led to believe that dramatic positive change is just around the corner, only to find a dystopia lying in wait for them at the other end, ready to vanquish the last bit of Light they’ve been holding onto.

Darkness is merely nourished by the loosh from gloom and doom, but has an all-out feast from hopium.

People have been betrayed far worse than they realize, and now it’s time for the final planetary purge of Darkness.

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  1. Good to see Starlight432's stuff is going places.

    The 'signing contract to incarnate here' is a rubbish psy-op that's the product of the rear ends of soy-boy neckbeards who are 30+ years old in physical age only.

  2. Stop looking for "hopium" from others, just like, stop looking for the "doom & gloom" and then it won't exist. It's a state of Consciousness, your perception of the world/your surroundings.

  3. Hello Cassandra, I'm not commenting to prove the existence of ET beings, and others who present themselves as saviours or boogie men. But when I read this part of your comment:
    "….humans on Earth are incredibly naive and gullible, which is no wonder after millennia of being deceived and manipulated….." the first thought that comes to mind is "the fact that only 5% percent of a planet's population is "in the know" with 95% in ignorance, asleep, shows that we, as humanity, need to learn from our experiences, instead of repeating the same life cycle over and over again.
    I do believe, for myself, that I'm on planet Earth for a reason, with a purpose. It's clear to me, but too private to put in words for others. I'm not experiencing any form of slavery at this moment in my life, I've never made so many sovereign choices as in the last 20 months of the pandemic-parade.
    And so, the emancipation from mental slavery begins with bringing slavery to reactions deep in the groove, with fixed opinions, to an end. Do you expect to be liberated by an external power? Really?

  4. Amen to that, clip and clear statements. Thank you, Starry Light.
    The turnips are done, as we say in the Netherlands, when we mean the limit is reached.

    According to some commenters on the recent UK Column report presenting worries about the Ukrain squirmishes topic, Britain has announced the introduction of digital currency, in April this year.

    Also, Britain's Health Security Agency has published a Covid-19 Surveillance Report, with a statement, on page 23, that antibodies in twice-vaxxed people are less present than in those with natural immunity after recovery from SARS-Cov-2, concluding that this antibody-drop, basically, will be permanent. BOOM!

    Now, isn't that proof of the Sandman throwing quicksand in many eyes?
    So that those eyes are all fixed on the Pied Piper of Hameln?
    Oh, when citizen's were allowed to speak in parliament, I'm the first to stand in line 🤨

  5. Thank God, the penny is dropping slowly, although humans on Earth are incredibly naive and gullible, which is no wonder after millennia of being deceived and manipulated, ESPECIALLY by the agents of the so-called "Light Forces", "positive ETs", "angels" and "ascended masters".
    Who are these guys really? What is their agenda? Why haven't things ever improved on this prison planet? Not the apparently "bad guys" are our worst enemies, but those hiding and manipulating from behind the scenes, pretending to be our saviors.
    "Oh, sorry, cosmic laws don't allow us to interfere, but just hold the light." Familiar? Hold the light for how long? Until we humans are all exterminated?
    Howcome the cosmic laws don't apply to the evil forces? Why are they allowed to interfere and hurt our free will on a daily basis?
    "But you signed a contract before you were born to learn some lessons." Really? Where is that contract? How do I know it does exist? What is in it? Who really signed it in my name before I was even born? The whole concept of a pre-birth contract itself (which we are not allowed to know anything about) is a creepy manipulation to make us do whatever the manipulators wish for. If I accept this, I give my consent to be endlessly manipulated, used and tortured by visible and invisible forces.
    Sorry, I DO NOT CONSENT.

    And I will question anything and everything until I experience it as a tangible fact, not fiction.
    It's time to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery!


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