The worldwide offensive to permanently liberate humanity from the Satanic Khazarian mafia is intensifying on all fronts, multiple sources agree. The biggest next move is to return Ukraine to the bosom of mother Russia, according to senior sources in the US military space command. This will deprive the Khazarian mafia of control over their ancestral homeland of Khazaria (Ukraine).

The fall of Ukraine will cut off drugs and other money laundering activities that support the fake administration of “fuck” Joe Biden, the sources say. Remember when an Anglo Saxon says “fuck you,” it means they are ready to fight to the death. Many Americans, especially in the military and the agencies, are doing just that. And make no mistake, this is a fight to the death as any aware human now realizes.

We are dealing with a Satanic cabal that is actively trying to kill you and your family. For example, Ursula Van Der Leyen, the unelected head of the EU commission, told the press she is in favor of scrapping the long-standing Nuremberg Code and forcing people to get vaccinated. In other words, she admits she’s a war criminal who wants to carry out medical treatment based on lies and against people’s will.

Another war criminal who needs to be arrested is Justin Castro, the brother murdering a Manchurian candidate who is trying to turn Canada into a Satanic totalitarian state. Take a look at him below trying to force vaccines on children to fight a disease his government publicly admits they cannot prove even exists.

The reason these people are still in power is because they are a million-member strong group of fifth columnists who control the very top levels of government in most Western countries.

For example, the horror story now unfolding in Australia has its roots in the murder of Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt in 1967 on the orders of David Rockefeller bagman Henry Kissinger, according to Australian secret service sources. MI6 confirms that Australia was secretly removed from the British Commonwealth in 1973. That is why the Federal Reserve Board was able to fire Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 2010 after he tried to stop a nuclear terror attack on Japan, the sources say. This attack then went ahead on March 11, 2011, and is known to us as the Fukushima “disaster.”

The picture below shows how the average Australian is rising up against their Satanic ruling class.

The state of Victoria saw a record demonstration of 450,000 people against the fascist “pandemic” measures while the press responded with drivel. However, state Dictator Dan Andrews has lost his SEVENTH MP in as many days, leaving his government in tatters.

MI6 sources promise Australia will be liberated soon.

There is also a move to liberate the UK. On this front, an FOI request sent on June 16th, 2021 “asking the most basic and fundamental questions about the science on which your Governments are issuing edicts to restrict the rights of the British people,” got the reply last week that “This information is not held by the House of Commons.”


MI6 sources say this response was finally allowed through because the UK military is aware the civilian government has been hijacked by gangsters and is taking corrective action.

The real battle though will be the fight to destroy Khazarian mafia headquarters in Switzerland and Germany, CIA sources say. US Space command (formerly referred to here as Pentagon) sources say a major battle is now raging around the

Black Forest in Southern Germany and the Czech Republic. “This area is well known for horrible hunting parties of the cabal. The Rothschild Mansion was the hotspot for those parties where the cabal hunted raped and killed children in the forest. The Clintons have been VIP guests there as well,” a CIA source says. The US Space command says they are taking out a complex of underground bases in the region as they close in on KM headquarters around Lake Geneva, Switzerland.

The battle to clear out underground bases shows how the war for the future of the planet earth is being fought in multiple dimensions. This is not abstract since the dimensions include finance, medicine, information, legal battles and more.

So now let us look at a legal battlefront related to the attack on the underground bases in Germany. This is the ongoing Ghislaine Maxwell trial which the KM is trying to turn into a circus act. As a Mossad source notes “The largest pedophile child trafficking case in history is being totally kept out of the MSM and being directed by [disgraced former FBI chief] James Comey’s daughter, who is the lead prosecutor.”

This farce is being presided over by Judge Alison Nathan, who was appointed to the job by Joe Biden one month before the trial started. Of course, Biden (the long-dead real one) himself is a known visitor to the pedophile Island of Jeffrey Epstein.

Already so-called “Judge” Allen has granted Ghislaine Maxwell’s request that “sensational and impure,” information be withheld.

What media coverage there is of this trial shows they are trying to make it look like the supposedly dead Epstein and a few celebrities were having sex with sexually mature 15-year-olds; “tut tut.”

“Look how blatantly the Mockingbird Media deceives. The headline implies that a 14-year-old witness testified that Jeff Epstein trafficked her to President Trump. However, in the body of the article, they report that the witness testified there was no misconduct by Trump. Unfortunately, too many people only read headlines, not full articles,” was how a Mossad source commented about what corporate coverage was being given to the trial.

What is not being mentioned is the systematic torture and murder of pre-pubescent children that took place on this Island. Remember this image of the bloodstained mattress photographed by a drone on the Island?

The CIA sent us a series of very disturbing pictures from the Epstein Island of such things as children who had their faces ripped off. This is the “sensational and impure,” information they are trying to keep out of the public eye. We decided to include one of these pictures because disturbing as it is, we need to confront the evil behind this once and for all.

The other thing to realize is that this is not about what happened on one Island. There’s plenty of evidence of a worldwide network of pedophile torture facilities used by the KM.

Mossad sources inform us that “Super Deep State agent Richard Branson is a citizen of Terramar.” As a reminder Terramar is this entity created by the Rothschild family for Maxwell, that had its own passports, full diplomatic immunity (i.e. members were above the law) and control over the worlds’ oceans. “Branson is a submarine pilot with his own line of submarines. His Nekker island is a short boat or submarine ride (G Maxwell) away from Epstein’s island Little St James. He has given over $3 billion to the Clintons — by far one of the biggest donators,” Mossad notes.

Branson once tried to lure this writer to the kangaroo trial of Michael Shrimpton by offering me a free first-class ticket to England. Shrimpton was on trial for warning that a nuclear terror attack was being planned against the 2012 London Olympics.

In any case, however the Maxwell show trial goes, rest assured these monsters will be hunted down and killed, White Dragon society sources promise.

The best way to finish off the KM, though, is likely to be by cutting off their control of world finance. On this front a full-on financial offensive is underway to bankrupt the Khazarian mafias’ privately owned BIS, the Federal Reserve Board and the EU central bank etc., multiple sources, including European royals, confirm.

“We may see economic collapse in some countries unless G20 creditors agree to accelerate debt restructurings and suspend debt service while the restructurings are being negotiated,” IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva said in a blog. What Georgieva failed to mention is that she was not talking about small developing countries but rather places like the United States.

On this front, the US corporate government appears to have kicked the bankruptcy can down the road until January 31st (February 18th after the two-week grace period is included) by selling off the US strategic petroleum reserve to India and China.

However, that is not going to stop the bankruptcy of the families that own not only the US but also the UN, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank etc. The trigger may be the Chinese real estate company Evergrande, CIA sources say. The CIA notes: “Evergrande is finished. The CCP now owns and controls Evergrande. The foreign bondholders will NOT be paid. Only the bondholders inside China will be paid. This is going to have serious global financial ramifications. Especially for the [Rockefeller controlled] Australian government, Citicorp, JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs.

They have multiple $10’s of Billions invested in Evergrande bonds. The CCP will not redeem the bonds. Don’t forget the derivatives totaling over $1 trillion.

Take a look at this video where European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde calls the current inflation profile a “hump.”

She sure looks terrified, doesn’t she? Just as this report was about to go live the CIA has informed us that Lagarde, Rothschild honcho Klaus Schwab and many others have fled to Antarctica.

Remember, Lagarde posed in front of a gate dedicated to the Babylonian god Ba’al (aka Satan) along with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, at a “world government summit,” in 2017.

The ‘Arch Of Baal’ Was Displayed For The Third Time In Honor Of ‘The World Government Summit’

The corporate propaganda media is trying to put a brave face on this by saying they are going to delist all Chinese companies from US stock exchanges. The reality though is the Chinese have decided to stop them from laundering their fiat dollars into China via the stock market.

We also see the US Treasury Department accusing Japan and China over potentially “unfair” currency practices. What they really mean is these countries have stopped buying worthless US government bonds.

While the West continues into a dystopian nightmare descent into bankruptcy, fascism and finally revolution, the rest of the world is doing quite well. Last week China announced they would create a Belgium-sized forest each year for the next five years.

China Pledges to Plant Forests of Trees Equal to the Size of Belgium – For Each of the Next 5 Years Straight

India meanwhile, this year reached its 2030 goal of having 40% of its energy come from renewable sources -nine years ahead of schedule.

Of course, the West too will leave the rest of the world in the dust as soon as it is cured of its KM parasitical infection. For example, the KM will no longer be able to suppress civilization-changing technology like free energy of the sorts mentioned in the article below.

Also, once this war is over, people are going to be completely shocked by the truth that will come out. Here is what a Mossad source says about this:

Everyone who is heavily promoted by the matrix system is a distortion — misinformation to push humans away from the truth. If you think the news is fake, wait until you find out about humanity’s history. Even in matrix schools, they taught us that the winners of the war write the history books. If you realized that the world has been ruled by draconian, satanic & wicked elites, how much distortion is truly in our school books? Zionist, Jesuits, khazarian mafia, illuminati, bloodline families, reptilians, archons, satanist, luciferians, freemasons — these are the groups that responsible for all written books in our modern civilization.

As the old adage says “the truth shall set you free.”



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  1. Extremely Urgent December 14, 2021

    Universal Council Intervenes for Peace on Earth , Pls Share !!!

  2. I'd really like to know what is actually going on in the Antartic! If there is some reliable resource please forward it to me.
    Thank you,

    • It is where it is said that the United States went in 1947 after Germany's surrender in 1945, because they had a base there called Base 211. The U.S. Military operation 'High Jump' got their butt kicked because of the German's technology. Robert Sepehr website 'Atlantean Gardens' has lovely video's of these historical events.

  3. Look, all this is just diversion from what should be, INVESTIGATED, ASAP! Who are the Demonic Creatures responsible for the 'False Flag' attack on '9/11/2001'? That was/is the Greatest Crime ever pulled on the American People, on our own Soil! The Controlled Demolition of the, WTC. Towers #1,#2,#7, giant structures and the murder of 2977 innocent Collateral Victims have, dragged the, 'Land of the Free' into the HELLHOLE of the Middle East, that the, Zionist Apartheid Talmudic-Supremacist Terror State of Israel has created there! Since '9/11' the whole World has been on a downward spiral, one conflict after the other, started, promoted, by Control Freaks, on the Domestic and International Stage! All to avoid, postpone, ignore, A REAL INVESTIGATION, into the Crime of the AGES, '9/11/2001', against America and in retrospect, against the Whole WORLD!

    • No, "The Greatest Crime ever pulled on the American People" was the 'False Flag' of Pearl Harbor, created by Franklin Roosevelt and his administration to pull us into WW2. We have been in Wars ever since, besides WW2 Never ended. We turned Japan & Germany & Libya into a "Hellhole" (to name a few) all to prop up a Banking Cartel of Usury throughout the World. And also to suppress Free Energy, which Germany was perfecting.

  4. If indeed it is true that things are closing in on the world wide Mafia & proves to be true that their headquarters are in Switzerland and Germany, Always Remember Germany is an Occupied Nation/Country since 1945 by the Bankers & Oil Cartels they were fighting.
    Yes, as you know Benjamin, "winners of the wars write & distort history"

  5. Mr. Fulford, weren't the Black Nobility families also behind the destruction of all things Indo-European Folk Religion?

    "Theodoli family is one of the main Black Nobility families. It comes from the Theodosian bloodline of which Theodosius belonged to. Theodosius was instrumental in completely erasing the Goddess mysteries, by issuing laws to forbid Goddess worship, punishable by death, in 391 CE and by ordering the destruction of Serapeum and the library in Alexandria in 392 CE. The battle of Frigidus meant a complete collapse of the Goddess energy grid for the whole Western civilization, leading to the split of the Roman empire just a few months later, and ultimately leading to a 1000 year delay of progress in the so-called dark (middle) ages."


  6. December 2021 .Global Peace & Restoration Consortium and Member States Ratified In the Hall Of Records Has Officially Replaced The United Nations Which Has No Charter.People Of Fiji , Military and Law Enforcement Fully On Board First
    Order By Global Health & Wellness Consortium Ratified In the Hall Of Records which has Replaced the WHO which has no Charter ,"ALL Vaccines Announced Biological Weapons and Must be Destroyed Immediately" !
    Global Intelligence Agency is Freezing ,Bank accounts of Organizations & Entities Globally Mandating the Vaccines !! Please Share !


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