New theory throws out Einstein’s theory of general relativity

  From “Using newer mathematical tools, my colleague and I have demonstrated a new theory that may accurately describe the universe.” A pair of professors fr0m North Carolina State University are proposing an entirely new model of physics that could rewrite the way we think about matter. Their extremely ambitious proposal, as outlined in … Read more

Focus on Fauci Call To Action – Jan 5 – Make This Viral

From Sacha Stone, make this viral!  Register and join the call January 5, 2021. We are counting down for our Focus on Fauci event on Tuesday Jan 5th at 10am EST / 4pm GMT – Register for this free event at Go here to register: Lineinthesand START SHARING NOW: If you are on social media … Read more

FALSE FLAG © (Novella)

Suggested reading from one of our subscribers: Description: 117-page narrative based on fact w/fictional characters about the 9/11 cover-up. Positive ending. Intended to inform and inspire readers to take action and to share w/others. Afterword and Appendix w/quotes from A brief synopsis: FRANK lost his 26-year-old daughter Lisa. ANNA lost her husband Arturo, a … Read more